davet58's Journal, 11 September 2018

Low carb brunch! Upset that I was too busy for breakfast, fried up a low carb tortilla in herb butter, added Dubliner cheese, stacked shredded brisket, two butter floated easy overs & topped w/ sour cream, jalapeno and Cholula. Low carb is such torture!
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I'm trying to bulk up my blood so I can try for a triple platelet donation tomorrow. Only did a double last week. This is one of the few downsides of weight loss. I'm also hydrating extra to try to get blood volume up. Not sure if it works like that but I'm doing it anyways! 
11 Sep 18 by member: davet58
And... never forget. 
11 Sep 18 by member: davet58
Looks delicious, dave! 
11 Sep 18 by member: jengetfit123
Thanks Jen! It looks like a mess but it was definitely edible.  
11 Sep 18 by member: davet58
looks delicious 
11 Sep 18 by member: rosio19
Thanks for the description. I can rarely tell from the pictures. Sounds delicious. 
11 Sep 18 by member: kysand
Looks delicious, but your body needs some carbs for fuel. I’m not a fan of Keto diet, it’s a dangerous diet. It’s very hard on your kidneys, and if you come off it... BOOM! Most is not all the weight comes right back. IMHO it’s better to have a balanced diet (carbs, fats, proteins) and a steady consistent exercise program. It may take a little longer to lose weight, but it will be a more healthier steady way to lose it. 
11 Sep 18 by member: Heavydrop0734
@Heavydrop0734 - I'll go easy on you! I don't need to lose weight. I already lost 40lbs and am at the so called normal BMI. I'm in low carb for the NSV health benefits for the long term. Please do research on your own and learn the truth about it especially when it comes to Type 2 AND Type 1 Diabetes, epilepsy, etc. I've posted some of my NSV's and they absolutely could NOT have been achieved through CICO, a "balanced diet" or any kind of exercise. Again, I didn't really need to lose weight, it just kind of happened. I'm around 180lbs and 6' 1". And no, your body absolutely does NOT need carbs for fuel.  
11 Sep 18 by member: davet58
There is nothing about a keto diet that is hard on kidneys, nor is it "dangerous." Carbs are the only good macro that are not required for a person's energy needs. And her low carb tortilla has carbs. None of what I just said is my opinion, it is backed by scientific study. 
11 Sep 18 by member: trackin64
That is a great looking meal, Dave. And that wrap will provide more than enough "essential" carbs. LOL. Freaking 1996 around here. 
11 Sep 18 by member: Draglist
LOL @Draglist! To be fair, 1996 did have the 1320 vs the 1,000', I kinda miss that sometimes. :) 
11 Sep 18 by member: davet58
Yes! Amazing that some are now faster at 1000! 
11 Sep 18 by member: Draglist
You should open a restaurant!!! 
11 Sep 18 by member: tsamtos2s8
Here is a good link that I found that can explain some of the downsides and upsides to the Keto diet. Maybe I should of said it could be dangerous instead of flat out saying it’s dangerous. I will admit I do stand a little corrected, but I still think there are dangers to watch out for with Keto diet. Like blood sugar going too low, Ketoacidosis (mostly affects type 1 diabetics) etc. so to say it’s completely safe I have to beg to differ as this diet is not for everyone, especially not for type one diabetics. Something you have to keep in mind is too much protein is rough on your kidneys. I guess what’s what I meant when I said it’s hard on your kidneys. Protein is hard for your body to break down, not as easy as carbs to break down. High fat diet could raise your LDL if your not careful, clog your arteries etc. so much to think about. I know there are good fats, avocados come to mind when I think about that. Carbs will turn to sugar if you don’t use/burn them with a good workout. With a balanced diet (carbs, fats, proteins) I believe it’s a must to go to the gym and work out. I had my doctor tell me, diet and exercise for the rest of your life. I can live with that. www.healthline.com/health-news/Keto-diet-is-gaining-popularity-but-is-it-safe-121914#6  
12 Sep 18 by member: Heavydrop0734
I won't bore you with my full credentials or experience but I cook two meals a day for a T1D. Yes, low carb high fat/Modified Atkins. The person is doing so well that their new endocrinologist questioned if they were really a T1 after reviewing CGM data. This is phenomenal. And... no, No, NO!!! Ketosis is to ketoacidosis as a sip of water is to waterboarding! Agree, not everyone can do low carb high fat due to the inability to process/convert fat or if the brain can't run on fat. I'm sure there are other exclusions.  
12 Sep 18 by member: davet58
Most of the real LCHF people here are very knowledgeable about protein limits, hydration, etc. Please look at FS members who have had long term success on low carb. 
12 Sep 18 by member: davet58
Fyi, my HDL is currently >100. The PA and doctor had never seen that before. And, I did flat out cure a T2D by cutting carbs and ultra light exercise. 
12 Sep 18 by member: davet58


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