OneFunGuy's Journal, 20 January 2018

Ive been so bad ate heavy carbs today, so now Im gonna be good and enjoy this salad. Have been attempting keto again but still having trouble with balancing the low carbs against my goals. Work in progress...

Diet Calendar Entries for 20 January 2018:
1904 kcal Fat: 64.76g | Prot: 107.43g | Carb: 234.16g.   Breakfast: Muscle Milk Light Chocolate Protein Shake, Whole Wheat Pancakes, EAS Lean 15 Protein Powder - Chocolate Fudge. Lunch: Loompya Lumpia, Jollibee Pancit Palabok, Thai Kitchen Spicy Thai Chili Sauce, Cooked Mung Beans, Chicken Breast. Dinner: Lettuce Salad with Assorted Vegetables (Including Tomatoes and/or Carrots). more...
4001 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sleeping - 7 hours, Walking (slow) - 2/mph - 1 hour, Driving - 1 hour and 6 minutes, Cooking - 1 hour, Housework - 1 hour, Sitting - 10 hours, Resting - 2 hours and 54 minutes. more...
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HI random question, but how do you post a photo on this paage? 
21 Jan 18 by member: Wilpena
Great looking salad!  
21 Jan 18 by member: olgalissotova
You definitely have a good plan imo... when I began on Jan. 7th I decided to just begin to incorporate low carb choices, since my holidays were saturated in very high carb food intake also I didnt want to put myself in that flu like symptoms that you may encounter of completely cutting down on carbs. I after around a week decided to begin keto 20 or less carbs daily and it has worked for keto flu and energy is high appetite low... you are on the right path continue to research and chart all your intake...then you will know just when you can commit completely to begin keto and feeling great:) 
21 Jan 18 by member: maxie4
That's a real struggle for a lot of us I think. But keep at you will get there! ........that's a good question I was wondering the same!  
21 Jan 18 by member: sherilynn15
Agree low carbs is the key, it makes your body use your stored fat for energy, thus Resulting in weight loss!  
21 Jan 18 by member: 8Patty
With these comments your getting I don't think anyone has read your journal! 500cals a day with only juicing and you basically starved yourself to lose 20lbs in one month and your talking about how you feel light headed and your bodies always hurting and your only relief is through and your driving around like that and your still juicing.Now on your post you say I went carb crazy and I'm going to enjoy this salad...Ya your brain is telling you to eat some real food fool! 500cals a day on Juice.I pity the damage your doing to your organs. I heard it all now. 
21 Jan 18 by member: murphthesurf
Any "diet" is a struggle. I have learned that you have to find the WOE that enables you to achieve your goals. without feeling like you're giving up your favorite foods, and realize that this is how you must eat for the rest of your life. I did shakes, juicing, and many others "diets" that require the purchasing of special foods. They all work, but can you sustain it for the rest of your life? I could not. Low carb is the best for me because I can eat the things I love and can follow this lifelong. I no longer look at it as a diet. I just have to find different recipes for the things I love that are not low in carbs(pizza, waffles, pancakes......), record what I eat, watch my carbs, get enough protein, and fat. All my life I have gone up and down because I have been "dieting". It's time to change that way of thinking. Find something that you can embrace and throw yourself behind. It's all about perspective. 
21 Jan 18 by member: terriquinn
Here we go! with the bleeding heart sagas""it's his woe"" your post talks about you eating I get that.I see you didn't read his journal either. That's the problem no one wants to take any responsibly for the other person.He"s 100% juicing,500cals a day loss 20lbs in one month"" you tell me if that's healthy"" complains of being light headed, complains of body cramps and then he'll fast and go back to juicing.Ya I put myself out there but aleast I'm not on side line.This is beyond bad,it's wrong and before he kills himself and God forbid passes out behind the wheel and kills an innocent family. 500cals a day juicing & fasting for a grown man, just don't compute! 
21 Jan 18 by member: murphthesurf
@Murphthesurf... I think we are on the same page. Juicing is not sustainable for long-term success, nor is 500 calories. I thought I was telling him that he needed to find a WOE for him that works, instead of what he is doing. Perhaps I was not clear. 
21 Jan 18 by member: terriquinn
Wow, I am constantly surprised by comments I see on this site. If you look at eating right and exercising as a sacrifice you will always be fighting it. It is not about losing weight, that is simply a symptom related to getting healthy through behavior changes. Read the success stories of people who have sustained improvements over 5 - 10 or 20 years. No quick fixes, just hard work and a total makeover in their thinking. The reward is not the number on the scale, its being fit and strong and healthy.  
21 Jan 18 by member: Athensgym
Agreed Athensgym! 
21 Jan 18 by member: terriquinn
terriquinn, now we're on the same page, on your first post you said he could sustain that woe as a life style, wrong that's what got me going again.He's danger to himself and others! My wife Bunny she's been an RN and has her bachelor & masters in nursing etc. l said could you read this guy's journal and tell me what you think.She was appalled she said that poor man did damage to his brain,organs,bones that he doesn't realize yet and went off with medical terms that made me gringe.she said his brain & organs are being eaten from within for the proteins it needs to survive and prolong use ends..starting with dementia to organ failure thus creating cardiac arrest.She comes across this at the hospital where people had very low cal intake or fasted to long and ended up at the hospital and some would die there. She said a very good example of this was Mary Carpenter of the Carpenters. All their money couldn't save her...she juiced & fasted herself to death.I don't usually involve her with this site but this was something important and I wanted her feedback.So whatever damage you to yourself it's done so hopefully you'll stop this nonsense and come aboard with the rest of and moan about gaining 1lb and cheering about losing 3lbs Seriously people do care about you. 
21 Jan 18 by member: murphthesurf
Forgot to mention Bunny has the Medical Field! 
21 Jan 18 by member: murphthesurf
Well this is one lesson learned.....  
21 Jan 18 by member: maxie4
@murphthesurf I never said he could sustain that WOE......I said he needed to find one and proceeded to share. I keep reading my comment and do not understand where you got that impression. I am beginning to regret sharing at all...  
21 Jan 18 by member: terriquinn
This reads like the neutral form of well I couldn't do it but if you can afford it fine. Your guote...I did shakes,juicing and many other diets that requires the purchasing of special food.They all work but can you sustain it for the rest of your life.I could not. talking about side lining, was that a way of not getting your feet wet by saying""they all work"" gives him the impression that it's ok to lose 20lbs a month or maybe more...I'm trying to send him a strong message! and I don't want wishie washie remarks.If you think or any body else thinks what he is doing is safe then his is on your hands and somebody else's that he may kill from behind the wheel! 
21 Jan 18 by member: murphthesurf
There seems to be some concerning comments here. Let me clarify as to shed some light. When I posted initially I ran the course for about 9-10 weeks. Its about marking milestones for me. Yes it was hard and whatever is perceived about what I went through during the juice fast/low carb/500 calories is done with. I think despite how I felt during, the fast weight loss period has enabled me to feel healthier and give my body a rest from the over consumption it was use to. Thanksgiving and Christmas came around and have done some refeed/refuel on the carbs and upped my caloric intake accordingly. Suffice to say I have not been lightheaded or dizzy as a result. I've felt guilty for not continuing a trend as I've fluctuated, and ate more, but will work to post more frequent updates. January came around and for me it's about finding a daily routine that does work. I'm not hyper obsessed or unreasonable about dropping unsustainable amounts of weight, but more so finding a balance. I've had to tweek the plan, eat more eggs, jerky, chicken, steak, cheese, and yes carbs too. On another note, I do have a family and responsibilities so I manage myself according to living in a society and community with others with which I am also responsible for existing with, sharing with, and having consideration for. Thanks for the concern, encouragement and support FS community. I can't wait to share my next success with you. 
21 Jan 18 by member: OneFunGuy
@8Patty yes it does..... @OneFunGuy your salad looks soooo good.  
21 Jan 18 by member: Retta Smith
Well that's all fine but you shouldn't be so dramatic in your post and 20lbs in a month isn't good at all you did some damage to yourself, know way around that.Glad to hear your going to be responsible on your journey.your family needs you and society will be safe. It's over with can't wait to hear about your progress as time goes by. ps. no disrespect meant just watching out for you. 
21 Jan 18 by member: murphthesurf
.... the salad looks delicious :) 
21 Jan 18 by member: cherik1


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