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being dietibetic, I'm trying to eat 30-40 Carbs per meal. So at the end of the day how many carbs should I have eaten including 2snacks?? This Dietibetic Carb counting is really confusing me

Diet Calendar Entry for 12 December 2017:
935 kcal Fat: 45.27g | Prot: 33.92g | Carb: 95.19g.   Lunch: Oscar Mayer Ham & Cheese Loaf Sliced Deli Meat, Bunny Bread White Sliced Bread, Lipton Citrus Green Tea. Dinner: M&M Meat Shops Sirloin Beef Burger, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Original, Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns, Fresh Express Iceberg Garden Salad, Kroger Radishes, French Salad Dressing, Lipton Citrus Green Tea. Snacks/Other: Planters Salted Peanuts (1 oz). more...

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Honestly, when I was diagnosed as diabetic (type 2) doctor sent me to a dietician who recommended at least 30-40 carbs per meal and 15-20 carbs per snack. 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. To me, that seemed like a lot of carbs 😳. I did some research myself and a lot of reading and began low carb. I aimed for 50 carbs or less per day. I still ate 3 meals a day and slowly phased out most breads, pastas, rice well...you know lol. After about a month and my blood sugars improving I transitioned to Keto. 20 carbs (or less) a day. Yes. Per DAY. I find it easy, I only eat twice a day now (only when hungry) and my blood sugars have never been better. Bloodwork is fantastic and my doctor is thrilled with the results. I guess I shared all of that just to say, do some research on your own about carbs/diabetes. Sometimes there are better ways than the ole standard way of thinking. There’s a great group on Facebook called “reversing diabetes” that has helped me a lot. Great information and resources there as well as very knowledgeable people. It’s great to have people going through the same battles we are. Best of luck to you on your journey and I sincerely hope you find what works best for you 😊 
12 Dec 17 by member: ClarityAnn
I agree with Clarity! Doc wasnt much help here take meds sent me to nutritionist her words you'll never get rid of diabetes. Guess what I did! 20 carbs or less per day, research you can live without carbs. Diet is a mindset, depends on how badly you want it. I have spinal stenosis so I wanted it bad after remembering I didn't have back pain when I weighed under 200. In 10 weeks I lost 40 pounds and the back pain ceased @ 197. Lowering your carbs will give you a clearer brain, I no longer get hungry and I don't crave anything except a healthier me! Good luck with your journey!  
13 Dec 17 by member: 8Patty
From my extensive research, you have two options. The first is to go ketogenic LCHF with around 20 to 30 carbs per day. Or secondly, go Whole Food Plant based with low fat and low protein. The issue with the ketogenic LCHF is that it is based on a lot of meat and dairy and from my research carries high cancer risks as well as heart and artery risks. I also feel it doesn't solve the real issue of fat clogging up the sugar receptors. LCHF is excellent for losing weight, however I suggest you do lots of research and stick to doctors with quality studies backing their opinions. 
13 Dec 17 by member: ApacheTiger37
I went to my dietitian seeking help because my sugars were all over the board she started me out with 30 carbs per meal and 5 carbs per snack then when I was taken down on some of my meds ( sugars were going to low) she added snack carbs up to 10 I have been doing this since the middle of Sept. and have lost 28#s and sugars are really good. I keep working at it last time I saw her I had to many days with not enough carbs so she told me I have to have at least 90-110 carbs per day and I track my protein that should be 90-100 also. I am working to lose another 19#s to get to my goal then would like to lose another 10#. Hope this will help as to what I was told. 
13 Dec 17 by member: mabeeper
I have not had success at 40, 30, or even 25 net. I'm trying 20 net per day this month to see if it works better. Some of us are much more insulin resistant than others. 
13 Dec 17 by member: Draglist
Thank you everyone for your input!!!! Helps me understand a lot better! 
13 Dec 17 by member: Walknhorsegirl
According to all the diabetes nutritionists I've seen, 20 yrs worth, Carb Ratio is dependent upon your body weight and activity of your lifestyle. I keep fluctuating between 185-190# and have either high activity days or sedentary days.... Finally made it to a pump, yet have received not enough training... Higher fat meals however means as your blood sugar rises from eating it stays higher longer... for insulin to work, you usually have to check the two hours later with those test strips you can't afford to take enough insulin to bring it back down to normal. I am hypoglycemic. Even if I never ate again, (I have tried fasting) my blood sugar rises. Mostly veggies, low to no fruit, limited protein... I did start out on Fat Secret at 233#. Activity is the only thing I know that consistently brings blood sugars down for me. Control gets better the same day and the next usually. I even have to change the setting on my pump from 100% basal(long acting rate) to 0% or I drop blood sugar so fast I can't keep up. This is a whole big balancing act. Good luck! There are ways, some ketogenic, some paleo to feel like you're not missing out anymore. And, if you can be controlled, one bite of brownie or sweets will keep you from craving beyond common sense. I unfortunately, react to most of the artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols badly. I really dislike Stevia, too. So balance is the key.... I still have to figure out why the doc/nurse keep asking about a cup of coffee in the morning tho... 
13 Dec 17 by member: LibraryMomma
Erm. Forgot to mention I am supposed to eat 45g CHO per meal, no snacks. Cooking and making recipes sucks as I have always just thrown something together, but Fat Secret really helps alot better than My Fitness Pal. At least here, you get USDA and a calorie count when you try to figure stuff out per item used... 
13 Dec 17 by member: LibraryMomma
how in the world can you only eat 40-30-20 carbs per day? I'm trying 30-40 carbs per meal and THATS Hard for me!!! 
13 Dec 17 by member: Walknhorsegirl
I'm doing ketogenic diet, I'm healthier than before, keto is not based on meat and dairy, the Keto lifestyle is very broad and even vegetarians do their own Keto style. I am resistant to insulin and the keto diet has worked well for me. Check out this article if you can, https://ketoschool.com/the-43-health-benefits-of-ketogenic-dieting-in-addition-to-weight-loss-1e4ee4743f1f 
14 Dec 17 by member: bevigaby
That’s a lot of carbs 
14 Dec 17 by member: Rguarino


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