Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 07 April 2017

According to the Losing It app.. I will reach my goal of 130 lbs on November 17th. Excuse me while I fall to the ground and laugh until I almost pee myself. It's kinda cute the app thinks I can do that if I just keep eating the way that I've been eating. At least it's more helpful than them telling me I still have a bagillion pounds to lose at each weigh in. Just sayin.. If I reach my goal by November 17th I will go streaking through the cow pasture naked. This is upstate NY. We had 2 inches of snow this morning. On November 17th we will probably have 3 foot of snow. This should tell you how confident I am in reaching that achievement.

See? You're all rooting for the November 17th date now aren't you? lol If it happens I will post video of a blurred out crazy lady running through a snow covered cow pasture screaming her head off.

So far the higher fat, low carb diet is working pretty well. I'm on day 5 and I've been able to resist any temptation to cheat and eat garbage. I've been tempted though... sooo sooooooo tempted. I've managed to work out on the elliptical every day this week. I'm slowly working in a body weight workout too but I'm still playing around with what my numbers and reps should be. Once I figure this out I will have a regular routing.

I've started a blog. ( Well technically I started a blog with one blog entry. I'm going to make myself write something on it a couple times a week and keep up here. Get ready for some serious cut and paste skills in the near future. Right now they seem to be two completely different journals/blog/diary/documentation of my fall into insanity. The blog seems to be more personal for some reason. For instance today I plan to post my before butt pic for future reference as the before to a future after. Why? Well because.. no one said I was sane. You should all realize this by now.

Oh and for the random people who have started friending me and have no clue what you just stepped into. You can't say I didn't warn you.

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I for one am looking forward to November 17th. I have no reason to think you CAN'T make your weight goal. Good luck with the new blog. Butt pictures and all! 
07 Apr 17 by member: mickfan1
You might want to buy a ski mask for Nov 17th! 
07 Apr 17 by member: smprowett
Ski mask is an excellent idea! Just in case any neighbors come to see what all the screaming is about. 
07 Apr 17 by member: Ms Elizabeth
i circled nov 17 on my calendar..special 
07 Apr 17 by member: wannabhealthier
It is on my calendar for November 17: Watch for news about the Cow Pasture Streaker! 
07 Apr 17 by member: TomLong
It's TOTALLY on my calendar and considering Nov 17th is also a FRIDAY ...well what a way to start a weekend!!!!! 
07 Apr 17 by member: gokona
Love your posts--you always make me laugh!  
07 Apr 17 by member: AZSouthsideGirl
Congratulations on both the blog and the timeline. Seems we're on the same journey: for the goal and the date. I look to you for inspiration...and the pending blurry video :) 
07 Apr 17 by member: AgileBee
Just visit me in Florida in November, we have cow pastures here also. I hope you make your goal by that date. 
07 Apr 17 by member: RoseTampa
If you're unsure what rep/set range youre going for as far as weight lifting goes, livestrong, myfitnesspal and other sites like have great suggestions for basics whether youre looking to tone, build muscle, or endurance. 
08 Apr 17 by member: Charonai
What time on the 17th?  
08 Apr 17 by member: Rindaloo
I wish there was a way to subscribe to the blog, but I see no way..... :( 
08 Apr 17 by member: Rindaloo
I wonder if I have it set up wrong. I will look 
08 Apr 17 by member: Ms Elizabeth
Hey DFW - Google Calendar reminded me! 
17 Nov 17 by member: TomLong


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