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NEW BIO: I am 56 years old and I've been following a LC/HF way of eating for a little over a year now. In that time, I've lost over 80lbs and gained a totally new perspective on life. I can honestly say that nearly every aspect of my life has been affected by shifting from morbidly obese with zero concern for my health to a new, slimmer, more energetic version. I will NEVER go back to being that heavy again, and I know this because I know what it took to get from there to here and I will not tread that path again.

OLD BIO: I am 55 years old and I grew up in a home where my Mom was constantly dieting (Weight Watchers for many many years) and was alternately thin and fat, back and forth, my whole childhood. I grew up to the be same way, always on a diet (or given up and was just a careless eating machine) and always overweight. The few times I did attain a good body-weight, I was so nervous to be there that I'd start eating and plump right back up ASAP. Then I went through a phase of "accept me for who I am." That worked okay for me for awhile, but the true fact, once I got honest with myself, was that no one should accept what I had become. I had let myself go and "acceptance" was just my excuse for not giving up very bad eating habits. I began to sink deep into depression for all the things I was missing in my life. Then the light came on. Duh! I don't have to be missing out. I don't have to "accept" me the way I am, I can CHANGE me. So here I am...on the road to change.

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Fresh Start
Hi and welcome! You're about where I am now (although I started out 25 lbs heavier 3 months ago). If you don't have a plan, you're going to really struggle. What I have been doing is similar to the LCHF, and also similar to a diet I just discovered called IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). You can search for that on Google and use their Macro calculator to determine a good starting point for yourself. For me and my lifestyle, it suggests 1400 calories; 128g protein; 49 carbs; and 78 fat g per day. I am usually under those numbers, but I am working every day to hit them. And it's working. I've lost 25lbs in 12 weeks, which is a nice, average 2lb per week.

Whatever you choose to do, give it a couple of weeks and see if it works for you. If not, try something else. As I am fond of saying, the ONLY diet that truly works is the one you can live with.
posted 22 May 2018, 13:44
lLow carb counting but this site doesn't account for fibre
While I don't necessarily rule out eating anything with the words "Net Carbs" on it, I always do my own math with the labels. Much of the time, I find the "Net Carbs" to be incorrect, but that doesn't make the food bad.
posted 21 May 2018, 09:37
Butter coffee
Like @Miraculum, I found heavy cream really made my coffee delicious and it did curb my hunger somewhat simply because of the density.
posted 21 May 2018, 09:33
Keto Cramps
The simplest thing you can do to help with leg cramps is drink more water. Muscle cramps can be a sign of dehydration.
posted 21 May 2018, 09:29
Remember this, we are all different and FatSecret is one of the few places I've found where that is respected for the most part. What works for one, may or may not work for another. My motto has always been this: The ONLY diet that works is the one you live with. If it is too hard, too complicated, uses too many foods you don't like, you will fail. My best advice here is to log EVERYTHING you eat. It can be a true eye-opener. Some things you may have thought were "okay" are actually true saboteurs to your dieting health. Two things you can do to get you started are 1. Water water water water water and 2. Get rid of as many carbs as you can in your diet and replace them with healthier choices. Any start is a good start. Keep the faith and hang out here at FS for support.
posted 21 May 2018, 09:25
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