iamachristianjesusfreak's Journal, 03 June 2014

I am so sorry it has taken me so long but I have to use the computer to upload pictures. I have only had enough time to squeeze a few minutes in on my phone here and there. Here is our beautiful little girl Hope Aria! Also this is me one week post-partum. Gotta keep myself accountable and hopefully I will be back in shape quickly. She was born May 27th at 12:54 pm. She weighed 6'13 and was 19 1/2 inches long. Labor went quick. They started pictocin at 7 am and I was at a 2. Broke my water when I hit a 5 at 11:50 am and I had her an hour later. Only had to push for 10 minutes. No tearing or stitches. But I did get a dose of Nubain (sp) in my IV to help cope with the back labor. She is the sweetest, most content little girl ever! Great sleeper and eater. Can't wait for her to put on a little weight though so all her clothes aren't eating her. LOL! I am so in love. :) Also here is a picture of all of us.


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03 Jun 14 by member: Kris AZ
I am a Christian Jesus freak myself <3 nothing like the Lord <3  
03 Jun 14 by member: dreamcatcher10
I don't see any photos, but congratulations on the new baby! 
03 Jun 14 by member: 2ManyCurves
edited with the link. Couldn't get the pictures to load in proper size. Please let me know whether or not it is visible.  
03 Jun 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Congrats!! She's so sweet - the link is visible and works for me! 
03 Jun 14 by member: erika2633
Your little girl is beautiful and you look great!!! 
03 Jun 14 by member: FitOKay
You both look beautiful. Congratulations! 
03 Jun 14 by member: mgrill
03 Jun 14 by member: springskinny
Congratulations! May God bless your family! 
03 Jun 14 by member: aggie95
Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! 
03 Jun 14 by member: LuC2
she is so beautiful! Congrats! what a pretty name too :) 
03 Jun 14 by member: Lindsay6384
Congrats! I didn't even know you were expecting! 
03 Jun 14 by member: BeckyBaby65too
She's adorable! And you all look so happy! Congratulations and welcome to the world little hope aria! 
03 Jun 14 by member: njashka8
She's beautiful! Congrats!! 
03 Jun 14 by member: skwhite
Awww. So sweet! You have a beautiful family. Congratulations! 
03 Jun 14 by member: Deb_N
Just precious ! Beautiful family. So she's #6 ? You now know what you're doing ! My doc used to joke and say you really don't know what you're doing till you have at least 6 ! LOL  
03 Jun 14 by member: Lori in Lakewood
Congrats! She's beautiful! I definitely see what you mean about size, but that'll come in time. I know first time around I was paranoid so often about her growth because my daughter was small. This time with DD2, she's bigger than the first kid, but still a petite thing. It seems I just produce midgets. I think being in the pioneer phase is always the hardest, maybe moreso when the parenthood experience has a smaller sample size to go by (I don't know. I only have 2 currently, G-d willing there may be more in the future). Trying to get used to a new person was challenging for me. I remember feeling flustered with infant cries those first several weeks home from the hospital each time and DH impatiently asking me what was wrong/ what they meant and I'd retort "How should I know?" His answer, "You're the mom" wasn't particularly helpful or appreciated then. However I realized, I may be the mom, but that person is still a stranger to me. If I was somehow supposed to have an insider edge on knowing who that new being was I think it merited consideration that my intuition sucked and both times I thought I was having a boy. So where exactly were the superpowers/ instincts that were supposed to help me interpret these newborn noises? I don't mean to steal your thunder, definitely have fun learning about and getting to know your new family member! It's exciting to finally see this little one you've been anticipating so long! 
03 Jun 14 by member: MrsTofu
Awww she's so sweet!!! And you hav a beautiful family!! Thank God for you and all the happiness around you!! Congrats! 
04 Jun 14 by member: kwath
Thank you everyone and MrsTofu it gets easier everytime. For example I told my husband she was getting ready to burp really loud last night when I was rubbing her back and about 15 seconds later she did. He looked at me amazed. Lol. It's all about reading signals and people. The more you do it the easier it becomes. I am definitely blessed with my family. I pray God continues to grow it too! 
04 Jun 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
04 Jun 14 by member: MrsTofu


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