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315.0 lb
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215.0 lb
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150.0 lb
Still to go: 65.0 lb

My starting weight is actually 350

I am simply here to work what works best for me. I log my meals and my exercise. Very rarely do I participate in the community here.

I have PCOS. That is polycystic ovarian syndrome. Before I lost 120lbs, I had many symptoms that ravaged my body. I had painful cysts that would burst, painful boils that would form on my skin, but I don't anymore since starting this WOL. I could count on one hand the amount of times in my entire life that I had had a menstrual cycle... a month after starting this WOL I suddenly was having them every month like clockwork. I didn't know if I would ever have children. Through this WOL I finally got pregnant. If you have PCOS, please don't give up.

I am focused on changing my relationship with food. The first time I got on this lifestyle, I allowed myself cheat days when I reached a goal. I lost 120lbs in less than a year and a half. This time around I'm rewarding myself with things that I truly want that support this lifestyle.

1st goal (reached) - 25 lbs- a vegetable spiralizer for zuchinni noodles.
2nd goal (reached) - 50 lbs- egg cooker because I can't master perfectly boiled eggs
3rd goal (reached) - 75 lbs- Spanx for holding it all up!
4th goal - 100 lbs- low carb specialty foods from netrition- I've been dying to try them!
5th goal- 125 lbs - pretty sure I'll need more spanx at this point
6th goal- 150 lbs - DISNEY WOOOORRRLLLDDD!!!

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cals: 411kcal | fat: 28.18g | carbs: 7.93g | prot: 30.51g
Spaghetti Casserole
Spaghetti squash dish similar to a noodle bake.
cals: 321kcal | fat: 21.25g | carbs: 4.10g | prot: 27.36g
Egg and Veggie Casserole
A moist egg casserole with low fat cheeses and vegetables.
cals: 172kcal | fat: 6.75g | carbs: 1.58g | prot: 24.96g
Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken
A wonderful fix and forget recipe.
cals: 265kcal | fat: 14.11g | carbs: 1.66g | prot: 30.87g
Baked Mediterranean Chicken
A yummy and easy way to make a typical baked chicken breast more exciting.
cals: 452kcal | fat: 21.63g | carbs: 1.61g | prot: 59.69g
Creamy Pesto Philly Chicken
Low carb and easy chicken dish.
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so what are u able to eat on the atkins diet
And I quote again which is *actually* my point, in case you missed it:

"I won't post in any more nonsense threads based on pseudo scientific rubbish and in same cases out right LIES"

That's quite hypocritical. Oh and by the way, your thread was trolled by others who have obviously had problems with you before on their own threads. Do two wrongs make a right? Sometimes you must give respect first in order to gain it yourself. Sometimes it takes being the first one to be the bigger person and take that first step towards peace. Somehow a lot of the Atkins threads you go onto become a debate… maybe there is a good reason for that?

Maybe mummydee was the first one to mention calories, but you quickly jumped on that to debate. I offered no advice because everything that needed to be said was already said… why should I? I didn’t know that in order to say something on a thread I must first offer advice lol.

FYI, I don't come here to debate the validity of my diet and I don't appreciate someone butting into every thread they can to instigate one. I come here to discuss things and get information with like-minded people. It helps to have those who support my goals, and this other negative stuff actually discourages me from taking part in this community... thus not supporting my goals whatsoever. I'm sure many others feel the same, they don't want to debate, they simply want peace and advice. It's why I offer no more advice to others... why have the stress of debating? Why cause the child I'm carrying this unneeded stress? I'm no longer taking part of this community as it’s seemingly a very unwelcome place for Atkins followers. But I suppose that's what you want anyway, for anyone who doesn't count calories to either leave or be deleted off the website.

I know for a fact that my journals, diet calendar, and weight history and everything is on lock-down from everyone even my friends. So you have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about with me and it's not really your business either. Because I'm currently pregnant and gaining weight as I should be, it is really no one’s business but my doctors and so I’ve chosen to keep everything private. As for my weight history... what you cannot see is that before getting pregnant I lost 120lbs. AND I've maintained my weight gain to what is normal for a pregnant woman, nothing more than that, for the past 2 months. Not a great example of success you say? I know about two hundred people in RL including my PCP and OB-GYN and at least a handful of others online who would disagree wholeheartedly with you. Why was it even necessary to personally attack me anyway?

And anyway not everyone on here gives advice because they feel oh so more successful than everyone else, but because they are familiar with Atkins diet, have read the book and want to help others. They are indeed qualified to offer advice based on that, more so than you on an Atkins thread. Have you read the book Spacey? Of course not, it’s pseudo science according to you.

Well anyway, I’m done. As I mentioned I have a little person inside of me who does not benefit from negativity and well there is more than enough to go around in the world without this time and energy sucking BS lol. I now come here to use the tools on FS only, to work the plan that works for me, which was recommended by my doctor to treat my *medical* condition of PCOS… that’s the only person whose business it actually is as they are a trained medical professional with advanced knowledge of PCOS, much more so than you.

Keep being a hypocritical diet Nazi if you wish. It only makes you an intolerant jerk.

Unsubscribed from this thread now.

Good day.
posted 17 May 2013, 08:55
so what are u able to eat on the atkins diet
Spacey47 wrote:
mummydee wrote:
. Now there's an RDI for your calories.


So now it's just calorie counting!

Wasn't the WHOLE point of Atkins in the first place NOT counting calories!

If you have to keep ADJUSTING your original premise it means that your original premise was WRONG which means that your WHOLE CONCEPT is based on WRONGNESS

I don't think the concept of calorie counting has ever changed for those who adhere to it because it's a simple basic fact.. energy in vs energy out pretty much regardless of what you eat within reason ie you could eat sweets all day and lose weight but you might not be very healthy

You can't call it NEW ATKINS because ATKINS NEVER WROTE IT!

You can call it new book by the company founded by Atkins which exists to make money and is trying to keep itself relevant

Allow me to quote your own thread:

"This whole website is based on CALORIE MANAGEMENT so of you are interested in that and can adhere to the rules above I would be happy to discuss and talk with you
I won't post in any more nonsense threads based on pseudo scientific rubbish and in same cases out right LIES
I find many of these posts dangerous and potentially very harmful to people's health and I think the moderators of CALORIE COUNTING website should delete those posts
I may be brusque but what I say will not physically harm you some of the nonsense spouted here might!"

Considering that you stated plainly that Atkins followers need not to offer their opinions on your thread, and you stated you would not post on these threads of which you do not believe, then why, pray tell, are you trolling yet again on a thread that's labeled clearly to be an Atkins related thread?
Why do you demand respect on your own thread and yet do not give it to others?
This thread has zero to do with calories. Period.
Why not stick to your own thread where others believe what you believe and you can feel oh so superior to everyone else there?
If you have a life, why don't you get on with it then instead of expending so much energy being condescending towards others towards their diets and the way they choose to lose weight?

posted 14 May 2013, 15:55
HELP!!!! weightloss
LOL this coming from a person who eats 300 carbs for breakfast.

Sorry you have no clue how I ate, or how I gained the weight I did. I have been overweight my entire life since I was 6 years old it did not all pile on in a few years because I was gorging myself, it took 25 years for me to get to 350lbs. Proving your ignorance to other people's circumstances once again.

Consider anything you say after this as being ignored as I am done and unsubscribed from this thread.
posted 30 Apr 2013, 23:29
HELP!!!! weightloss
Diablo360x wrote:
shadowx1110 wrote:

All humans are different and therefore DO NOT all process food the same way everyone else does... open your mind for a sec here with me and realize that not all metabolisms or bodies are built or process things the same way. I mean how else would you explain one person being allergic to a food while another isnt.

You lost weight due to a calorie deficit. You were overeating. Your metabolism does not swing wildly up and down every day. You burn more or less the same amount of calories depending on your daily activities.

Allergies are a totally different story of course. Avoid foods that may kill you.

Uhh riiiight I was eating the same kind of things you do and I was overeating?

Psshh whatever.

posted 30 Apr 2013, 23:19
HELP!!!! weightloss
Diablo360x wrote:
Diablo360x wrote:
shadowx1110 wrote:
Wrong about what exactly? I'm confused because your link only reiterates what many low carbers here believe LOL

Wrong in saying carbs are more important to limit than calories. Simple physics will tell you how off that is. The law of thermodynamics and also that link show you.

Low carbers believe that calories do not matter as much as carbs.

"Furthermore, your implication that counting calories is more important than carbs… well, I disagree." - You

That link proved nothing to me and in fact said that low carb works. I also told you *my experience* based on *my body* I don't care what some link says, I care what *my body* says, tyvm. I'm maintaining right now, my calories can be low and my carbs high and I gain. So pull out a link that explains that one would you?

P.S. Carbs are not a food group lol and low carbers do not avoid them, we simply get them from better quality foods like nutrient dense vegetables instead of grains, sugars, or processed foods.

I'm pretty much unmoved by this discussion and I think you're rude and intolerant to what others believe. Maybe you should stick to the low calorie forums since you do not believe in low carb? To do otherwise would be trollish behavior, no? Just a thought.

Good day.

posted 30 Apr 2013, 22:44
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