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Empanadas de Atún
by member: willa2000
Empanadas de atún y ricota.
Per serve - Energy: 177kcal | Carb: 18.03g | Prot: 12.23g | Fat: 6.15g
Not yet rated.
Empanadas de Verduras
by member: willa2000
Acelga con ricota.
Per serve - Energy: 159kcal | Carb: 19.11g | Prot: 6.92g | Fat: 6.39g
Not yet rated.
Guiso de Porotos y Garbanzos
by member: willa2000
Un riquísimo bocado en cualquier mesa.
Per serve - Energy: 213kcal | Carb: 35.70g | Prot: 10.82g | Fat: 3.88g
Not yet rated.
Cloud Bread
by member: Nella1985
A soft fluffy bread perfect for gluten allergies.
Per serve - Energy: 33kcal | Carb: 0.62g | Prot: 2.36g | Fat: 2.28g
Not yet rated.
Sanduíche de Salmão com Cream Cheese
by member: kemykemy
Esse é um sanduíche muito, muito fácil de fazer.
Per serve - Energy: 465kcal | Carb: 29.20g | Prot: 28.62g | Fat: 25.08g
Not yet rated.
by member: Arnolduske
Runderstoofschotel met uien.
Per serve - Energy: 538kcal | Carb: 11.99g | Prot: 31.02g | Fat: 39.98g
Not yet rated.
Vegan Pancakes
by member: vying
A basic vegan pancake recipe that uses both whole wheat and white flour.
Per serve - Energy: 128kcal | Carb: 19.41g | Prot: 4.33g | Fat: 3.57g
Not yet rated.
Salada de Frango com Legumes
by member: kemykemy
Deliciosamente nutritiva.
Per serve - Energy: 270kcal | Carb: 33.17g | Prot: 14.64g | Fat: 8.74g
Not yet rated.
by member: hgolson
This medley of vegetables goes well with anything, is delicious and has almost no calories! It is a great way to enjoy eating your vegetables!
Per serve - Energy: 22kcal | Carb: 4.27g | Prot: 0.60g | Fat: 0.06g
Not yet rated.
Frullato con Yogurt e Verdure
by member: HomesickAlien
Frullato di yogurt magro, sedano, mela, carota, zucchina.
Per serve - Energy: 124kcal | Carb: 25.56g | Prot: 6.40g | Fat: 0.59g
Not yet rated.
by member: lipslinger
Crackers met lijnzaad, bloem en kokos.
Per serve - Energy: 58kcal | Carb: 6.25g | Prot: 1.57g | Fat: 3.18g
Not yet rated.
Poisson cru au Lait de Coco
by member: dauiai
Du thon blanc mélangé à du lait de coco frais.
Per serve - Energy: 381kcal | Carb: 21.29g | Prot: 49.21g | Fat: 10.83g
Not yet rated.
Brokkoli Suppe
by member: AnneKatrin82
Leckere Suppe.
Per serve - Energy: 142kcal | Carb: 26.79g | Prot: 6.33g | Fat: 2.80g
Not yet rated.
Gefüllter Hokkaido-Kürbis
by member: Gitti1962
Gefüllte Hokkaido-Kürbis, mit Hackfleisch und Gemüse gefüllt.
Per serve - Energy: 260kcal | Carb: 16.68g | Prot: 18.83g | Fat: 14.05g
Not yet rated.
Banana Oatmeal Cookies
by member: dachlex
Very tasty low fat cookies for a great fiber snack and a great way to use old bananas.
Per serve - Energy: 206kcal | Carb: 31.76g | Prot: 4.45g | Fat: 7.64g
Not yet rated.
Turkey Lasagne
by member: joeys1980
A healthy alternative to the family favourite lasagne.
Per serve - Energy: 153kcal | Carb: 13.59g | Prot: 14.77g | Fat: 4.51g
Not yet rated.
Paella With Chorizo
by member: joeys1980
A classic rice dish with tantalising flavours.
Per serve - Energy: 330kcal | Carb: 38.51g | Prot: 29.30g | Fat: 6.37g
Not yet rated.
Crock Pot Chicken Thighs with Vegetables
by member: teskandar
A stress free one dish meal seasoned with ingredients from your pantry.
Per serve - Energy: 251kcal | Carb: 7.51g | Prot: 28.68g | Fat: 11.57g
Not yet rated.
Zucchini Cake
by member: Sam4866
A delicious and moist zucchini cake.
Per serve - Energy: 311kcal | Carb: 39.16g | Prot: 3.32g | Fat: 16.12g
Not yet rated.
Chicken, Vegetable and Tortellini Soup
by member: gina9978
Easy, fast and healthy. This one fills you up.
Per serve - Energy: 434kcal | Carb: 59.35g | Prot: 24.09g | Fat: 10.45g
Not yet rated.
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