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by member: Petisilie
Griechischer Nudelauflauf mit Béchamelsauce.
Per serve - Energy: 586kcal | Carb: 50.63g | Prot: 30.63g | Fat: 28.06g
Not yet rated.
Beef & Cabbage Stir-Fry
by member: Missjim
Get out the chopsticks and dive into a bowl of long-grain rice, minced meat and lots of Asian flavour.
Per serve - Energy: 618kcal | Carb: 63.57g | Prot: 52.30g | Fat: 19.66g
Not yet rated.
Йогурт с Дыней и Фисташковым Медом.
by member: LilBadGirl
Этот десерт исчезает из тарелки незаметно —и только на языке остается сладкий привкус, а губы расплываются в широкой улыбке.
Per serve - Energy: 263kcal | Carb: 37.80g | Prot: 9.56g | Fat: 9.52g
Not yet rated.
Vegetarian Fajita
by member: mbuttler
Grilled vegetables seasoned with spices.
Per serve - Energy: 268kcal | Carb: 19.75g | Prot: 2.92g | Fat: 20.98g
Not yet rated.
by member: GoldenDeer
Готовятся быстро, вкусно, а главное не сладкие, так что начинку можно выбирать по вкусу.
Per serve - Energy: 100kcal | Carb: 11.11g | Prot: 5.38g | Fat: 3.55g
Not yet rated.
Cubos de Peito de Frango em Molho
by member: nfornari
Prático e delicioso para o dia-a-dia.
Per serve - Energy: 69kcal | Carb: 1.14g | Prot: 11.77g | Fat: 1.66g
Not yet rated.
Ostrich Neck Curry
by member: JNMPixie
Delicious tomato based ostrich curry.
Per serve - Energy: 316kcal | Carb: 32.19g | Prot: 31.23g | Fat: 7.40g
Not yet rated.
Tomates Rellenos con Atun y Arroz
by member: Zaira Goncalvez
Tomates rellenos con atun y arroz, buena base de proteinas y cereal.
Per serve - Energy: 427kcal | Carb: 51.58g | Prot: 33.24g | Fat: 8.99g
Not yet rated.
Schmorgurken mit Tatar
by member: Hummel1966
Leckere Pfanne süßsauer abgeschmeckt.
Per serve - Energy: 467kcal | Carb: 30.61g | Prot: 26.19g | Fat: 27.11g
Not yet rated.
Stamppot Andijvie met Gerookte Spekjes
by member: Indrakuta
Een lente-stamppot met heerlijk frisse andijvie en knapperige spekjes.
Per serve - Energy: 569kcal | Carb: 108.15g | Prot: 16.29g | Fat: 8.00g
Not yet rated.
Lazy Eggs
by member: toni nicola
This is ideal for when you crave something different at breakfast.
Per serve - Energy: 152kcal | Carb: 1.64g | Prot: 11.97g | Fat: 11.04g
Not yet rated.
Mix de Legumes com Ricota
by member: Celus Oliver
Fácil, rápido e muito gostoso.
Per serve - Energy: 168kcal | Carb: 14.28g | Prot: 6.76g | Fat: 10.03g
Not yet rated.
Bunter Thunfischaufstrich
by member: Herwig64
Leichter Aufstrich für figurbewusste.
Per serve - Energy: 207kcal | Carb: 14.04g | Prot: 24.54g | Fat: 6.32g
Not yet rated.
by member: Friesenwoelfin
Ein Auflauf das perfekte Gericht, das alle mögen.
Per serve - Energy: 372kcal | Carb: 19.71g | Prot: 20.63g | Fat: 23.80g
Not yet rated.
Chia Pudding
by member: Omega75
A healthy, tasty dessert of chia seeds and almond milk.
Per serve - Energy: 104kcal | Carb: 13.27g | Prot: 3.44g | Fat: 5.81g
Not yet rated.
Салат с Куриной Грудкой, Сельдереем и Яблоком
by member: matoaka_
Такой салат с лёгкостью заменит ужин и восполнит организм суточной нормой витамина C.
Per serve - Energy: 202kcal | Carb: 12.55g | Prot: 20.32g | Fat: 7.83g
Not yet rated.
Auberginen-Tomaten-Auflauf mit Kräutern und Reis
by member: Wuselchen
Frisch aus dem Backofen ist das ein schmackhaftes Hauptgericht.
Per serve - Energy: 262kcal | Carb: 35.58g | Prot: 8.66g | Fat: 10.54g
Not yet rated.
Broccoli BreakFAST
by member: madeux
Very nutritious breakfast.
Per serve - Energy: 589kcal | Carb: 48.46g | Prot: 40.09g | Fat: 26.15g
Not yet rated.
Galletitas de Avena tipo "Barrita de Cereal"
by member: javiera75
Galletitas de avena sanas, ideales para consumirlas como colación.
Per serve - Energy: 93kcal | Carb: 13.47g | Prot: 4.01g | Fat: 2.74g
Not yet rated.
Baked Sweet Potato Fries II
by member: roseomg
Sweet potatoes don't just belong in a casserole on the holidays, with this recipe you can incorporate sweet potatoes into your regular dinner rotation very easily.
Per serve - Energy: 173kcal | Carb: 31.92g | Prot: 2.06g | Fat: 4.57g
Not yet rated.
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