DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 28 August 2017

I want candy. I want big giant bowls of everything candy, cake, dessert, and .. sweet things. I want everything that is sweet. Do you know what is a horrible terrible idea? It starts when a wonderful person sends you a dieting book to read, then the advice makes sense, you've followed this advice before with wonderful results, and then.. you declare that tomorrow is going to be the day that you start this amazing journey into healthy living, slimmer jeans, more energy, and hopefully will end in me having the body I had before the tiny humans I gave birth to came along with all their twizzlers, oreos, and ice cream. Yes.. they came with these things. They must have because every time I turn around one of them has these things even though I don't remember ever putting these things into the shopping cart.

Do you know what makes this an even more awesome horrible terrible idea? It's the week that I REALLY crave these things. I mean really really crave. It's the type of craving that would make me take a bite of the toddlers twizzler after asking him "What's that??" and he turns his head only to look back and yell "HEY!!" because half his twizzler magically disappeared. Those things happen. We may have pixies.. or something living in the house. No one can prove how these things happen.

So here I am... diving into the deep end of look at my healthy lifestyle. See all the fabulous things I won't eat because I love myself and all that other motivational healthy crap! Ok.. I'm only... 16.5 hours into this new dedication to my new healthy living blah blah blah. I would just like to say.. for the record. I want candy. I will not eat candy. I will not eat candy. Ok.. I might. I've tried and failed a million times before. That being said. I want candy but I will not have candy. Even if the candy belongs to a toddler and does not really count because it's in his hand and not mine and my hands never touch the candy. It was the pixies.

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Aww ..will comment properly tomoz as Just back home after 700 mile drive today.. You want candy I want crisps and crackers But we both want to be healthier, happier and in a smaller size jeans and are learning these things as our NEW CRAVINGS We can do it 👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗 
28 Aug 17 by member: poppycom
I wanted candy today . . . I ate it and I feel like CRAP!!!! Don't do it! You can make this change and you'll be proud when you do say no to the candy. Show it who's boss! 
28 Aug 17 by member: mickfan1
Can you eat bacon? LOL on kids coming with candy! 
28 Aug 17 by member: T8U9
Higher healthy fats make the sugar cravings less...or not! 
28 Aug 17 by member: HCB
Eat fruit instead. I eat a lot of apples.  
28 Aug 17 by member: Jipper500
brush your teeth ! everytime I get a craving for sweets I brush my teeth and it almost always solves the problem ... sometimes I brush them many times a day because nothing tastes good after brushed teeth (maybe minty gum would have a similar effect?) Your sweets are equal to my wine. on days I work out over 30 mins I allow myself one glass of wine. motivation motivation motivation  
28 Aug 17 by member: Vmartens14
Carrots! They are crunchy.  
28 Aug 17 by member: Courageous Crocus
Lol that is hilarious! I am going to use that on my kiddos!lol 
28 Aug 17 by member: mommyhilaman
@ Ches, it was the pixies my buddy, not the alien, this is our mistake. @ DFW I usually do what Vmartens14 said, not only for candies, it helps me on fasting :-) 
28 Aug 17 by member: april761
When I get a sweet tooth I grab those small packets of Justin vanilla flavored almond butter and to me it taste like candy. There's also chocolate hazelnut and maple flavor by Justin's . I get them at Target by the peanut butter aisle. They are expensive but you get the sweetness, protein you need and plus you feel great avoiding those awesome candy bars. It takes a few minutes after you eat the packet to rid the cravings. I so love sweets too and it is a everyday battle and got to get through it.. 
29 Aug 17 by member: jdeuster
We've all been there. Sweets aren't my problem but eating whole bags of salty chips are. My best advice would be go to YouTube and find tasty substitutes. Someone will be on there with healthy recipes for whatever you crave. Good luck! 
29 Aug 17 by member: Dancefit
The beginning was the hardest for me/ getting off snacks with empty carbs and calories. But eventually you find a way to stock your kitchen with foods you love that support weight management. In the beginning I blew a wad and splurged on gourmet items that were low carb to help with what you are going through- fine cheeses, pricey pickles, hollandaise sauce, cured meats like Coppa and prosciutto, bacon, ripe avocados, mascarpone to mix up little truffle balls with no carb sweetener, the list goes on. A few times when the cravings were horrible, I ate whipped cream with no carb sweetener. It was a process but it's SO worth it to kick the sweets. Focus on the crazy/yummy things you CAN eat. Cheers. 
29 Aug 17 by member: Bluecoaster
Also--Try Lily's gourmet chocolate sweetened with stevia & erythritol/ yum!!! No sugar but you can't tell. I eat it frequently and it doesn't stall me. 😊 
29 Aug 17 by member: Bluecoaster
Fruits are amazing you can use them to substitute the sweets . Try frozen grapes,berries, bananas, watermelon,peaches ... 🍑🍉🍌🍒🍓🍇 they're Sooo sweet and healthy 😉 
29 Aug 17 by member: abir.aycha.20
Girl I feel ya. One day at a time, you can do this! 
30 Aug 17 by member: Song of Grace


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