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I'm a pretty recent college grad (degree in Food Science) just trying to lose the weight I put on while there. People like to joke about how it's all beer weight and whatnot but really it's from a year of seemly endless binge eating. But now I'm in a better situation.

So this site has helped me so much to make goals and progress that I've been recommending it to all my friends that mention the word diet. Other than that, I don't talk to my friends about weight loss because, quite frankly, I'm not at an unhealthy weight. I just don't like it and sometimes people don't get that. So it's been nice to see all sides of the spectrum on this site, with the emphasis on healthy living. I'd rather be able to run another half marathon than fit into a size 2. :)

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cals: 179kcal | fat: 12.22g | carbs: 8.17g | prot: 10.10g
Tapas Baked Tomato Egg Nests
A wonderful way to sneak some veggies into breakfast.
cals: 177kcal | fat: 8.21g | carbs: 17.46g | prot: 10.26g
Grilled Stuffed Zucchini
Great tasting cheesy zucchini boats.
cals: 313kcal | fat: 25.08g | carbs: 0.41g | prot: 20.21g
Breakfast Meatballs
Low carb meatballs with pork, beef, cheddar, egg and onion that are perfect for a meaty breakfast or any meal.
cals: 171kcal | fat: 12.09g | carbs: 9.70g | prot: 7.58g
Cheesy Spicy Cauliflower Bake
A low carb Mac & Cheese alternative that can also be made with broccoli.
cals: 351kcal | fat: 29.72g | carbs: 13.19g | prot: 11.61g
Flax Bread II
Fluffy low carb flax bread that is good for sandwiches and for toasting in the oven.
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What can I put spaghetti sauce on?
I too love pasta sauce! Mmmm on everything too. Spaghetti squash is the obvious choice here. It's also good on zucchini, eggplant, chicken, and probably everything else. I would try it on some of your favorite veggies or meats and see what you end up enjoying. I know I used to just put it on top of roasted zucchini and loved it. Cooked sausage (turkey or pork) would be delicious with a side of pasta sauce. Grilled mushrooms are a perfect vessel for any flavor as well.
posted 16 Aug 2011, 09:43
Low calories and illness
I had shingles a couple of years ago and from what I remember the medication cleared it up pretty quickly. It probably took about 2 weeks to be completely gone but it felt better in a couple of days. I don't think a couple of days with little appetite will be detrimental. If it lasts longer than a couple of days you may want to do something about it. You can always opt for calorie dense foods if you're worried about intake.

Good luck! Shingles aren't fun. Although, I did get a good laugh out of mine but that's another story.
posted 04 Aug 2011, 07:57
Processed Food Pitfalls: Top 10 Toxic Food Ingredients
gnat I agree that these lists are depressing. Although, in my case, it's not because I'm trying to live by them. As someone in the food industry I tend to shake my head when these things come around.

This article starts with an outcry against Palm Oil and shortening. First it says that Palm Oil must be bad for you because it is hydrogenated. Palm Oil is a plant oil that happens to be saturated. This is not the same as being hydrogenated. It is naturally semi-solid. Yes, hydrogenating it can increase it's saturation and make it completely solid. But hydrogenating something doesn't necessarily turn it into a trans-fat. Trans-fats are created under certain situations not ALL situations. This is why you can find trans-fat free margarine. This is also my problem with shortening. Just because it was a liquid fat and hydrogenated into a solid fat does NOT mean it's loaded with trans-fat. Check the labels. And as fat as frying foods in trans-fat oils. Yeah, I'm sure it happens. But things are fried equally as often in lard and peanut oil.

These articles also always attack HFCS. This debate tires me to no end. HFCS is nutritionally equivalent to sucrose (sugar). Both contain the same number of calories (4 per gram) and consist of about equal parts of fructose and glucose. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, the two products are indistinguishable. Yeah, it's in everything. It's cheap and consumers like sweet tasting foods.

Actually I was just reading an article about all of this and I wish I could find it online to post. Mostly it was talking about customer bias towards "unprocessed foods" could potentially "limit future progress." We all like to say how organic is better for you and the environment but is it feasible to read the entire world off of unprocessed organic foods? They aren't more safe than any other foods. Some of the raw and organic foods are actually more dangerous than processed foods. I would personally never drink raw milk because it's pretty dangerous. But people are constantly trying to fight to have it legalized because it's "better for you."

I could probably rant all day about this. What I do know is, I'm happy that I can go to the store, pick out something, and know it's not going to kill me. Everything is OK for you in moderation.
posted 27 Jul 2011, 08:34
Maintaining 1200 cals a day?
Exercise is great for overall health but you don't necessarily need it to lose weight. The spike diet should still work as long as spike days don't turn into spike weekends!
posted 25 Jul 2011, 13:08
Maintaining 1200 cals a day?
Lozenge, I'm following the Spike Diet right now. My BMR is right around 1400. I try to eat around that 6 days a week. Some are lower and some are higher depending on how much I work out or how hungry I am! Then once a week the goal is to hit 2800-3000 calories. You can do it any way you'd like. Generally for me it is a day that I have alcohol but that's because I have a hard time getting the calories in without it!

The spike days do seem to help keep your metabolism burning. It's also great because you can have some of those foods that a low calorie diet doesn't always allow room for. I suggest getting the book if you're interested. It's a super quick read and written in a way that you don't need nutritional experience to understand.
posted 25 Jul 2011, 12:31
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