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181.0 lb
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199.0 lb
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I'm married to the best guy ever - and he is pastor of a church in rural SW VA, near the Blue Ridge Mts. I help him when I am not working my home-based business. Fomerly a school teacher, I am now a Director with Mary Kay. (So, sags, bags and wrinkles? Let me at 'em) LOL I do miracles!!

We don't have children b/c I have PCOS (which causes hormonal imbalances,infertility problems, and overwhelming weight gain...making weight loss more challenging b/c PCOS hangs on to every single gram of fat like Brett Favre holds onto a football.)

Our "dogter" is a beautiful black lab puppy named "Daisy" although she thinks her name is "no! no! No! NO!" Our favorite thing to do as a family is to take long hikes on the trails of the foothills each morning. We do this for several reasons - to be healthy, to admire God's gorgeous creation, and to maintain our sanity by getting all the pup's crazies out.

Makes me think about the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan.
Dog Owner: "My dog is causing havoc and peeing all over the house, and has separation anxiety and goes nuts when we leave the house, tearing up everything."
Cesar: "Walk your dog."
Owner: "My dog behaves aggressively and barks and snaps and people - she won't even let my husband into our bed."
Cesar: "Walk your dog."

So, we trek the trails daily so we can make sure none of that business happens in our home.

I'm on here to shed some major poundage and get healthy. Low Carb is the life for me.

Recent & Upcoming Milestones:
299 - REACHED on Nov 18, 2010
276 - 50 lbs shed - REACHED May 9, 2011
256 - 70+ lbs shed - REACHED Feb 26, 2012
236 - 90+ lbs shed - REACHED Jan 28, 2013
225 - BMI below 40; no longer extremely obese - REACHED APR 30, 2015
216 - 110 lbs lost - REACHED Aug 4,'15
199 - ONEderland - REACED Oct 28 2016
169 - BMI below 30; no longer obese
140 - healthy weight - but would honestly be happy with 150.

Evie1010's Weight History


Online now John10251
last weighin: gaining 1.4 lb a week Up
last weighin: losing 2.3 lb a week Down
last weighin: losing 0.6 lb a week Down
last weighin: gaining 1.4 lb a week Up

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cals: 313kcal | fat: 25.08g | carbs: 0.41g | prot: 20.21g
Breakfast Meatballs
Low carb meatballs with pork, beef, cheddar, egg and onion that are perfect for a meaty breakfast or any meal.
cals: 291kcal | fat: 20.38g | carbs: 2.49g | prot: 23.67g
Fried Cheese Sticks
Mozzarella fried cheese sticks with pork skins.
cals: 322kcal | fat: 24.90g | carbs: 5.26g | prot: 18.99g
Deep Dish Pizza Quiche
This part pizza and part quiche dish is all flavor.
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Atkins and foot/leg cramps
Coach, i can sympathize. When i started my journey I did lots of reading on the atkins site and the low carbers shared the best solution.... To prevent painful leg cramps simply drink broth (either chkn ir beef broth - full strength - not the reduced sodium kind). Just warm it up in a mug and drink it down. Once or twice daily as needed. I promise it will fix it. It helped me and any who I have recommended this to. Cudos on your awesome progress!
posted 07 Sep 2012, 11:33
dining out
Lots of excellent resources on atkins.com
posted 05 Sep 2012, 13:38
any people who are not tempted?
We can all be strong. I've been on Atkins for over a year and I never *ever* cheat. Even on vacation at a luxury resort in Cancun where I could eat whatever I wanted, I still choose to stay on plan...all five weeks of vacation (Nov/March/July/Oct). I was not even tempted by the decandent desserts are sugary tropical drinks. I refuse to sabotage myself and my successes. I can pass up every single non-atkins food at pot-lucks or restaurants. I plan and prepare ahead of time.
posted 02 Nov 2011, 13:43
I have a question about Ketosis and back pain
hey there. Sorry you are feeling stuck right now. Please be assured that ketosis is completely safe and will not cause you any back pain.

Let me see if I can help you with some of your questions:

water -- It's hard to say at this point, but perhaps you will not have to increase the water intake if you are already drinking a lot. The rule for the water is this: For ideal results, take your total weight, divide that number by 2 -- and this determines the number of ounces you need to be drinking daily.

stix -- the experts say don't put a lot of stock into ketostix and don't worry if your stix are indicating a "moderate level". Due to the fact that this diet is a diuretic and the excess water you drink is flushing out the ketones, it is likely that your reading will appear less intense than it actually is.

diet - from observing your diet calendar I could see a few things that caught my eye. Perhaps red flags? Things that could be causing the stall? Carrots have a high glycemic index (spike in blood sugar) and for this reason they are not allowable in Induction. For each day I checked out, you ate carrots. Next, perhaps you are getting hidden carbs in the ketchup. The entry did not indicate if you are using reduced sugar ketchup. Regular ketchup has tons of sugar in it. Also, while the atkins bars/snacks are awesome, they do tend to cause stalls in many people's weight loss. This is due to the sugar alcohols used as artificial sweetners. I recommend that you stop eating the entirely - give it 2 weeks and then reevaluate if you can have them, or not. Later on, you can implement an idea that I use. I cut one atkins bar into bite-size pieces and refrigerate. I will just eat one bite a day - as opposed to eating the entire serving. This helps to limit the sugar alcohol intake and prevents me from stalling.

I noticed you don't seem to be getting in the required amount of fat and vegetables. To do this right, it is important to have a minimum of 12-15 net carbs in approved foundational veggies daily. Try snacking on things like olives, deviled eggs, pepperoni slices to increase your fat and healthy carb intake. Best wishes on your continued success. I surely hope you get some relief from that back pain.
posted 30 Jul 2011, 12:06
Looking for a buddy
Sending youa buddy request - -welcome to FS! Happy to have you here. I think you identified the issue to your dilemma in your first sentence. "I started half-hazzardly". The only way you will see tremendous success on this way of eating is by delivering tremendous initiative and sticking to the plan. May I suggest that you educate yourself by visiting the Atkins website, taking the online tutorials there and by reading Atkins books (New Diet Revolution) which will help you to do this way of eating correctly? Do you have a solid grasp of the "Rules for Induction"? Are you drinking half of your weight in ounces every single day? [Take your weight - Divide that number by 2 - this is how much water you need to drink daily to help the pounds melt away.] Are you getting in 12-15 net carbs of vegetables every day, including fresh veggies like a salad once or twice a day and another vegetable side? I'll check out your diet calendar to see if I can help in any way. You can do this -- we're here to support you and celebrate your successes all the way!
posted 02 Jun 2011, 10:43
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