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250.0 lb
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191.0 lb
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Goal Weight
155.0 lb
Still to go: 36.0 lb
Hi all,
The good news is I've lost about 60 lbs in the past 5 months on Jenny Craig. The bad news is I still have 35 lbs more to go!

Generally, I'm very ambitious and competitive in life. But I guess I gave myself dispensation when I got pregnant with our first child. I gained over 80 lbs. I already had a few to lose before that so after my son was born I was in a bit of a "situation" :) I've really liked the ease and convenience of Jenny Craig and it seems to work well for me. I think I'll be able to do it the whole way to my goal as the loss has been steady and true.

As for personal interests -- I love to write, read, and running is my favorite exercise. I'm interested in politics (go Hillary!), the environment, and all kinds of art. I also love wine and have the intention of earning my master sommelier certification one day. I'm into goals, so here is the part of my bio that I'll update each week!

SHORT TERM GOAL1: Under 200 as close to 10/31 as possible.

SHORT TERM GOAL2: 185 by 1/31/2008 (My Birthday!)

SHORT TERM GOAL3: 170 by 3/18/2008

OVERALL WEIGHT LOSS GOAL: 155 lbs in Spring 2008

LONG TERM GOAL: Maintain weight fluctuation to stay under 155 for 2008 & 2009 by going back on restricted menu at 5 lb gain. I'll refresh goals in 2010.

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Cheap Yoga Clothing?
I just got a yoga towel from and it was about $20 cheaper than going to Lucy or a specialty shop in the mall. And it is very nice. yogitoes is teh brand. I like to use amazon for shopping for stuff like that. Maybe you've already tried it though.

Good luck!
posted 12 Jan 2008, 21:20
GO Hillary!!!! (Sorry, Couldn't Resist!)
Ah...I know you're smart and willing to state your mind. (I can tell from your posts) so I have a fun question. What would impress you?

posted 09 Jan 2008, 19:56
GO Hillary!!!! (Sorry, Couldn't Resist!)
I'm sure I'll get flamed because this has NOTHING to do with dieting, but I can't help but invite my fatsecret friends share my joy that HRC won in New Hampshire yesterday. WOO HOO!

Some of you know I've been working on her campaign, and am a strong, resolved supporter. That said, I'm also glad for John McCain. Now, if we can just make sure those two get thenominations in the Fall, we really will have someone good to vote for!

Either way, it's time for NO MORE BUSHIT! Smile

Don't pile on me too bad...I'm just excited!
posted 09 Jan 2008, 13:08
Share your 2007 Diet Progress & Accomplishments
I had my first child on December 28th, 2007. The highest weight I reached during my pregnancy was 278. Six weeks after my pregnancy, I was down (down?) to 232. Slowly but surely, bad food habits and lack of sleep and activity persisted me back up to 250. My ankles were so tender I couldn't balance to put on my shoes (or pants). I also fell twice with my newborn son. I was so stiff in the mornings I had to walk sideways down the stairs in my house. None of my shoes fit me, and my clothes--forget about it! I've had an engagement ring "stuck" on my finger for over a year. A lifelong runner, I couldn't run at all and had to start by walking.

Around the end of July I started Jenny Craig. Since then, I've lost over 55 lbs. I'm over halfway done with my goal, and the difference in my life is hard to quanitify better than mundane examples. So here goes: My shoes fit again. So do many of my clothes, and some are loose. My ring still won't come off, but very soon... I can run for half an hour contiguously again, and do an hour of hot yoga, actually enjoying it. My ankles are now strong enough to balance at the airport (with a 24 lb baby in a bjorn) to replace one UGG while holding the other one after security checksSmile
posted 01 Jan 2008, 22:40
Annoyed, confused, I feel like a cow. (Sorry long rant)
I struggle with refusing things politely. Tonight we all went to dinner at a friend's house and I did very well eating a small portion of meat and vegetables and just focusing on conversation. It was a birthday celebration and when she brought out the cake we all sang and it was happy times. But while she was slicing it I snuck over to her and mentioned that I'd not be having any. She seemed deeply dissapointed by this. When she sat down she offered me a bite and I said no again. Then she passed me a tin of homemade cookies and I said no...AAAHHHHGGAAAAIN. She knows how hard I've worked and at some point I start to feel sort of offended that people are pushing food on me!

I think in general making changes in your life--ESPECIALLY weight loss--are changes that test those around you as much as yourself. And your friendships. Some people will want you to stay exactly the same, and always be exactly the same. They'll want you to be their "eating buddy" and if you're not than they'll drift away. Reminds me of that news story recently talking about how most groups of friends are about the same size and shape as they are. There is a reason for this! Anyway, I think the social struggle of weight loss is the toughest part in many ways. There is always someone there to give you their opinion, tell you you look "fine" or you're overdoing it, blah blah blah. It is really just a great opportunity to follow your own mind, and develop your skills politely but firmly managng those around you. The good news is that once you start showing serious results people tend to mysteriously stop offering so much advice and tend to listen the first time you say NO. At least, usually they do!

posted 13 Dec 2007, 00:04
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