DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 29 August 2017

I survived day 1 of this crazy idea that I of all people can follow a plan. Do you have any clue how many times I have said.. today is the day! Well I did that AGAIN yesterday and I survived. I did not eat the twizzlers. I did inhale the smell of the twizzlers. I was totally a twizzler sniffer. I did not eat them though. Sure my kids now all think I've gone insane but lets face it they probably thought that before the twizzler sniffing.

In other news... I have pumpkin snack cakes in my desk. I forgot I had pumpkin snack cakes in my drawer. I ran to the store on Friday over lunch after having to skip breakfast to pick up lunch and a couple things. I get to the store where I get a call from someone who is upset and sad and I live 700 miles away and I'm not able to do much of anything other than keep chanting.. It will be ok. It will work out. Good things will happen. Meanwhile.. I'm chucking chips, snack cakes, candy, Chinese food from the deli, .. and I forgot what else into the cart. Because even though I hope it will all work out. I can't be sure it will and if it doesn't then it's going to be very sad for everyone. Fast forward to this morning. Guess who found pumpkin snack cakes? Everything else I had taken home Friday night but those were mine. All pumpkin bliss and creamy sugary goodness mine. They are still.... mine. They are in my drawer laughing at me. I am laughing back because I have not yet given into them. I did mark yesterday on the calendar with a big ol green checkmark, way to go sticker, and glitter. Ok no I didn't use glitter glitter. I should have though. Unfortunately when I asked the admin for glitter she gave me a weird.. REALLY?? look. Do managers not get glitter rights? WTF???

Today will be another big old green checkmark that I am following advice I got from a book. I am working out. I am eating right. I am not eating forgotten snack cakes. I am drinking an obscene amount of water and speed walking myself to the bathroom every 10 minutes. Because I.... am going to get my body back even if I have to become a crazy green glitter making calendar marking weirdo.

Diet Calendar Entry for 29 August 2017:
2125 kcal Activities & Exercise: Fitbit - 24 hours. more...

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Hit the Dollar Store and buy that Green glitter marker!!! No don't grab the crappy stale snacks they have a plethora of around the counter. Maybe get a Red flaming glitter marker too, just to remind yourself not too give in to temptation. 
29 Aug 17 by member: jeannieselby
A good day 
30 Aug 17 by member: minitata
I've found when I am really tempted and not in a good place, the best place that I can put terrible snacks is in the trash can -- open the snacks (if they are individually wrapped or in packaging) and dump them. Push them down under something nasty. You should be really not tempted at this point to touch them. If you still live on the farm, there is always some good manure around or perhaps a pond that you can feed the fish. #hopingforbetterdaysforyou 
31 Aug 17 by member: MightyFull
Go you!!!! Your post made me smile. I like the attitude :D 
10 Sep 17 by member: Rindaloo


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