adamevegod1's Journal, 21 March 2018

I do what I think many on here do, from time to time look through the "public" personal profiles. I am utterly amazed how "many" have been on here for well longer than a year, many longer and they substantially heavier than they were when they began. Is this due to a place that they feel accepted for poor habits. Come on guys and gals dig in and get on it.

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Yeah, I've technically been on FS for years, then fell off the wagon after my first husband passed away and gained weight. I tried a few times to lose, only to give up and gain it back. It wasn't until I finally made up my mind that I was going to change my habits and stick to a healthier diet that I've had some success. I think some folks are discouraged easily if they aren't seeing results. I know I have before. It really is a state of mind.  
21 Mar 18 by member: LSG417
Working on it! 
21 Mar 18 by member: abbadabba
21 Mar 18 by member: Sonny1523
I've been on here for 10 years. I pop back on when I'm trying to get back on track. I think most people might be the same i.e only using the tools / site when they are actively making an attempt to lose weight. LOL . My starting weight was set a long time ago and even though I've lost 25kg in the past year it still shows me as having lost 0kg from my starting weight . Best thing is focus on your own journey I guess because you don't have the background story for everyone else :)  
21 Mar 18 by member: keranne
I noticed this trend. Acceptance is important. Nevertheless, I don't think it is possible to lose weight without sticking with a program of some kind. I am not saying that there is never a cheat--although, I think planning to cheat can become habitual. No one is going to hold me accountable buy myself. I am doing this for health reasons. I even got bitched out by a nurse--no kidding, about being on the Keto Diet. I don't care because it is healing my inside out and I am losing weight. My blood work looks pretty darned good and weight is my enemy. I am fortunate to have a husband who goes along with me, but he eats a different diet. He is gluten-free. We make it work. Others find it inconvenient, but we try to make it easy for them when possible. Honestly, I think you would need to see results to stick with dietary limitations. Or, I would. Gaining weight is a huge setback. I hope your message sparks some of these folks to get with their program.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Farm Gal 50
you'll find many people who are so misinformed. theres one member who is on keto 2 day's a week.or others who don't think calories have a part in thier diet.i myself reduced my caloric intake,while keeping under 50 carbs per meal because im diabetic,and have seen a steady (with a few hiccups)weight loss. and my blood sugar level s have fallen to normal levels ,without meds. sodium seems the most difficult. 
21 Mar 18 by member: francopergallini
I am not sure how to reply to the above comment, but kudos to you! Diabetes is nothing to mess with and improvements serve you well. Keep up the good work. Be true to yourself and your plan. Get results. It is life-changing. 
21 Mar 18 by member: Farm Gal 50
5 years and counting. The hardest part of losing weight is not the losing, because we have all gone up and down and all of us have different plans, etc. The hardest part of it is maintaining the loss. I will forever have to track. Even though I may be fat to others, I have always been happy at 167-180. So for the past six months been hanging around 195-200. If I don't track or go overboard, I pay the price. I will have to track food for life to maintain.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Ginsin
Humans are creatures of nature, and like nature subject to the ebb and flow of the circle of life, the bipolarity of nature, if you will. One revolution around El Sol (The Sun for those that are Spanish illiterate), yields not one, not two, not three, but four seasons, and then starts over again. Some folks just ain't in the same cycle as you, and that's ok and beyond your judgment.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Phil
I first came to this app because it calculates my macros correctly after realizing myfitnesspal was utter sh!t lol 
21 Mar 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
You folks don't always see every battle ???Sometimes the war goes on even after the battles!!! Some people have had many battles to fight weight wise, but they are still in the war !!! you should never give up !!!! I for one will always be on the battle ground of weight loss !!! 
21 Mar 18 by member: DO N OK
Everyone has to make the decision as to how important is to be disciplined. And for me; that is what I feel like it really boils down to. Regardless of your health or slow metabolism or genetics or whatever want let you lose; if you want to lose you have to except the challenge and know discipline is what will get you there. Something our society thinks they should not have to adhere to. Me included. I'm here because for years I have been undisciplined with my eating habits and now I have to work harder with even more discipline or I make my insurance and everybody else's insurance go up that is actually paying for it. I have until September to get my numbers right or my insurance goes up 100.00 a month. Plus my health in general should be important enough to take this serious. So I am trying to stay disciplined to really take control this time. I have cut out 80% of my sugar, and I am trying to make better food choices and lower my calories and increase my activities. I've only been here a month and I am hoping this site will keep me aware of what I am doing to get better. 
21 Mar 18 by member: bonnie senn
I can only speak for myself. I lost 45 lbs on keto two years ago, trying to get my arthritic hip less inflamed. I was so hung go! Then, My dad was diagnosed with cancer so it was an all out effort to keep him alive. A year into that, he died of kidney failure. It took me months on Lexapro to come up for air. Then dealing with executor duties while working for a demanding boss, house Renovation, just no inclination to think of myself. So life happens. Not an excuse, a reason. I feel now, there is no greater purpose in my life than fixing me. But once, there was no greater purpose in life than fixing Dad, failing that (shitty chemo big fat lies) and then seeing him out. Illness, injury, kids, work, home, stress: there are a few things to think on 🤔 
21 Mar 18 by member: JulsRuls
I started using FS less than 2 months ago for a tool and then after I was receiving all the encouragement and support realized it was my more than a tool. Have butted heads with a few "hangry" people at 1st because I was a newbie and have a few "followers" that follow just to be nosey. However, the rest are gr8! I'm glad I joined. 
21 Mar 18 by member: marshakanady
Well for me I mess up on my diet when I'm pregnant (I have 4 kids). My youngest is 2 now, but it's been a rough year with my dad passing & other travesties. But I'm back on here since you all help motivate me to eat healthy & exercise.  
21 Mar 18 by member: Angel Negra
Battles, no battels, scars and pain. I lost my 26 year old son USMC due to PTSD, still battle every day. Not everyone is in the same cycle, or on the same plain. Some here (not of this thread) have a goal and a plan to reach a number. Nevertheless, if one is successful in reaching their goal without seriously changing life habits they will lose. I'm not belittling anyone for their attempts, however if here for a year or two and their weight remains, or goes up, where is the attempt? For well over a year, if I put it in my mouth it went on paper. That way I could see what my real numbers were and how they affected my body. I learned a lot. Now I never record anything, I watch the scale once a week to see how I am doing. I don't eat chips, very careful with anything that contains processed sugar because I KNOW it will take me three days to get the urges under control. My contention is if one isn't ready why post the numbers, for years. You never not have time for your own health. I'm not afraid to die, just afraid of dying a burden by physical inconvenience or financial inconvenience. Love your family, love your self, and change "FOREVER" the habits that led you to where you are.  
21 Mar 18 by member: adamevegod1
Life happens. Disappointment, catastrophe, failure, loss, emotional dystopia. Fat secret is where we get to be human no matter our perceived or self ascribed faults. Here we simply are. We work through out problems with our particular friends, we share recipes we do what we can. Some do not loose weight some do wonderfully and stay that way then still others have something happen and the slide starts .... next thing you know you are back where you started.  
21 Mar 18 by member: rebeccaberg
I'm glad you joined too Marsha! First time here for me Adam lost 97 pounds and going strong! 
21 Mar 18 by member: 8Patty
I am glad you and 8Patty are here! :-) No comment on this post...unless eye rolls count. LOL! 
21 Mar 18 by member: Gingerk65
Eye rolls definitely count! Judgement free zone here. What some see as motivating, others see as offensive. Reactions are as variable as people. I have gained and lost many times, but never have I completely given up on myself. That matters a lot to me. Every day I'm above ground is an opportunity to make good choices in all aspects of my life, and to always be kind.  
21 Mar 18 by member: teskandar


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