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22 March 2014

Saturday evening - second journal - and I’m looking around for the marker to check another item off my bucket list: I gave blood today. I’ve tried several times in the past but was rejected because of being anemic - even this time I made it by the skin of my teeth. The minimum level is 12.5; mine was 13.3. So after submitting this journal I’ll be interwebbing to understand iron and see if it has any bearing on my weight. Maybe if I had more iron my metabolism would take off, hmmm?

Regarding the camel; the guy wasn’t offering rides so I didn’t ask nor did I think to get a photo, sorry. It was the first time for me to even be close enough to a real one in life to touch and I was so overwhelmed by it’s size and beauty that didn’t think to do a selfie. Or a duo. Or whatever you call it when you use your cell phone to take a photo of yourself with a Camel.

My ankle held so I was able to go to the downtown event and one of the local vineyards was having a wine tasting event. They had an adult tricycle there on loan to the vineyard for hauling and it was courtesy of the very bike store I’ve been trying to visit in The City so….. PERFECT. The vineyard let me try it and Mushy rode in the basket just fine. I was so excited I called the bike guy and he’s delivering me one tomorrow. In metallic green. I’m as pumped as I hope those tires will be. I know I won’t be getting my speed or distance anywhere near Heather or Glen but I’m really looking forward to riding around town early mornings or late evenings when the traffic is less.

Of course, they wanted to take a photo of Mushy in the basket and all I could think was ‘please don’t get my butt in the shot’. I swear … bappity bap to me for such thoughts when I’m having a good time.

I picked up a beautiful vintage summer purse from one of the downtown thrift stores and a pair of white capris from the boutique. And I took the grandson’s to a Crawfish Boil; their first ever. The oldest is definitely his Mother’s Son (Blondie) - approaches everything new as if he’s a contestant on ‘Fear Factor’. So I just let him eat the corn, potato and sausage. Of course, the youngest grandson called him a wimp and had to show him up by digging in and matching me ‘tail for tail’ especially when I told him sucking the head would make him smarter. It was fun.

Other interesting statistics at the Blood Bank: my B/P was 93/60 and pulse was 60. This was after all of the walking and very salty crawfish. Not bad at all. After that we came home because it was getting really chilly; curled up in the living room and I beat them both in a game of Monopoly on the PS3. Yes, I’m that kind of Nana: ruthless. Can’t call me bloodless anymore though - today proved without a doubt I have more than ice water running thru my veins. In fact, they had a hard time getting it to stop flowing. In a few days I’ll be able to go to their website and determine my blood type - I’ve never known - as well as get a cholesterol reading. Yay me.

ATF - a couple of chinks in the rails today. I’d had tuna for lunch when I brought Mushy back home; she was pooped. So the crawfish was ‘eating when not hungry’ but it isn’t something we have in these parts very often. All in all it wasn’t the RDI pusher as much as the cheese & biscuit was when I got back home. But the lady advised me to eat a ‘hearty meal’. So there, it was for the good of the blood bank.

And that’s about it for my day. I think I’ll go soak my ankle in the spa tub and settle down for the evening. Going for my 5th night of Mastering Team Bella through the Midnight Munching Madness.

Have a good evening.

Biker Bella

22 March 2014

Good Saturday Morning - March 22nd. I’ve downgraded my initial self diagnosis to a level 1 sprain. No discoloration and I was able to bear weight on it without use of the cane yesterday afternoon despite the swelling.

After another evening in the zero gravity position on the bed most of the swelling is down and walking is pain free. I am holding good thoughts it remains so as there is a downtown event going on this weekend I want to attend. I just completed my second ‘air alphabet’ range of motion therapy. The letter’s “O” and “Q” were the hardest.

The opportunity to see, pet and feed a carrot to a camel was a result of a ‘Feed’ vendor being at the Business Showcase. I refrained if asking if Purina actually produced Camel-Chow.

But no, I didn’t ride the camel. The sprain resulted from trying to ‘walk and talk’ in dressy high heels. At the FairGrounds. Go head and ‘duh’ me. Knock yourself out. I didn’t envision we’d have to park in the back forty but am grateful it was end of the day not beginning.

ATF yesterday was much better and as Yolanda has given me a ‘pass’ on the ‘midnight munching’ ruling for the convalescent snacking until 3am I will now chalk up my fourth night in a row sans madness.

I’ve never hidden the fact that I have a dozen conversations going on in my head at any given time. When I sat off the security alarm at 2am this morning as I let Mushy go potty the conversation played like a sports commentary between Gifford and Meredith:

“Well, Don, there is an extra level of difficulty involved in this move. She’s still trying to get the residual chemicals of pain meds out of her system and just isn’t thinking very clearly.”

“Right you are, Frank. So here we see her limping up to the control panel and squinting to see the numeric pad to quiet the alarm. And THERE goes the house phone … more limping to reach it in time. Nope, missed it.”

“So, do you think she’ll get the cell phone in time to stop the security company from sending the police? Let’s watch..”

“She DOES. Whew, that was a close one. So she’s fully awake, Mushy’s back in the house. Doors locked, alarm reset. Like most things in this game, it all comes down to this next move. Will she get a good drink of water and just go back to bed? This is usually where it all falls apart for this veteran player of the Midnight Munching Madness.”

“She DID IT! The panel judges are smiling as they tally up their scores. I’m predicting 10’s all across the board…”

Yeah, I agree… lock me up, I’m nuts. But I went back to bed and didn’t detour into the kitchen. Yay me. Gold Medal. Stanley Cup. Game Ball.

Thank you for stopping to visit me. Wishing you a wonderful Saturday wherever you are today.


21 March 2014

Friday - March 21st. I'm hung over from pain meds and interrupted sleep so I feel foggy today. This will be my fifth attempt at a journal and to minimize the rambling I'm just going to do bullet points.

*Business showcase yesterday was interesting. I won a Kindle Fire HDX from my bank. It was the ONLY booth I signed up for the 'free drawing'. Wild.

*Sprained my ankle - self diagnosed via interweb search level 2. Yes, ice, heat, elevation and wrapping with my yoga stretch belt as I don't have an Ace bandage. Using Cutty's cane to steady ambulation.

*Cool compliment from the "snooty art party lady" yesterday (the class I abandoned last year because of her constant gossiping) - she'd heard I'd been painting at home and really turning out interesting pieces and wants to see them.

*Second cool compliment: my 'church' came up on a possible 'tour site list for a downtown event' - apparently one of the very minimal handful of people I've allowed to go all the way thru my shop, house and into my back yard was at the meeting. For security there's no way I'll get on that list but it was nice to hear.

*Bucket list check off: petted and hand fed a carrot to a real live Camel. Too cool.

*Can't be sure if I made the 'three nights in a row' of no Midnight Munching because I did not have dinner but on the single limp I could manage into the kitchen I grabbed some cottage cheese with berries and the bag with all the 'free goodies' given away from the booths at the Showcase and that included some trail mix, a granola bar, and two cookies. Despite the pain meds I didn't get to sleep until about 3am so I snacked on those while I binged on "Orange is the New Black" on Netflix. Judges?

That's about it. Shortest journal ever for me, hmm? Thanks for stopping to visit me and I hope you're having a wonderful Friday wherever you are today.

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20 March 2014

Thursday - March 20th. Thought I'd turn out a journal while I wait for Grace. We're going to the Local Business Showcase for a couple of hours then I'm going to try test the local 'walk ins welcome' theory again for getting a mani/pedi.

Thank you for the very kind compliments on my journal yesterday. To answer some of your questions: Yes, I mainly paint with acrylic although I have used oil a couple of times and loved how it took so long to dry I could go back for days and change things. No, I've never sold any of my paintings nor would I even know how to price one. I still suffer from the 'oh, they're just complimenting and patronizing me because they love me' syndrome because I've been told I should (sell)IRL and never took it serious.

If I did ((heaven help me with my fledgling confidence)) I would need to sell it 'in person' only as the photograph seemed to enhance things that aren't evident in person. After uploading the four I did yesterday (and there are about 25 or so more but I won't inundate you with those all at one time) I forwarded the "Smoke on the Water" to Blondie with a LOL email. The photograph gave it a look of brightness and yellow just not evident in person. Maybe I need to install those 'gallery spotlights' over each of them here in the home. Maybe my Nikon just makes me look more talented than I really am; I should take a selfie and see if it makes me look 20 years younger and pounds lighter, LOL.

ATF yesterday: spot on. Tuna with mayo for lunch and as I sat eating it I thought 'oh, my gosh.. this is so delicious... how long has it been since I added mayo to tuna? I want more!' but I did make myself wait and my brain caught up with my mouth, my hunger was satisfied and I had a sane and proud afternoon.

So sane in fact that I had an interesting thought during my therapy yesterday. I've decided I'm going to stop referring to it as a massage as I'm healing right now. Healing as grief works it's way out of my heart; as the true aches and pains from years of neglect are addressed; and as I continue to learn the importance of placing myself first. I'll resume the 'M' word once the appointment upgrades from necessary to luxury.

Anyway, I was vegging on the table when it occurred to me, "Hey... I'm not hungry!". I always go for my weekly therapy in the afternoon and struggle constantly to steer my traveling thoughts away from food and drooling all over the face rest.

So maybe the mayo was that 'extra' kick of fat mixed with the protein of the tuna to 'hold me' the way it did in the past. I'm not sure why I abandoned it; probably because I felt it was too much considering I'd switched to tuna WITH oil instead of water. I finally picked up some in water last night and will see if mixing it with mayo brings back my bullet proof lunch. My nails are definitely benefitting from the protein.

I needed water so I went to the big store and always love putting the 6 cases in the cart first to push all over the store - another version of my 'DIY exercise'. Interesting to think, whenever I have to plant my feet firm and push the cart harder especially turning corners, I lost almost that much weight off my own body but didn't have wheels. I was getting close though. (eyeing the scooters)

As I unloaded the car I mused how two years ago I rarely went to the grocery, period. Naturally I didn't WALK to the neighborhood market as I do now - I would lose my breath, back would ache, and be exhausted just to get up the block. Most of the pantry staples were purchased online in bulk and for everything else I paid Blondie's crew to shop and unload it for me. I just couldn't do it with all that extra weight. I could neither walk that long around the store, even leaning on the cart, nor haul more than a couple of bags in without thinking my heart would explode.

It still could. I'm not being smug. I know to keep an eye on my lab levels and continue to think about what I'm choosing to nourish my body these days. But I pray my gratitude every day that I was given one more chance, one more spark of inspiration, one more day to try to improve my life.

Wrapping up. Dinner was oven baked chicken with BBQ sauce. Bedtime snack of cottage cheese, chia seeds and blueberries. And .. drumroll... can I get a 'heck yeah' here: No Midnight Munching. That's two in a row. Am going for a hat trick (third) tonight. Will report back in the morning.

Thank you for stopping in the visit with me. Hope you're having a wonderful first day of Spring wherever you are today.


19 March 2014

Wednesday - March 19th. I'm rating ATF 'sort of successful' yesterday. Tuna with salad for lunch. Dinner was scrambled eggs with pan roasted tomatoes and mushrooms and a most delicious sunflower seed toast. I'd watched one of those life-hack video's of Chef Ramsey showing how to properly scramble eggs and just HAD to try it. Not bad. Here's the link if you're interested in finding out if you too have been 'Doing it All Wrong'. How to Scramble Eggs Properly

I still had two servings of that oxymoron of a 'healthy snack' (sugar free chocolate pudding with white chocolate chips added) so I shared it with the Grandson when he came to visit; got that out of the fridge before sundown. Some cottage cheese with chia seeds before bed (thank you Kathy, I'd forgotten about that option) and would have been okay but felt the need to 'crunch' so I added some Crispex cereal.

And then one more slice of that great bread on my way to bed but I literally think the universe SLAPPED my hand as I DROPPED it. On the carpet. Buttered side down. And I did not eat it - when you have a Pug (big shedders) nothing qualifies for the 5 second rule. Nothing. Nor did I go back for more. And no midnight munching. So, progress. Not perfection. Better.

While I remain immune to the exercise addiction so many of my friends here have caught (DK, I'll give you $20 to not make me do pushups, ok?) I do continue to try to get 'some sort of workout in' via regular daily stuff here in Bellawood.

About a week ago as I was hauling a case of bottled water from the store room to the kitchen I thought 'Meh, 25lbs.. not that hard to lift.. no wonder the Grandson can carry two at one time.' Then I decided, 'Hmm.. what if you didn't let the bulk of it rest against your stomach?' Oh.. yeah, now I can feel it. So I stood up straight and still and began lifting the case from waist to shoulder level. Ten times. The last five was a little harder, by golly. Anyway, I have to replace those cases (I have one in the shop too) about twice a week (yes, I drink A LOT of water) and have incorporated the lifting as part of that process.

The rest of the time I do 'mindless steps'... something that used to drive my Mother insane. I will make 10 steps instead of two. Back and forth. One thing off the pantry shelf at a time. She would just groan and claim 'You wear me out just watching you' especially as, in my professional life, while I was NEVER (so don't start labeling and hating me) an 'Efficiency Expert' ((another name for those heartless folk who come in and show you how to save money by slashing staff)) I was always improving processes to make the flow easier. Hence, at home, I didn't want to be all that efficient with my time and energy. I liked taking that time 'off'. Maybe that's why it seems I do 'so much' Susan .. I am the ultimate multi-tasker whenever I'm focused.

And this morning, I'm sure the folks who monitor the drones or satellites or whatever they are watching all of us at any given time got quite the laugh as I raked and seeded the yard a little more and then 'River Danced' the seed into the dirt. Waste of time as those little sparrow beaks will go far beyond where even my clodhoppers will stomp but ... again... pleasant activity for me.

Anyway, that's about it for today. I'm still not happy with the way these photograph so you'll just have to take my word that they look so much more fantastic in real life, LOL. Now you know why I stress the 'abstract' and 'slinging paint' when I refer to my 'art'.

Thank you for stopping by to visit me. Have a wonderful day.



"Urban Garden"

"Smoke on the Water"

"Pure Joy"

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