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When you only eat fruit and drink water for three days. #dizzy

Diet Calendar Entry for 22 June 2018:
60 kcal Fat: 0.00g | Prot: 1.00g | Carb: 15.00g.   Breakfast: Water , Erik's Delicafe Fruit Salad. more...
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You wrote you are dizzy. Are you following a weight loss plan? Just making sure you aren't harming yourself! 
22 Jun 18 by member: FlatBellyEviction1105
Get some protein 👋 
22 Jun 18 by member: cepbemytky
Oh no... I don’t follow a “plan”. I kinda do my own thing, but it seems to work cause I’ve lost 8 pounds in like a week and a half. Blacked out a couple times though- that’s the con side of that. 
22 Jun 18 by member: __eeyore__
seems sexy but be careful while doing this.  
22 Jun 18 by member: cepbemytky
Please be careful. Blacking out is your body screaming at you that you are in trouble. Due to illness I’ve been there and my body has never recovered. You slow your metabolism in the long run and do damage to your muscles. 💜💜💜 
22 Jun 18 by member: moving@more
22 Jun 18 by member: stevielack5150
Sweetie, you need to eat some food if you are dizzy. Please start with something easily digestible like vegetable broth. You are not at all heavy and maybe just need to concentrate on eating healthy food at regular intervals instead of fasting. Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and protein are not good for your health.  
22 Jun 18 by member: Cate G
Sounds like you’re in need of replenishment from food. Nutritional dense food. Weight loss isn’t a race it’s a marathon, rushing it like you’re doing in a continuous manner will only result in problems with health, possibly in the long term, you don’t want that. None of us here want that for you either 
22 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
You may have body dysmorphia. 5'8" and 105 = should not lose weight. Seriously there are consequences to your internal internal organs and stress on the heart. People have died being so thin and if you are under 25yo, your brain is still developing and you are starving it. 
22 Jun 18 by member: 859klm
the way you're doing it is not healthy.  
22 Jun 18 by member: kaylinrenee
U sound like u need help, hope u realize this soon n u get it 
22 Jun 18 by member: rosio19
Your blood sugar level is probably low, you need to eat.  
22 Jun 18 by member: skinnyminny54
Great fast if those were your intentions. Intermittent fasting is real people. Let’s stay positive! 
22 Jun 18 by member: kscottonc
Excuse me? 🤔 I do intermittent fasting n i have never felt dizzy 😵  
22 Jun 18 by member: rosio19
i also intermittent fast and even extended fast and have never bla ked out or felt dizzy. this is not ok. please recobsider what you're doing. you dont need to lose weight. i urge you to please consult your doctor. please.  
23 Jun 18 by member: kaylinrenee
I dont want to be an an alarmist but I know the path you are going done. My freind went down the same one and we almost lost her. She started counting calories and took it way to far and she ended up in a hospital bed with a tube. It's been over a year and she still struggles everyday to go back to normal eating habits. having breakdowns when she eats a healthy amount of food because her mind is convinced she needs to starve yourself. Just please turn around before you kill yourself because it can and will happen. Please just be smart everyone here wants you to be safe  
23 Jun 18 by member: siamese_barbie
We're really looking out for you. We don't want you to get hurt. The focus should not be on losing weight, the focus should be on developing a healthy lifestyle. If you were obese and the doctor said you needed to lose weight, I understand that, but there are healthier ways to lose weight than eating only fruit and water. Your body knows what it needs, and the fact that you are dizzy says that you are not getting enough nutrients. I would talk to a healthcare professional before doing anything like that. 
23 Jun 18 by member: FlatBellyEviction1105
Please listen to these fine people talk to someone about your body and weight issues it’s not healthy my BMI is 21.5 and my doctor wants me to gain 5-7 pounds a BMI of 15 or 16 is dangerous  
23 Jun 18 by member: jim giganti
Tbh I’m 124 pounds (5’1) or around there, weight doesn’t bother me too much. Your stomach lying down looks similar to mine but I can tell you’re skinnier. This leads me to believe you are bloated. Your body can be triggered by lack of nutrients because it takes a specific amount and variety of nutrients to balance hormones and regulate body functions. I get bloated due to a list of things and tend to get most bloated when I don’t eat enough so 
23 Jun 18 by member: yellowlemondrop
Gorgeous! Keep it up! 
23 Jun 18 by member: nthompson540


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