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Posted: 01 Jan 2008, 16:26
I guess I'll start. My diet progress was going from 185 to 163 and going from a size 36/38 to a size 32-33 in the waist. My accomplishments---Back in Feburary 07, I could barely run without my chest, back, and knees hurting. I couldn't even make just 2 or 3 blocks. I never was a distance runner as a kid anyways. But still, this year I kept at it. I'd run a block then walk the rest of the way, then later 2 or 3 blocks then walk, etc. Until I could actually run 1 mile. Then I wanted to try 2 miles. It took some time but I did it. Then I found out about charity 5k (3 miles)events but I kept chickening out of trying. Then one day I just said what the heck? So I signed up, and in a matter of minutes, the next thing you know I'm at the starting line with close to 1000 folk of all walks of life and shape. The start gun goes off and there I go. It didn't matter how far or how fast I went. It was just pure adrenaline rush to actually run with that many people. And I did it! I made the whole course without stopping in about 26/27 mins. and found out I was in the top third of finishers. Not only that, a week later there was another event and I did that one too. So two 5k events in one month! And that was just this past December.

So share your stories. I'm sure they are just as encouragingCool
"Junk food is one of those phenomenons where it taste good to the tongue, but once it gets in the stomach all hell breaks loose!"

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Posted: 01 Jan 2008, 16:38
when i started back in june 2007, i had made the decision of droppin some weight..i started out walkin inside in a health building, as i didnt want anyone seeing me that time i weighed in at 375..i walked 5 days a week for half hour, then for 45 min, then an the days went by, i wanted to work up a sweat, so the pounds would come off..i didnt notice the pounds comin off, but the inches did..i started out with a size 52 pants..i finally got brave enough to walk around town..i now walk 2 miles every morning that the temp isnt below 25..every day of the week..and then i go to the gym to lift of jan 1, 2008 im down to 332 and my pants size is 46..yes they are tight, but only for a few weeks..if i can drop off the weight, then anyone can...all it takes is that desire that you want to take your life back and that you want to be fit again..ive learned to change my eating habits, and i have learned that exercising is a daily i have to agree with pking, that this is something that anyone can do ..its just a matter of settin your mind to it...and going from ther...
just remember that nobody, I mean NOBODY, is looking out for your health, except for YOU !!!!!!


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Posted: 01 Jan 2008, 22:40
I had my first child on December 28th, 2007. The highest weight I reached during my pregnancy was 278. Six weeks after my pregnancy, I was down (down?) to 232. Slowly but surely, bad food habits and lack of sleep and activity persisted me back up to 250. My ankles were so tender I couldn't balance to put on my shoes (or pants). I also fell twice with my newborn son. I was so stiff in the mornings I had to walk sideways down the stairs in my house. None of my shoes fit me, and my clothes--forget about it! I've had an engagement ring "stuck" on my finger for over a year. A lifelong runner, I couldn't run at all and had to start by walking.

Around the end of July I started Jenny Craig. Since then, I've lost over 55 lbs. I'm over halfway done with my goal, and the difference in my life is hard to quanitify better than mundane examples. So here goes: My shoes fit again. So do many of my clothes, and some are loose. My ring still won't come off, but very soon... I can run for half an hour contiguously again, and do an hour of hot yoga, actually enjoying it. My ankles are now strong enough to balance at the airport (with a 24 lb baby in a bjorn) to replace one UGG while holding the other one after security checksSmile

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Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 02:55
How lovely it is to start a New Year without a Resolution List that starts with WEIGHT LOSS!

I started fatsecret at 143lbs, 19%bodyfat, size TIGHT 6. I set a new weight loss goal recently SO I am now 127lbs, 14.3% bodyfat, a size 3/4.


My body, when left alone, loves to camp out at 138-142. Because I carry weight pretty isn't an ungodly weight. Now that I have finally broken through the 135-133 barrier and I am in the 120's...something I didn't think I could healthily do....I can't imagine going back to the weight I have spent most of my life.

I have enough lean muscle to slack off without that huge fluxuation of water weight that sent me obsessively weighing myself and punishing myself with guilt, etc. I also see that I can tighten up even more and get that body fat just takes dedication. a MIRACLE exercise for fat loss. This comes from a woman who HATED running. I played basketball all my life and just didn't understand why anyone would want to run without makin git a game with a ball and an utterly BORING! Now I can't imagine a week without running 5-6 days.

Weight lifting has also pushed me over the plateau. T-Tapp was a wonderful first start in building lean body mass. It is a fabulous workout. I actually do many moves in between sets. T-Tapp only took me so far...about 17%bodyfat. A very simple weight lifting routine of 2 exercises for bi's, 2 for tri's, 2 for abs, 2 for front of legs and 2 for the back, 2 for shoulders, and 2 for chest...sprinkled throughout 3 days during the week pushed me to the 16%bodyfat range. Doing less reps and working on more weight is where I am now and I am at 14.3% and still pushing for a little more.

Lastly, the eating tactic that finally worked for me was eating right but more importantly, just eating less. I consciously just started putting less on my plate...I wasn't hungry...I didn't need that plate full like I was trained to think was a meal. If I was favorite snack was and IS sliced red bell pepper wrapped in lean turkey breast from Costco. AND a golden remedy for water retention and staying hydrated is the cran water from the fat flush plan. 8oz of pure cranberry in a 64oz container filling the rest with water. I don't even have PMS fat days anymore.

SO THAT is what works for me. I hope it helps some of you also reach your goal.

I am celebrating with a boob job tomorrow. I lost them breastfeeding 2 children and I want them back! lol! I think I earned it!

In the wise words of Teresa Tapp, "YES YOU CAN!"

"Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field....I'll meet you there."
- Rumi

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Posted: 02 Jan 2008, 08:49
I have been dieting my entire life! I made a stupid joke last year about deciding to never diet again, and just go for the, I actually ended up gaining 25 pounds (not on purpose, but because of my subconcious) so now, I'm up from my normal 175+ to 212 and rising.
my doctor actually told me at 180 that if I gained 20 pounds he would reccomend me for gastric bypass!!
but, now I'm actually a candidate.
So!!! New Year -- New ME
I'm Fat Smashing and pshyched to see what I look like as a skinny minnie!

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