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16 April 2014

Good morning!


(Also, notice the shirt!)

I am SOOOO excited about these - they look great and it's just a blast to actually see them full size.

In case your Danish is a little rusty, this is what the signs say:

Left banner:
(above picture) "When is the last time you're gonna lose weight?"
(below picture) Company logo - "LoseWeight - For life!"

Right banner:
Company Logo
A Simple Concept:
- No Gimmicks
- Sustainable Weightloss
- Uncomplicated and do-able
- Regular food
- Room for gettogethers and partys
- Help and support all the way

What do you guys think?

There was a little hitch, but it's being fixed. Fortunately, I won't get any problems from it.

One of the "roll-ups", as they are called, didn't roll back in. So it's stuck all rolled out. Fortunately, they had a special, so I got two of each for the price of one. So, I have a spare.

They're already on it, printing a new one, and getting it shipped ASAP.


So, I'm up in weight today. This was not according to plan. Yesterday was kinda stressfull getting everything set up, and dealing with the broken roll-ups along with a lot of other little things.

I ate it all away, but did manage to stay reasonably controlled. Still, it happened. I'm not proud of it, but I am only a mere human. :)

I'm back on track today, everything planned and my mind in the right place again. It's all good.


I started up another new client yesterday. This is gonna be a very interesting, but tough case. I'm gonna need some different things from the tool box this time - and I can't wait!


I'm working at the gym tonight. I am actually really looking forward to this. I like talking to people there, and I see it as a huge opportunity to advertise my company.

I still have to wear my GYM shirt, but I am allowed to wear a hoodie when it's chilly outside - and my hoodie has MY logo and slogan! :) Clever, huh? ;)

It's all a matter to letting people know I am here for them.


We got the issues in regards to the ads fixed. Well, reasonably fixed.

The thing with the ad, and me not getting enough space in it, is due to the gym's concept regulations. One of the rules in the campaigns is that there can't be other logos or company websites mentioned.

I'm getting MASSIVE help from the owner when it comes to my company, so I really don't want to push the issue, and he has rules he has to follow from headquarters. I get that.

So, the solution is that we're gonna focus on the fact that the gym has an "open house" arrangement for a full weekend, and the main feature is the focus on weight loss and that people can meet me and have a talk about it, along with hearing more about classes and individual coaching. It's a brilliant opportunity to have exposure in a large newspaper, have a full weekend where people (hopefully) will show up and talk, and the sales will be up to me, obviously.

Since we can't put in a logo, we will be referring to my facebook page - which is growing stronger by the minute. It's all good, and I know that we can get further focus from there. It's not THAT big a deal.

Also, we agreed that I don't pay half of the ad price. I pay 20% instead. It's financially a much better deal - I just hope I can get people to come.

I will do a "sign up now" special there too. I'm thinking of either a discount, or simply give them a month at the gym at my expense. I am sure I can get a good deal on those, as I ensure memberships to the gym at the same time.

Everyone wins.


I'm pretty annoyed that I let the stress take control of me yesterday. It's not damage beyond repair, but I do want to go lower in weight, not higher. This is what frustrates me now and then.

I want to be not just the good example of weight loss, but the GREAT AND ABSOLUTELY AMAZING example.

I love my new picture. I love seeing how much muscles have grown the last few months, but it really is time to lower the body fat percentage.

Doing this will make me look WAY sharper and WAY more prime for business.

I'm still focusing on the right things. I know everything that I need and I implement it on by far the most days. Trouble is the days when I don't. I go WAY over on those days, just from a couple of stupid decisions.

Those decisions are what needs to go. It's 100% obvious to me.

Anyways, back in the saddle today, doing well. Going as low as I need in my calorie intake, with full focus on macros and the mission. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Getting my banners! I love them!
- Seeing more and more activity on my weight loss facebook page.
- Getting shares of my pictures on other facebook pages too!
- Wife!
- Morning coffee!

Have a great day! It's easter break here starting tomorrow and all the way through Monday. I'm not sure how much I will be on FatSecret, but just in case... HAPPY EASTER to all!

Life is good!

15 April 2014

Good morning!

It's another morning with no weight loss or gain. Status quo is always better than going the wrong way, right?

I did great yesterday - had the max calorie deficit that my body can handle, and burned a whopping 3600 calories.

I see my calorie burns going much higher than they used to. I wonder if this is from me being slightly heavier, or me actually being more active again? It doesn't really matter - a burn is a burn, right? :)


Yesterday was fun. I had a couple of GREAT classes, they are a gang of super lively people, there was a LOT of great dialogue across the table, and so much sharing. People were laughing, to the point where this skinny lady came up to me after the classes telling me (jokingly) that she heard us and was considering joining the class just to have fun with us. I say mission accomplished on creating good vibes. :)


I got an email yesterday that my promotional banners have been printed and are in the mail! If I'm SUPER lucky they'll be in the mail today! ...more likely tomorrow, but let's keep our fingers crossed.

Thursday and Friday (and Monday) are holidays here in Denmark, so it would be SO cool to have them before the Easter break. I'd love to have them here for inspiration, and maybe to get permission to install them somewhere when they're not in use by me.

There is so much going on right now. I had another potential client calling me yesterday, and I am meeting with her today. I hope she'll sign up and I will have another one in my roster.

This one is interesting in a different way. She has lost quite a bit of weight already, but has trouble with the last kilos. I'm thinking that she might need to focus way more on training. Maybe IIFYM would be a good solution for her? I can't wait to talk with her.


I'm also gonna spend the morning going over a newspaper ad that I am running with they gym. We got the first draft, and in my eyes it needs a complete do-over.

It's a nice and pretty ad, but ALL the focus seems to be on the gym. None worth mentioning is on me.

I'm sure this is the publisher that misunderstood the task.

To me, it's pretty clear: I'm paying half the ad. I get half the exposure. Not just a "Come meet Keld at the gym and have a chat about weight loss".

I want my logo on there, and a clear message that says that I do MUCH more than just run a class at the newly opened gym. I need to make people aware of me, and give them my contact info, so they can check out my programs, my prices, call me, etc.

High priority! If I am going to spend money advertising, we need people to see it! :)


So, today will mostly be those meetings. I do have a client late afternoon over Skype also. She's doing amazingly well. She completely gets the concept, and she's just constantly pushing forward. I love seeing that!


In a few minutes, I'm gonna go for my walk. I don't really need it all that much - it doesn't really create a large calorie deficit that I couldn't just do from lowering my intake, but I quite enjoy the walk these days. I like being out there, listening to music.

I put the audio books on hold for now. I can't keep my mind quiet enough to really listen to them. I'm prepping company stuff while I walk, trying to situate myself optimally in my mind. Music is a way better companion right now.


It's interesting to see how much my mindset has changed since all the trouble at my old job started. There was so much crap, and I am so happy I'm out of it. Life hasn't been this good to me in quite a while. I'm feeling stress free, confident and happy. I do what I'm great at, and I love doing it. I love seeing the results that my clients accomplish.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife! I'm looking forward to seeing her tonight, and spending time together!
- Work! Being my own boss ROCKS!
- Going to the gym to meet a new client in a few hours.
- Walking. Clearing my head.

Have a great day! Life is good!
Weigh-in: 205.3 lb lost so far: 136.5 lb still to go: 17.9 lb Diet followed 100%
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14 April 2014

Good morning!

Wow, it's been a little while, huh?

I'm still around, but there has been SO MANY things going on this last week.

I've been working hard with both Daughter and a friend, designing promotional material for my weight loss company. It's coming out super nice, and I'm really excited to get to show it all for the health convention where I'm gonna debut it.

I have quite a bit done, but I won't reveal it until it's ALL ready! - I'll make sure that you guys get to see though. Of course.

On top of this, there has been dining out, parties, band rehearsals and plenty of bad food choices. We've been out eating 5(!) times from Thursday through Saturday. Not everything was bad, but there were some choice moments that probably shouldn't be in ANYONE's diet! :)

Still, I weigh the same as a week ago. Body fat is down slightly, and all other numbers are good too. Up in muscle, down in fluid. I can't really complain.

I still weigh more than I would like to, but the change is there, and things are heading in the right direction. I'm taking it nice and easy.

Starting yesterday, I am trying to be just a bit more rigig on the IIFYM-numbers.

Following IIFYM, there are more requirements than just meeting your calorie goal. You need to meet your protein, fat, fiber and carb goals too.

You'll lose weight no matter if you reach them or not, as long as you are in a calorie deficit, but meeting the other goals will (supposedly) prime your body for a MUCH more appealing body composition - avoiding the skinny fat look that I really don't want.

I'm proud of the muscles that I have put on after I lost weight, and I really want to keep them, and hopefully build them more. I'm not looking for the "bodybuilder" look, I just want to look like I'm in GREAT shape.

Right now, after putting on the weight, I feel that I look way too pudgy. I've been here before, and I know that it really isn't all that much work to drop those few kilos. It's just a matter of getting it done.

Still, I feel that I have WAY more focus than I have in a long time. I do see results, I just have to look a little deeper to see them - like the added muscle mass while weighing the same, etc.


The health convention that I am going to, is on the 26th. I have 12 days.

If you've read my journals over the years (wow... THAT long?!), you know I work best under pressure when it comes to reaching weight loss goals.

I would REALLY like to have a handful of kilos dropped by the 26th. I'd like to AT LEAST be under 90 kilos, and hopefully even a bit more. I don't want to compromise my muscle growth, but I want to drop as much excess fluid as possible, and just look as good as I can.

I am my own best advertising, and I need to look sharp(er).


My T-shirts are in!

Saturday, I got the t-shirts with my new brand logo printed! I'll reveal those to you guys when I get the rest of the promotional material!

Most of it should arrive Wednesday, just in time for Easter, and I am so excited about it. I can't wait to see the real thing. One thing is to have designed it, and ordered it, but it's a whole different thing to see it for real, be able to touch, etc.

Anyways, I got 6 shirts made, in a lime green, a light blue and a red. They look superb! I also had a very nice light blue hoodie made.

All the shirts are workout shirts, but they look nice enough that I can wear them ALL the time for advertisement, and to strike up conversations. They are super comfortable. All the clothes is sweat transporting, so they'll keep me cool doing workouts. Very nice. All shirts have a logo on the front, and the slogan on the back, along with the website adress.

I went the extra mile to get clothes that doesn't pick up every cat hair it finds in the apartment. Not that it's dirty or anything, but as you guys know, Kitty Cat LOVES to snuggle in the mornings, and it always makes my clothes look shabby.

Now, I can finally take care of her, and just brush off the hairs before I go work(out). It's good to know that I look ok.


I have started up a contest on my
facebook page, to get more "likes". I have announced a prize of a start consultation and a follow up session to get the winner efficiently going on a weight loss journey. Value is 1,000 Danish kroner (approx. $200), once I reach 1,000 likes.

It's not gonna happen overnight, but I know it'll happen. Yesterday morning I had 217 likes, this morning I'm at 238. Not bad in one day, but obviously it'll take a while to reach goal.

I'll keep promoting the contest, but not so much that it drives people nuts, and just keep doing good stuff on the page.

If any of you guys are interested, you're more than welcome to "like" it - it's in Danish, but every now and then you'll find English language articles and humor too.


Today is an active day.

First, I'll go for my walk and then hit the gym. I feel that I have great energy today, and I am very ready to go.

I'll meet with a client this morning, and then go home and work a little on my website.

Lunch at 11 or 12 or so.

At 1 PM, meeting with another client, then probably walk some, then very early dinner, as I am teaching this afternoon/evening. And that is about all I can cram into one day, I think.

A day like this usually ensures quite a calorie burn, and it's more than welcome after this last week.


I'm setting my RDI at 2100 for a while. I'm technically allowed just a bit more, but I want to go as low as I can to drop those kilos. I might have to re-adjust the RDI, though, as 2100 is a real challenge doing IIFYM.

There is a very natural limit to how low I can go on my calorie intake if I still want to meet the IIFYM-requirements on the macros. Check it out:

Today I need a minimum of 212g of protein (848 cal.), 68g of fat (612 cal.) This alone is 1,460 calories. Then comes the carbs. I don't go for low-carb food as such, as my body needs the energy that comes from the carbs, but I do try to not go nuts. The carb intake is where I can control the calories, as the protein and fat numbers are essential.

Today, I'm aiming for easy and simple solutions, without going out to eat.

Lunch AND dinner will be omelettes. 3 eggs, 200g of ham. One corn tortilla, and everything fried in butter (to up the fat count).

I will have SKYR to up the protein intake, and a protein bar at the gym this afternoon for a snack.

That's it, really. It's kind of boring, but it serves a purpose today. I think I'll be fine.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife! I had such a wonderful weekend with her!
- My good friend Thomas, who's been helping me getting prints ordered and everything situated.
- Kitty Cat for being cute.
- Morning coffee!
- FatSecret. I realized how much I miss writing here.
- Every single person who has been supportive of my decision to "go solo" and build my weight loss empire. :)

Have an amazing week! Life is good!
Weigh-in: 205.3 lb lost so far: 136.5 lb still to go: 17.9 lb Diet followed 100%

10 April 2014

Weigh-in: 203.3 lb lost so far: 138.5 lb still to go: 15.9 lb Diet followed 100%
   (3 comments) on diet kingkeld's own diet   gaining 5.6 lb a week

08 April 2014

Good morning!

Phew, it was a long, busy day yesterday.

I had clients, classes, walks, worked on my website, and prepped a few things for today too.

It's busy being the King! :)

I did good on my calories, and reasonably good on my macros. Not perfect.

I opted for some easy food choices, and that cost me a little on the fat and protein balance, but overall I did ok.

Looking at averages for 7 and 28 days, I weigh less today - so I am pulling the numbers down nice and slow. I like that. The same goes for every single other number that I register. They are slowly looking better.

All I gotta do is keep going, and thing will be fine.

It will be a long, slow weight loss, and that is perfectly fine with me. I am in no rush. The slower the better anyways.

I really like the level of eating that I have now. I like that I feel that I have "food freedom". I can do what I want, if I'm smart about it. I mean, what's there to NOT like about that?

I eat more food than I have in several years, I eat better (and more fun!) food that I have in a LONG time, and when done right it all points to me losing the weight I want to.

It'll be interesting to see how I am doing on this in a month, when I have had full and proper focus (hopefully!) for enough time to have all my stats adjust fully.


Today, I'm working a few hours at the gym. I'll be there at 7 AM, just to help out a bit. I'll be chatting with the users, and hopefully advertise a little bit.

At 10, my boss will come and take over, but first we're gonna have a little meeting about an open house deal that we're gonna do at the OTHER gym, the one at the remote location.

I'm gonna just in with him and do a FULL page advertisement, selling my classes and my services, along with him advertising the gym.

The price is a wee bit steep for a newly opened company, but I do know the importance of advertising. Essentially, I just need a few "bonus" clients to pay for it - and I really need to get the word out about my services.

There are quite a few others that offer weight loss services here, as I am sure there is everywhere else in the world too. I do firmly believe that what I offer is a LOT easier for people, and I know it works. But I probably need to be a little LOUDER than some of the other ones, to attract attention.

That's pretty easy though. I just need good advertising.

All the advertising I see from others is basically in the "personals" section of the papers, right alongside the free kittens and people selling used bicycles.

I never even make it to that section of the newspaper, and I believe that it's more or less pointless to advertise there.

Instead, I'll be having a half page all to myself, an ad that is loud and clear, that sells me, my classes, my coaching, and ask the question (slightly modified) "When is the last time you're gonna lose weight?".

It will have my logo and website, and let people know where to meet me in person for a talk about it.

The trick is to make it uncluttered, with as much info as possible, without losing the message. I'll be working on that today. Shouldn't be too hard.


The classes yesterday were amazing! So many people are there, both the classes are FULLY booked, and I love that.

Several people started last week, and they were SHOCKED how much weight they lost this first week. These are people who have "tried everything", just like the rest of us, and they just couldn't believe that they lost weight, and that they didn't feel that they were even trying. THIS is what I love about losing weight this way.

I will be looking into doing a 3rd class now, selling more tickets and getting more business.


So, in a few minutes I'm gonna go walk.

I'm not sure I really need to, but I feel that I want to. My body is asking me kindly to go walk, and I am going to do what I am told.

I'm tired and I hope it'll wake me up to go out in the fresh air.

I slept really bad - too much coffee yesterday at the classes - so I have been tossing and turning all night. Not good, especially not if I am going to be nice and charming at the gym. :)

It's been raining all night, and it still is, but it looks like it's slowing down and that I won't get all too wet. I hope I'm right.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- Great focus on my food and weight!
- Working the gym today!
- Successful classes!
- Morning coffee!

Have an amazing day, everyone! Life is good!

Weigh-in: 201.5 lb lost so far: 140.2 lb still to go: 14.1 lb Diet followed 100%

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