Shrinking_Shamrock's Journal, 20 February 2018

OK, I gotta say something here, there are a couple of people who I make numerous comments on their posts, I know that I don't exactly sound very nice I'm not going to name these people because it's not for everyone to know who I'm talking about but if I'm talking about you I think you'd know it. I want everyone that I comment to to realize and hopefully understand that I'm not trying to be a pushy b*** but what I am trying to do I guess is tough love., sometimes you have to be kicked in the ass a couple of times, or in some cases a couple thousand times before stuff actually starts to sink in. you're here because you knew you needed to be here, you're here because you knew we can help. dieting, losing weight, and getting yourself physically emotionally and mentally in shape are not easy things to do., that's why you came here, you knew we could push you, teach you and in some cases b**" at you enough that it will sink in. WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU, EVEN THOSE OF US WHO MAY SOUND RUDE AND CRUDE, it's only that we know you can do it that we get so pushy. don't take anything personally, but do take the suggestions that we give. we are here to help 😁

Diet Calendar Entry for 20 February 2018:
1475 kcal Fat: 62.36g | Prot: 105.20g | Carb: 123.59g.   Breakfast: Coffee, Sugar, Coffee-Mate Original Powder Creamer, Baileys Coffee Creamer - Hazelnut, Betty Crocker Suddenly Pasta Salad - Ranch & Bacon. Lunch: Chicken or Turkey Chow Mein or Chop Suey with Noodles, Whole Milk, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey - Chocolate Mint. Dinner: Broccoli, Kraft Velveeta Cheese Sauce, Meat Loaf. Snacks/Other: Nature's Original Sesame Sticks. more...

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Very well said. Every comment I have gotten from anyone has always been positive and even the ones that tell me what I need to do or that I’m f***ing up I still take as positive tough love. Thanks for being you. 
20 Feb 18 by member: kickingcarbs
honesty is the best policy in my book...I like it real... as long as its to benefit the other person... I am not a fan of the ghost writers here. they have their say about your lifestyle and post it ... but then you know nothing of them... what the believe in ...what plan they are on, just nothing, ghost writers...:/  
20 Feb 18 by member: maxie4
That’s exactly what I need! I need someone to be straight forward and tell me what I’m doing right and/or wrong. I failed so many times in many different diets that it’s just very hard for me to believe that I can do it now. But I’m counting on this group to help me achieve my goals, give me tips and help me get everything right. 
20 Feb 18 by member: MariCRego
OK-I must confess I need you to "type bad to me" and tell me to get my sh@t 2gether. Tell me that I have gained 1.7 lbs since last Friday.  
20 Feb 18 by member: marshakanady
I think that some people need a little kick in the pants every once in a while. I have found all the comments that I have read from you to be helpful. I dont think you should worry, if people are getting upset because you are trying to help them, maybe they arent ready to be helped.  
20 Feb 18 by member: Klynn82
I don't offer anything unless they ask most time just support. It's hard to reply on here as it can get misconstrued. So I scroll on by! I don't agree Rpalmst you asked so I will answer. The members here have all done terrific in my eyes. For you to say "instead of someone who's BMI is 32.5 (obese) and has only really lost weight as a result of surgery" Do you know what bariatic surgery even is? These people did not get body parts and fat removed! They used a proven method to "aid" them in their journey! These are the kind of posts that hurt not support our members. These brave members work just as hard as any of us to fight to get healthy! 
20 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
I think you’re just a pushy Biotch 
20 Feb 18 by member: timothy1010
People like you Timothy1010 are rude can't you find something better to do than troll around! You will be reported! 
20 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
I'm here cause I need all the advice. the diet world is confusing.  
20 Feb 18 by member: tweetledee
After reading and absorbing all the comments, this time and many other times in the past, the only benefit that I can see to put someone down is to make that person who sends the comment feel better. We are all here for the same reason. Duh.... Encouragement, seeing other people succeed, knowing that with a little bit of effort we can all achieve our own personal goals... This site is a personal decision. No one is holding someone's mouth open and pouring in the alfredo, the parppadelle, etc. These are personal decisions and encouragement goes so much further than other types of messages..... Oh, I feel so much better now. I think that I will have a nice cup of black coffee-no sugar, milk. That is the decision to be made.... 
20 Feb 18 by member: clay pot baker
I am knew here but bring it on. Im here because I have been lazy and ate to my freewill knowing good and well of the consequences. I can not stand this potty patty world where everyone has to be talked to so sweetly and you can't offend someone. Im here because of my laziness and lack of discipline. I need help. And people should look at my big 245 body in disgust. I am the one making everyone's medical insurance skyrocket and I am the one that can not carry my load because of my health. I don't expect any southern, "oh it's ok honey, youll do better tomorrow", lines. If someone says something hard or even harsh to me, well I deserve it. And I'm from the south so don't get offended about my southern comment. Lol 
20 Feb 18 by member: bonnie senn
I didn't come here to find a coach. Didn't even come for cheerleaders, although those are nice. I'm also not here to push people or keep them committed. That's up to them. I came to track my weight and intake. Along the way, I started clicking support for others' successes. If anyone has a question, I'll attempt to answer it, but otherwise, I keep my comments to myself. It's important to remember that the world's least welcome gift is an unsolicited opinion. 
20 Feb 18 by member: Draglist
Nicely said, Draglist.  
20 Feb 18 by member: Tachatna
Shamrock's got her Irish up!hahaha Bunny is only 2nd this country and when her's gets up those lrish words come out like dart's! hahaha 
20 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Patty, That's a good one"troll" hahaha😀 
20 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
You know l'm liking this lemon logo, it kinda brighten's up the place! Seriously though l've learned alot about this wol&woe off and on through out the decades and l'm still learning new ideas and ways, if someone can see a better way for me on something,I'm all ears and would always helps others to the best of my knowledge and if can't l would mention to them about someone l feel could give better advice on that subject.l've was always taught you learn by asking questions, there's alot of knowledge at FS and good ideas across the spectrum from eating,exercising l don't see where anyone could fail with what we have going for us.There's alot to be said about our site and there's alot going on and it's called life. 
20 Feb 18 by member: murphthesurf
Wow Murph words of inspiration proud of you little bro! 
20 Feb 18 by member: 8Patty
I try to post supportive comments. I'd probably cry if someone who doesn't know me or anything about me said something mean. That's one reason when I have bad days I don't post the really bad food. I don't need the comments on the bad food I ate when I know I shouldn't have eaten it. 
20 Feb 18 by member: Fritzy 22
(I haven’t really seen any of your comments that make you a “pushy B” so I am just commenting about my views on FS etiquette) I find that advice and information is best received when done kindly, especially when it is unsolicited. I don’t mind people giving me fact based information or even their opinions. But I am an adult, we are all adults here, so we should act like it. There’s no need to be childish or rude. Straight forward is one thing... pushy, negative or condescending is another. We are all here to help each other while helping ourselves but everyone’s goals, lifes, WOE, reasons for weight gain or loss are all a very unique story, we shouldn’t make assumptions... so maybe some people like the firm reminders and kick in the rear, even the sarcasm, etc but comments on social media are easily misinterpreted... so I try my best to err on the side of caution and just be nice and supportive. 
20 Feb 18 by member: mamamc7
better believe I got my IRISH up, 4th generation American born 
22 Feb 18 by member: Shrinking_Shamrock


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