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Hailed by nutritionists and celebrities galore, the way it works is simple: dieters restrict calorie intake for two days (to 500 calories for women and 600 for men) and eat what they like for the remainder of the week. And the weight just falls off.How can fasting on just two days per week help dieters lose weight?

The benefits are related to the changes which take place in the body as a result of fasting, rather than being linked to the reduction in calories.

These short fasts lead the body into a metabolic state which triggers repair and recovery at a cellular level. This influences hormones, and allows the digestive system and related organs to rest. This is especially true with the pancreas (the gland which produces insulin in response to carbohydrates and sugar). The body becomes more sensitive to insulin, which is one of the most important aspects of weight loss.

Additionally through regular, short-term fasts, individuals have a better sense of control on 'non-fast days', choosing foods that are more healthy and rarely eating out of boredom.


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Fast Days
In case anyone reads this in the future, I'm on my third week of fasts. I've decided that two meals definitely works best for me instead of one. Sometimes I split the calories in half, sometimes ...
by ailouros on 23 Jul 15 12:04 AM
anyone with slow metabolism
I think the best metabolism booster is 5:2, with a good distinction between fast and feed days, all our previous diets have messed our metabolism. Make sure you eat enough on feed days.
by Ronnie6425 on 02 Jun 15 03:31 AM
I owe my life to it... I was so depressed, but almost 2 stone down the line I'm starting to feel like me again :-D
by nicki19 on 13 Jul 14 10:53 AM
lunch ideas for work
Hello all... I'm currently on the 5:2 diet and trying to workout a few days a week. Generally i try and make a salad for lunch but its getting boring a tiresome... but i still want to keep my cals ...
by nicki19 on 14 Jun 14 03:48 PM
COUNT ME IN. I'm fasting every day between 3pm and 9AM the next morning... Is this working for anyone?
by kdennard on 16 Aug 13 08:26 AM

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