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I'm a former foster kid, now married and with two girls of my own. I grew up in a chaotic household and never really had a healthful relationship with food. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14 and have had highs, lows, and in betweens on the journey of recovery that has lasted now over half of my life.

Things were so bad that I had planned to kill myself on my 22nd birthday, but G-d had other plans for me. I'm still healing and learning and growing, trying to be a better wife, mom, and child of G-d. Life often is challenging, but I am learning more to find my strength and sustenance in G-d and I am trusting that He will see me through to help me reach the goals I have.

(Life verses: Ephesians 3:14-21) :)

Goal: Get down to 17% body fat.

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Mamma Ria, I think a good place to start is by taking a few days and recording everything you eat to see what your baseline habits are like.

Exercise is good, though what and how you eat has a much more profound effect on weight loss than exercise. If you can become familiar with what you normally eat and begin substituting healthier choices for the more processed/ nutritionally empty foods, you should see a positive reflection in your weight loss progress. (Other people here have already made good suggestions for different foods to eat or not eat.)
posted 07 Mar 2016, 17:41
Ahhh help!
Just to chime in, I agree with NCNicole and Gnat about several things- that trying to lose weight doesn't seem to be in your best interest because based on the stats you gave you are underweight and not consuming enough calories for healthy development. Likewise, your weight is not the primary issue; your mental health seems to be equally out of balance. (That can have severe physical consequences on your body if left untreated...anxiety and depression can cause or aggravate a whole host of illnesses/maladies.)

Something that stands out from your original post OP is that you stated you don't live at home. I was your age roughly when I went into foster care. I don't know if that is the kind of situation you are in, but substantial life changes like that will increase stress levels and should be dealt with in a healthful manner. Is part of your fixation on calories possibly a maladaptive coping strategy to avoid facing whatever caused you to leave your previous home?

Lastly, though not least, I believe that part of what maunikmtl said is true: You are created in G-d's image... therefore you are not an accident, and while things aren't perfect, some things may be deliberately left broken by design to effect a greater good in your life. If you feel low and are trying to work on self esteem, you won't find a satisfying end in other people, or various forms of self hypnosis/ CBT/ training yourself to speak better self talk. The source for more security about your value comes from knowing better the One who made you and has a purpose for you.

(Please forgive me if I come off sounding like a know it all. I am not an expert, though I've have numerous opportunities to test hundreds of lightbulb designs that don't work. (<--Edison metaphor) So if you are willing to hear me, perhaps you can try learning from my mistakes instead of following the same ones/ gaining that experience yourself.)
posted 05 Jul 2014, 02:11
Why would you eat nuts?
kenni_z wrote:
...And once again, I'M NOT UNHEALTHY. I'm in perfect health. HOWEVER, I am not at the weight I want to be. The weight I'm at now is fine, health-wise. Allow me to reiterate: I'm healthy and at a healthy weight. I just don't look the way I want to look...

I've been trying to follow the argument or question you've been raising. Going back to the original question of why include nuts in a low cal diet when they are calorically dense? I think the answer is generally that people find that a small amount offers many benefits and in conjunction with other food choices can be more satisfying than other low calorie foods alone.

When you said previously that health was not a concern that was a somewhat alarming statement to me. I think you have clarified your intended meaning more and are expressing that your objective is more aesthetics based. (It's good to be honest about what you want and that isn't a bad motivation necessarily if you follow a plan that is healthful to accomplish that goal.) Therefore, my question to you is have you looked into weight training? From what I understand, if your diet -i.e, food intake- is already balanced and you are trying to change your body composition to lose weight and inches, weight training is an effective way to do that. Plus you don't necessarily need equipment for some exercises like squats and lunges.
posted 12 Jun 2014, 15:03
CSA challenge: Celery
I hate it raw on its own since the texture/ stringiness is really off putting for me (I love cream cheese and peanut butter, but even then it's hard for me to eat it unless I am practically using the celery as a means to eat the other stuff almost straight, which I try to avoid doing usually because I know that's counterproductive for weight management). However, chopped finely and mixed with some kind of salad (tuna, chicken, potato, etc.) or sauteed it doesn't bother me at all. Granted I don't think I'm really getting the benefits from it when I'm using it as an ingredient in pot pie or stuffing. Razz At that point I think it's more about adding flavor to braises or stews than nutrition. Maybe adding it to a stir fry would serve your purposes better?
posted 19 Mar 2014, 07:32
Truth be told
posted 14 Mar 2014, 07:31
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