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29 April 2018

24 April 2018

21 April 2018

Weigh-in: 160.1 lb lost so far: 8.9 lb still to go: 35.1 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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18 April 2018

Today went very well. It was a rest day but I kept my diet in mind with more effort; and the day was chalk full of temptations. At work I was given a sub, one that I was able to select yesterday for today, so I was mindful as to what I picked out. There were cookies again there today that I didn't even open up and look at. I had a gift card to dairy queen I was surprised to recieve, so when I pulled up after work I looked at the menu, and was in the mood for something sweet and cold, but so many of the options - the calorie intake was so high it could have been a meal in itself. The lowest was their smoothies so I got one of those. I took it with me to church. We had midweek today where they serve everyone food before everyone heads to their classes. I plated up my girls some food, but I just had my smoothie. There were plenty comforts being offered, cake, burgers, and chips/pretzels. I believe the only real vice today was the tiny cups of creamers you put in your coffee. Which to me is a huge deal considering for the past few weeks or so I have not had soda. So many times I have quit that and do so well and then for whatever reason I'd pick it up again. Lately I haven't had an inkling for it. I am more likely to make some tea/coffee or grab some water. I am getting a bit hungry so I will be eating a bit more this evening. I may make some steamed chicken or have some more shrimp but without coconut oil this time. Oh my leg, the area that was hurting feels much better now. I am looking forward to heading back to the Y to work out tomorrow, but I still want to give the bikes a go and go back to the treadmill another day. :)

18 April 2018

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