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19 October 2014

BEAUTIFUL Sunday morning here in Bellawood. Classical music in the background combining with the songbirds outside and tinkle of the windchimes. I’m so thankful for this morning and many other things.

Weird culmination of ‘date recognitions’ lately. I was stunned on Thursday eve to discover Blondie didn’t recognize ‘Boss Day’ - no wonder she isn’t loved at work, LOL. When I worked for Corporate America it was a huge ‘thing’ - we started planning a month in advance. It was almost a competition to have the boss who received the greatest ‘recognition’ from their team. It was like the Christmas of CA.

Then it finally occurred to me this morning why ‘Friday, Oct 17’ was tapping at my memory bank: it was the two year anniversary of joining Fat Secret. Oh, yeah, that. And how did I recognize it? By having a binge day of epic proportions. It didn’t START that way but I sure finished it that way; ways I just gave up recording once I exceeded RDI before noon. So that’s two Friday’s in a row off the rails … a day that’s usually TGIF is becoming “Oh No, it’s Friday” or ONIF? So I’m declaring right here, right now, next Friday is going to be better.

Although I know I must own my behavior and reactions I have to think what triggered the Friday binge was Yoga; and thinking about it she was the big factor in the previous binge Friday as well. So like with Blondie there is an underlying current of anxiety that I must adjust and overcome or unlike Blondie just eliminate her from my days. She’s a nice person and I do well when she visits me here but when we make plans outside my home she’s always late, erratic, etc., something that does not sit well with my OCD behaviour and obligations.

Friday afternoon she is ‘done for the day’ while *I* am taking time away from my shop, business, income, etc., to meet her for lunch. Friday was the third time I sat down at the restaurant and ordered without her because I needed to eat and get back on time. Yes, being the boss I can get back when I want but when there’s a sign on the door ‘back at 1pm’ I need to honor that in the event a customer is waiting or returning. So, I suppose the answer is, for now, no more Friday lunches ‘out’. We will need to shift that to a dinner when I’m more flexible and less stressed about my time. There.

I didn’t make it to helping Grace with her Church Rummage sale yesterday; Mushy was freaking me out, not eating, little water, doesn’t seem to be able to jump. I finally got her back on her legs, eating, tail wagging so I’m breathing better but not sure why she’s reluctant to jump (up into a chair). I know Thursday night she seemed to be kicking her hind legs a lot - and hate that she’s absorbed Mommy’s restless leg syndrome (which continues - the RLS OTC isn’t helping .. but at least a hot bath every night is offering a little relief for me.. maybe she needs the same?)

So I just stayed home - didn’t even venture out the front door to retrieve the newspaper. I played with my plants, created a couple of succulent arrangements for indoors, and refinished the sad little auction chairs in a deep mahogany to match the new desk in the shop. My first time to use a paint stripper and a my first ever ‘tool purchase’ - a sander!

And I made a pot of chili thanks to several of my FS buddies sharing they’d done the same last week. But I generally make my ‘broth to meat’ chili ratio something like 20:1; or as told someone once, “I’m mainly in it for the broth”. Hot and filling yet not so calorically dense.

So today I have a pot of beans brewing for Stick; he’s recovering from a heart surgery and .. oh heck, I just like cooking and sharing food; even without the ‘justified reason’. I’m going to make a decorative bird house .. again, just because.. something to do. I’ll probably just spend the rest of the day like yesterday - puttering around, resting in between, and being good to myself.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day in your world.


17 October 2014

DURDI = 2 and that includes a fabulous pork roast quesadilla (homemade) and a tiny serving of Chocolate Black Cherry frozen yogurt. Yay. Double yay considering Blondie came over last night for ‘dinner & movie’.

Afterward I started stripping one of the chairs; I think it’s going to turn out really nice. Some day. Strangest thing this morning - I was awake for a couple of hours before it occurred to me ‘It’s Friday’. I was just up putzing around as usual without any distinct markers acknowledged.

I may help Grace with her Church Rummage Sale tomorrow. She’s invited me, again, to ‘Ladies Night’ with her Church group on Monday. And yeah, this would include Miss Teacher Face in the mix. I’m going to try. I’ll probably be repeating ‘I’m not a child, she isn’t my teacher, deal with me’ throughout the entire evening. Or just make it a point to sit as far away as possible without being at a different table.

They (we?) are going to a Sushi bar so at least there’s that.

And really that’s about it, other than to thank you all for your kind comments and stopping by to visit me. I rarely ever comment on your comments but know that I do read and appreciate all of them.


16 October 2014

16 October 2014

Days under RDI (DURDI?) = 01. Yay. The liver & onions (sorry) did their usual appetite suppressing even to the point that 1) I put back the ‘girl scout candy bar’ that I picked up at the checkout counter and 2) chose a banana / yogurt / chia seed shake over ice cream. Yay L&O for getting me thru the day.

I picked up an OTC ‘Restful Leg’ tablet and perhaps that, combined with a hot jacuzzi and the banana shake at bedtime I didn’t have as much discomfort last night. One day at a time and now the same for nights. Or as my Angel shared: worry about nothing, pray about everything. I'm going to add 'be grateful for all of it'.

The oddest thing happened at the grocer yesterday. Just as I was approaching the checker a woman walked up in line behind me, nothing in hand, and just stood there, staring at the magazine shel. I smiled and nodded at her thinking she was just picking out some Juicy Fruit or reading headlines or something. About 2-3 items in on checking my basket a guy with a gallon of milk showed up and stood beside her.

So, oops, she was just holding the line for him and had I KNOWN that I would have let her go in front of me although I only had 20 or so items myself. I always do that. But then they stood there staring at my basket and leaning their heads together to whisper and smile.

‘What was so freaking amusing?’ my paranoid little mind asked. It just really bothered me to the point that I looked directly at them and asked ‘can I help you?’ but they were so involved with their nodding toward my basket they didn’t hear me. It was really freaking me out and I rarely get freaked out like that. And it cycled because I have been vigilant on paying attention to the register and nearly missed some sale items rang up incorrectly and snipped at the checker. So much so that the bag boy asked about me being upset on the way to the car - they know me and that’s so unlike me. I usually reserve my shrieking for the car.

But whatever it was.. I was just on a roll and basically drove home like this, mostly inside… some outside.. esp when I got behind the ‘we like to haul flatbed trailers on our truck but don’t feel the need to install brake lights’ parade:

Which was ironic as I’d just come from having a wonderful massage. Weird. Fortunately it passed quickly. And I guess I can consider ‘road rage’ some sort of aerobic exercise, yes?

So here’s to everyone having a Terrific Thursday, aye? Cheers.


15 October 2014

Days without exceeding RDI: Zero. Ah well, we begin again. And again. And again. The secret to success is to get up one more time than I fall.

Won this at the auction last night. I just love it. It needs a name so let the suggestions commence.

I really liked it because I like this one - reminds me of the ways my sparrows have what I call the 'Morning Debates' where they gather and chatter up a storm.

I may have to give up the auction for a while though. Something happens when I get over there and see those HOME MADE cakes. Last week was the chocolate; last night was the carrot cake w/creme cheese and pecans. I lose my grip on the wagon and fall into the inch thick frosting.

I've considered taking a fresh sliced apple with me to nibble and reinforce my WOE but I can just imagine this happening:

So other than the glass bird I picked up a pair of really said looking wooden chairs. On the way home I bought paint stripper. This will be my very first time for something in this arena and I'm excited. Maybe it's just the fumes. Nah, haven't opened them yet. Didn't see this on the shelf but perhaps they don't carry it at Wally's.

Lunch today: liver & onions with mushrooms and spinach. Yum. I am hoping the iron helps - I really need to remember to start having this weekly.

Especially as I seem to have developed 'restless leg syndrome'. About midnight last night I found myself searching for a 'pill' to alleviate the discomfort. I have decided to try a few more natural things first like increasing my iron, making it a habit to soak in a warm bath every night, etc., instead of going straight for the drugs.

Massage this afternoon. I'm actually enjoying having moved that to every other week instead of weekly. Another recognition of 'all things in moderation - even the pampering'.

That's about it. Hope you're having a good day in your world today. I'm outta here.

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