DollfaceChills's Journal, 16 October 2017

So it's my official first day on Atkins. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast and a taco bowl (ground beef, lettuce, sour cream, cheese, hot sauce) for lunch. It's 5:00 and I'm not hungry, but I'm just so used to eating, allll the time. I honestly don't know what to do instead. Eating has not only become a habit, but a pastime for me. I eat when I'm bored, sad, happy, excited, stressed, watching tv, reading, literally allll the time. Any tips?
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Have you had bullet proof coffee yet? 
16 Oct 17 by member: Mayer8808
Keep water around at all times! sip water or tea instead of eating when bored, pick up a hobby like sudoku or something to stay busy and from boredom eating. Also chewing gum helps me... I was a bored baker, my kids and family probably miss all of the treats I used to make. It's been over a month of eating keto and I don't miss the sweets anymore, so I might make them some treats this week. 
16 Oct 17 by member: mamamc7
Mamamc7: Thank you for the water tip! I just filled a huge stainless steel thermos w water and have it by my side.  
16 Oct 17 by member: DollfaceChills
Mayer8808: Nope! Enlighten me please! 
16 Oct 17 by member: DollfaceChills
How much water do you drink a day? I drink about 3 to 4 liters a day, and it really helps. Also, when you get home from work eat your snack or chug some water in your kitchen, but when your done, just go in your room, or in the living room, and watch tv or do a workout or something. This is usually the time where I do homework but do whatever you can to occupy your mind and keep it off food. 
16 Oct 17 by member: jacksmith123
yes water is great at keeping you full and helping you eat less when you do eat! 
16 Oct 17 by member: jovigirl47
I add lemon too and it helped me get through today, my first day of dieting ever! 
16 Oct 17 by member: sprtmm
Walk the dog, drink water, stand up and dust a table, chew gum, say a prayer, call a friend, check the mail... 
16 Oct 17 by member: ApacheTiger37
Also find a snack that is low calorie or low carb for when you are really needing one chew slower. Mine lately has been 94% fat free pop corn. Your diet may have something different. My friend does air popped. Another friend does nuts or seeds. 
16 Oct 17 by member: mylahxandermom
pickles are a great snack, also unsweetened almond milk with low carb protein powder and coffee with half and half. The less carbs, the less cravings. Challenges keep it interesting! 
16 Oct 17 by member: FloridaAngel
Things I keep around: grated Parmesan cheese, pork rinds, pickles (sour - yum), celery with whipped cream cheese (not TOO much though), burnt bacon (yeah, I know, sounds terrible). 
16 Oct 17 by member: From371to184
pork rinds are also a 0 carb snack and they come in different flavors.  
16 Oct 17 by member: mabeeper
I chew gum or ice if I'm really hungry and shouldn't be eating. 
16 Oct 17 by member: JeanneSolack
Find foods that make you feel satisfied, then you won't be looking for snacks. My favorites: Macadamia nuts, Mascarpone cheese, triple cream brie, and pecans.  
16 Oct 17 by member: gz9gjg
When doing Atkins if you can do intermittent fasting you'll have great results! Typically, only eat between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., for example. Good luck!! 
16 Oct 17 by member: Bezzie71
Time for cross-stitch, chainmaille or some casual games on Pogo! When I stopped eating, cooking, worrying about eating, shopping, etc, it really did give me lots of time.  
16 Oct 17 by member: bexa raven
Eat some like veggies or low calorie popcorn when your Hungary cause your brain will think you're eating a lot because you continuelsy are picking up one after the other but it will be healthy 
16 Oct 17 by member: junie123
when u go to get something to eat get some water instead it works  
16 Oct 17 by member: Barb Mickles
Also hot tea.... You can get teas that have flavors that appeal to you. I like citrus and mint teas, also ginger. Especially this time of year, a hot cup of tea can be really satisfying.  
16 Oct 17 by member: Hermiones Mom
I tend to get busy and clean house, or rearrange something, or work on a project I'd been putting off - it fills the time :) 
17 Oct 17 by member: BluRaven


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