kingkeld's Journal, 06 February 2013

Good (very early) morning!

Yup. One of those mornings again. It's now 3:33 am, but I've been up the last hour and a half. Again, not enough sleep, though I did manage to get in 5 hours before wakeup. Geez. Why?

I'm pretty sure I'll konk out early tonight. Not good. I have movies that came in the mail that needs to be watched. lol.

I got a classic cult goth horror movie, Italian Black Sunday, as well as the new 3D animation Hotel Transylvania. If there were ever a "different ends of the scale" double feature, this would be it.

My guess is that they probably won't be watched until this weekend, but I will see if I can squeeze them in before. Then again, we have friends coming over Saturday, and it would be nice entertainment. :)


I did great on the food again yesterday. I had ALL meals planned out before I even went to work. Breakfast. Second Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack/dessert. I managed it all within 1600 calories (well, to be honest, 1608), which is my RDI.

I'm gonna do a fair attempt of getting close to my RDI, as an attempt to not feel hungry or wanting snacks. I seem to remember that when I was truly rocking my weight loss journey, I went close to my RDI. Not above, but using the RDI to its fullest. And why not?

Yesterday, and Monday, I have felt more satisfied with my foods. I have not felt an urge to cheat, and I have not really been wanting to go get candies or anything else naughty.

I did have one spontaneous urge, as I passed by one of the candy stores in my street. Coming from work, I walk by several candy stores, restaurants, kebab houses etc. There is EVERY opportunity to stop by for a little something. When that feeling hit me, I simply thought of my goal, that I really want to reach 80 kilos and qualify for surgery, interview and all, and how much more I wanted to accomplish this than I wanted a stupid bar of chocolate.

That's the way I usually manage to avoid the snacks. Reason it all out. See how dumb a move it is to eat when it's not needed. It works when I want it to. It works when I put my mind to it. Trouble is, of course, that I am not always great at putting my mind to it. lol.

Today, it's a pretty regular and uneventful day, I think (and hope). Wife wakes up in about 20 minutes. Then we'll prep breakfast. I am not entirely sure how much breakfast I'll have - that depends on our dinner decisions. If I have room for a proper breakfast, then I'll have one. If not, then I'll cut it in half for now.

At 7 am, I'll be at the gym, doing my circuit training. Right after, it's time for work. At this point I will be having my "real" (and 2nd) breakfast. I think it's smarter to eat it after the workout. Get a little protein in there from the ham and eggs.

Wife made Picadillo for dinner yesterday, and that'll be my lunch.

I'll be bringing an apple for my afternoon snack, and also a diet soda. I know a lot of you are against the diet sodas. I know a lot of people get MORE hungry from them, and when this is the case I fully understand why you wouldn't want them. However, for ME they help me curb cravings for sweets. If I want sugars, then the sugar TASTE from a diet soda helps me out. Massively. I know, there are chemicals, and other baddies in there. I'm not too concerned, to be honest. There are bad chemicals in so many things we choose to do regardles. And I don't drink a whole lot of sodas anyways. When I'm really "hitting the bottle", I have one or two through a week.

Dinner? Not sure. Wife and I will be working that one out when she wakes up.

For my evening snack, I will be making kingkeld's infamous strawberry smoothie - which is really just frosen fruit, fat free milk and a little sweetener. :)


Work should be reasonably easy today. I have a few interviews, I think, and not much more. I'll be playing a little more catch-up on my cases.


So, as you can see, I am hoping for a day with no surprises. It's gonna be a day of doing good, it's gonna be a day of sticking to RDI, and it's gonna be a day where I will go to bed tired, sleepy and with a feeling of accomplishment. Let's just hope the night lasts longer than until 2 am. :)


I still haven't weighed in. I don't really feel that I need to do it these days. I know I am doing well on my calories, and I can feel that I am dropping some weight. I think I am mentally in a place right now where I am enjoying NOT knowing my weight. I'm enjoying following my food plan, and I KNOW that I am doing good.

I think that as long as I KNOW that I am doing good, as long as I can truly say that I am within RDI, and as long as I keep my exercise going, I can be sure to lose the weight I need. I am on the fastest track to losing the weight that I know and that I am able to accomplish without either killing myself in exercise or making it all such a bitter ride that I don't wanna do it.

So this is definitely the way.

Two days ago, I felt fatter, more sluggish, less energized. That's all from a bad weekend. Today I feel ready to go, even if I didn't sleep as I wanted, I feel like I have energy. I have a positive outlook on things. I have will power to keep going.

Today, I am thankful for:
- Fixing a problem yesterday that suddenly popped up. Major one. Absolutely no damage done. Nice! Sadly, this didn't help my sleep. :/
- Waking up early gives me a chance to preview new movies. :)
- Morning coffee at 2 am.

Happy Wednesday to all! Life is good!

on diet kingkeld's own diet  


Tried Fat free vanilla greek yogurt in your smoothie? makes it super thick and almost icecreamish... my kids love it w frozen strawberries and banana, tons of protien and SO yummy! 
05 Feb 13 by member: sarahduke
Sarah, I've tried it and didn't care for the more acidic flavor of the yoghurt. It affects the overall flavor of the fruit for me. The consistency is great, though, I'll give you that. :) 
06 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
Wll done on keeping within your RDI.... Your seem to be on a roll now :-) 
06 Feb 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Great job on the food, Keld. Hold on to that momentum. 
06 Feb 13 by member: Helewis
The only rolls that seem to last with me, Pam, is the fat rolls. lol. Give it a week and I'm in trouble again. Unless I man up. Which I will. :) 
06 Feb 13 by member: kingkeld
You are so very positive today for having such little sleep. Love it! I am totally on board with your whole diet soda paragraph, that's how I feel too! I know it's not the best thing, all the warnings, blah blah but sometimes it's just what I want/need in the afternoon to avoid eating a giant candy bar or something like that. Plus the caffeine :) Everything in moderation! 
06 Feb 13 by member: Bkeller1023
Sometimes I need a fake sugar rush to get me through! :) Glad you're positive. 
06 Feb 13 by member: psylina
You can do it! IDK about the Italian Horror flick, but hubby would probaly know/love it. Kraken and I LOOOOOOVED Hotel Transylvania! She's always asking to watch it. It was fun. We like to play a game with animated movies, to see who can guess the most voices correctly. That is, above and beyond the ones we already know.  
06 Feb 13 by member: ZippyDani
With you on the diet soda. Part of it is the "texture" that satisfies me without adding any extra hunger. Also, I think it's the greatest thing to be in tune with your body and feel and recognize that you've been eating "bad". I love that new sense. Clean eating = fully energized bod! 
06 Feb 13 by member: CJT1217
WOW - you are back on a roll, King. I have full confidence in you and your commitments! Rock on! 
06 Feb 13 by member: HCB
Sounds like a great commitment! I've read several buddies' journals (including my own) that reflect a lack of success last week. Don't know why, but many people suffered from diet sabotage. However, we all are back on track this week, so hopefully we will all recover from our slacking and see some progress soon! :) 
06 Feb 13 by member: hollipop


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