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20 February 2008

I friends -- I have not completely disappeared! Just massively preoccupied. I've been working very, very hard on Hillary Clinton's campaign. I've donated, pounded my neigbhorhood, caucused, voted in our primary, made phone calls to people all over the country, and continued to lead our (growing daily) group of Clinton Supporters in the Puget Sound area. It's tough for us here because this is defintiely more Obama territory at the moment. Next I'm preparing to head on down to Texas to help with on-the-ground efforts there.

This has been a wild time and I've not been doing too great with losing weight, though fortunately I've not gained any. It has been very stressful as I feel like I am attacked and criticized as a person for my views now almost daily. People who like Obama seem not to have much room for anyone else's views.

The stress of feeling this way has been a ball in my stomach which has been very challenging ever since Super Tuesday. It's not getting any easier, but I tend to always remain prepared to fight for what I believe in and I can be like a "dog with a bone" about it. Unfortunately I also tend to internalize and take things to heart. So, for me (hello Ms. Food addict) it has lead to snacking, especially at night. I need to try to focus on balance and the things I CAN control but right now it's very difficult.

I hope everyone is doing well and whatever your views, whatever your state if you're in the US that you're reading about the candidates and learning as much as you can and getting involved as much as you can. It is a very big deal!

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04 February 2008

It is very late and I cannot sleep. I am too wound up given tomorrow is Super Tuesday, and I can't stand wondering what is going to happen. I don't know what it is about my personality that gets so emotionally invested in things I get my heart set on. I have researched candidates, issues, and resumes for over 200 hours in the past 3 months. I cannot stand what is happening with the media, stepping in line to drink the kool-aid and endorse a candiate who is barely holding up his obligations in the US Senate.

I heard something once that I think is fascinating in how it applies lately. That is, the most common phobia manifested in people is Phronemophobia -- fear of thinking. Literally, people do anything they can to avert the need for analysis, and decisiveness. They are happy to defer instead to somone they trust or respect (e.g. Oprah) and of course fundamentally they fear the accountabilty that is associated with thinking independently and stating your outcomes outwardly.

No wonder we've watched throngs of voters and media alike get lined up behind a speech and a promise -- as if this were a popularity contest instead of a job interview. We don't need to redecorate the White House with one of Oprah's favorite things. We need a problem solver, with experience.

Needless to say and whatever your opinions, I don't mean to assualt them. Mostly I'm frustrated with the lack of substance driving many people to choose one person over another, and the lack of integrity in the press to give fair and balanced reporting and vet the candidates the way we rely upon them to do. Instead they've focused almost exclusively on speculation and stacking endorsements. I guess that shouldn't be surprising, considering we're a nation who values celebrity and responds with satisfied glee when we find ourselves in the middle of the pack.

Groan. Don't read this. I don't mean you. I just mean everyone else.

I bought this big bag of trailmix at Costco to give to the homeless guy who is often on the corner and then I didn't see him for like 5 weeks so fianlly when we had guests I opened it. Now it is left over in the pantry and I CANNOT STOP EATING IT. I haven't gained but I'm not going to lose at this rate. It's pathetic. I need to get a grip and stop caring about shit I can't control.


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29 January 2008

Weigh-in: 191.0 lb lost so far: 59.0 lb still to go: 36.0 lb Diet followed poorly
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23 January 2008

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22 January 2008

Hey guys. Today is my official weigh-in day and I think maybe I've lost point something of a pound but we'll see after my "last chance" workout. Today I'm going to talk to my counselor about getting jump started and back on track.

Lately, I'm stressed. I am really uncomfortable about what is going on with the economy right now. I am so nervous and I've watched my 401K lose almost $10K in the past month. China has about $1.3T invested in US Dollar but many suspect they're getting twitchy about the delcine of the dollar. Meanwhile, the spending continues. I read an article that basically states that the Chinese workers have basically been propping up Americans for years to live beyond our means, while they defer things like plumbing, roads, and heating improvements in their own country. They are living below their wealth and we are living beyond long can it last? I can't wait until we get a President who will actually care about balancing the books. We are heading for catastrophe and all my savings are in jeopardy! I AM STRESSED! GWB IS NOT HELPING MY DIET!

All this and global warming too? Does anyone else feel like we are just a bunch of sitting ducks????
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