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Welcome to "THE MOB". This group is for people who are considered to be Morbidly Obese with Lots to lose who need support from other people who get it! Join us!


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Hi anncho, I'm pretty new too and I have the same issues too as well as some health ones. We can support each other if you like to talk to me whenever you feel like you are about to slide or already ...
by metimazis on 20 May 19 11:28 PM
New to Fatsecret
Hello, I can relate, I needed to have hip surgery on both sides and after having the first I put on a massive amount of weight and now Doc says he won't do the second until I lose some of the weight, ...
by metimazis on 13 May 19 04:28 PM
what I miss more than ______
1. Running 2. Playing with the kids 3. Hiking 4. Bending over
by meemaw423 on 11 Apr 19 08:54 AM
Check IN
@pbskoozy...that is awesome! You need to teach us your tricks!
by katies71 on 17 Feb 19 02:34 PM
hello from a newbie
I love your pic! I'm in the US...what's the rough estimate in pounds? I can never remember the formula lol. I'm at 292.9 pounds (that .9 isn't too important lol but it means I'm under ...
by katies71 on 02 Feb 19 04:59 PM

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created: 28 March 2014

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by itsjustdb
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the day I continually thank God for, a life changing event
by annie oak
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For some reason, I feel really pretty in this picture.
by Klynn82
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50 pounds down...can't see much difference.
by angel_face0145
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