Phil's Journal, 22 June 2018

Dr. Malhotra: You can't outrun a bad diet.

Dr. Eenfeldt: The food industry really want to put emphasis on physical activity and people being not active enough, and that's the problem. But you have quite a different view, right?

Dr. Malhotra: Absolutely, so I think there are two things to say. One is no one can deny there are a multitude of health benefits from regular physical activity.

Dr. Eenfeldt: Sure.

Dr. Malhotra: There's no doubt about that. You know, doing a 20 minute brisk walk a day can do wonders for your health and is good evidence to support that. But as far as obesity is concerned, I would say they completely have nothing to do with each other. We know in the last 30 years as obesity had rocketed average levels of physical activity haven't changed very much in the Western world. And there's very good data from that where it suggests that obesity epidemic is all about the types of calories that we are consuming. And I believe that the biggest driver behind that is refined carbohydrates. So what's happened is the food industry have used this physical activities is what you need to do to deflect actually from their own irresponsible marketing of junk food and also to emphasize personal responsibility. And it's part of their, you know, I would say corporate playbook strategy. I actually would go as far as to say we need to stop lying to the public to say that physical activity is the cure for obesity. We should dissociate the words physical inactivity and obesity from a sentence.

Dr. Eenfeldt: So you shouldn't even put them in the same sentence.

Dr. Malhotra: No, we should get rid of it.
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I just watched that! I was going to post about it, but here you are! Let's just say that great minds...yadda, yadda, yadda... 
22 Jun 18 by member: moogiemynes
Dr. Eenfeldt and his guests have such great advice. Thanks for posting 
22 Jun 18 by member: dboza
Agreed. I was a semi pro dancer, and put in ten hours of practice a week-and still had to be careful what I ate. 
22 Jun 18 by member: Kahaz
I just had this conversation with someone! They said, “all I need to do it workout.” If you focus on eating clean and healthy then there will be progress! Exercise is like a bonus! Lol I definitely promote the 80/20 rule. 80% clean eating 20% exercise! It’s all about what we fuel our bodies with! 
22 Jun 18 by member: tlyarbro
The deal breaker for weight loss is nutrition. Not exercise. 
22 Jun 18 by member: rosio19
Yea, you can exercise all you want. If your nutrition sucks, and overall diet sucks, then your health will also suck. Even if someone isn’t obese or overweight to any degree, their health can STILL suck even if they’re considered physically “fit” Due to diet/nutrition, & may have medical problems. & the opposite is also true, an obese individual can have a “healthy” diet/nutrition, & have no medical problems (aside from an abundance of body fat) however they can be considered healthy in that regard due to dietary health/nutrition, but when it comes to physical fitness, they may be considered physically “unfit/unhealthy”. So it’s much more than a one sided thing. 
22 Jun 18 by member: DEADPOOL12345
From my own personal experience (so far), I have completely overhauled my diet from high calorie, carb filled days of zero exercise, to very low carb, healthy food but still pretty much zero exercise. In that process, I've lost 35lbs as of today. NOW, I actually feel like I can exercise and I will be adding that to my lifestyle for a more rounded and healthy life, but the exercise is for energy and tone, the weight loss is managed through diet.  
22 Jun 18 by member: Nidoqueen
Funny. I just responded to another post about this very subject. 
22 Jun 18 by member: Draglist
I wish Mahjohn would come back, he's the first person I know of to use the line that, "you lose weight in the kitchen", great mentor that guy.  
22 Jun 18 by member: Phil
It is true, I use exercise to shape and tone my body. On days I get a really good, long workout in, I allow myself to eat a little more. The key word is little! 
22 Jun 18 by member: Peasy3
Yes, Mahjohn was great. 
22 Jun 18 by member: Draglist
Its amazing how much we really learn about how OUR bodies work when you are paying attention to it a little. 
22 Jun 18 by member: ggreen67
Ooh .. interesting.. thanks for sharing! I’m always keen to learn more ( and watching interesting stuff makes my ironing pile reduce quicker 😉) 
22 Jun 18 by member: gaelicgal
Good article! Thanks for posting! 
23 Jun 18 by member: CrashtestDawnie


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