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Ensalada de Kiwi y Camarón
by member: anamía
Prueba este rico y saludable platillo que lleva kiwis, camarones, pepinos, queso y toronja, ideal para comenzar la dieta
Per serve - Energy: 203kcal | Carb: 20.96g | Prot: 11.15g | Fat: 9.23g
Not yet rated.
Quiche au Poireau et au Thon
by member: Pascalou82
Une quiche légère et complète à déguster avec une bonne salade verte.
Per serve - Energy: 190kcal | Carb: 6.07g | Prot: 12.99g | Fat: 12.74g
Not yet rated.
Galettes de Poisson
by member: mokochan
Galettes de poisson blanc avec biscotte, céleri, ail, persil, citron.
Per serve - Energy: 87kcal | Carb: 5.97g | Prot: 9.19g | Fat: 2.90g
Not yet rated.
Doce de Batata com Amêndoas e Creme de Avelã
by member: lu anunciacao
O sabor é maravilhoso.
Per serve - Energy: 215kcal | Carb: 31.38g | Prot: 4.67g | Fat: 8.13g
Not yet rated.
Bananen Pancakes
by member: Björn R
Diese kalorienarmen Leckerchen sind wirklich richtig gut.
Per serve - Energy: 91kcal | Carb: 7.31g | Prot: 3.20g | Fat: 5.62g
Not yet rated.
Палак Панир
by member: Butterfly_Effect
Сыр со шпинатным соусом.
Per serve - Energy: 256kcal | Carb: 10.70g | Prot: 18.30g | Fat: 17.08g
Not yet rated.
Салат из Красной Икры
by member: VicDnepr
Салат из красной икры, риса и семги.
Per serve - Energy: 488kcal | Carb: 33.45g | Prot: 30.79g | Fat: 23.53g
Not yet rated.
Quiches de Bacon, Grelos e Parmesão
by member: Mad-Lisboa
Uma receita de quiche simples e deliciosa.
Per serve - Energy: 229kcal | Carb: 1.52g | Prot: 11.87g | Fat: 19.45g
Not yet rated.
Творожно-Яблочная Запеканка II
by member: VicDnepr
Рецепт для мультиварки.
Per serve - Energy: 252kcal | Carb: 39.12g | Prot: 18.58g | Fat: 2.96g
Not yet rated.
Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bites
by member: stephaniemtl
No bake energy balls.
Per serve - Energy: 128kcal | Carb: 14.43g | Prot: 3.74g | Fat: 6.47g
Not yet rated.
Tuna & Cos Wrap
by member: ImagoNZ
Tuna and tomato wrapped in a cos leaf.
Per serve - Energy: 42kcal | Carb: 1.96g | Prot: 8.10g | Fat: 0.12g
Not yet rated.
Panqueca de Aveia III
by member: Nelleus
É uma boa para o café da manhã ou, ainda, como um lanche diferente.
Per serve - Energy: 32kcal | Carb: 2.29g | Prot: 3.18g | Fat: 1.16g
Not yet rated.
Oatmeal Almond Muffin
by member: beverlymundy
An oatmeal macaroon recipe with ingredients that resemble a KIND bar.
Per serve - Energy: 244kcal | Carb: 37.78g | Prot: 2.58g | Fat: 10.33g
Not yet rated.
Bolo Integral de Abacaxi
by member: Mithimm
Delicioso bolo de abacaxi, com farelo de aveia e trigo. Simples e rápido.
Per serve - Energy: 121kcal | Carb: 20.75g | Prot: 9.77g | Fat: 2.02g
Not yet rated.
by member: Daisy.89
Hähnchen auf Gemüse mit Reis.
Per serve - Energy: 337kcal | Carb: 47.81g | Prot: 26.78g | Fat: 5.06g
Not yet rated.
Blackberry Muffins with Cheesecake Stuffing
by member: Obsidian84
Healthy "cheesecake" stuffed blackberry agave wheat deliciousness.
Per serve - Energy: 212kcal | Carb: 37.10g | Prot: 6.07g | Fat: 5.07g
Not yet rated.
Пирог с Яблоками и Изюмом
by member: Дашулити
Низкокалорийный, но очень вкусный пирог.
Per serve - Energy: 268kcal | Carb: 49.01g | Prot: 9.90g | Fat: 5.23g
Not yet rated.
Soupe de Légumes et Pommes de Terre
by member: mokochan
Soupe toute simple idéale pour un soir d'hiver.
Per serve - Energy: 137kcal | Carb: 31.84g | Prot: 2.91g | Fat: 0.33g
Not yet rated.
by member: Altendorf
A delicacy with rice and lentils that serves as the traditional festive meal for the Tamil harvest festival.
Per serve - Energy: 296kcal | Carb: 55.47g | Prot: 10.27g | Fat: 3.24g
Not yet rated.
Banana Flapjacks
by member: sophsjd
Banana flapjacks with cocoa and flaked almonds.
Per serve - Energy: 207kcal | Carb: 21.12g | Prot: 4.48g | Fat: 12.50g
Not yet rated.
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