CalorieKiller's Journal, 07 December 2007

I'm such a twit. I set off the alarm at 11PM tonight because I got the jitters. I keep hearing some sort of clanging out in our back yard and then my husband had to leave to drive my MIL home so I set all 12 levels (ok, I'm exaggerating) of the alarm and then I went to get myself a glass of water and set it off. I'm sure the neighbors adore me. Apparently my husband has made an enemy at work out of some guy who needs to be fired. And, the guy is an ex-cop so of course I'm having these fantasies that he starts stalking us and comes for retribution. Honestly, the guy sounds like a completely low-integrity prick. He has been failing at his job for months and had all these warnings and finally he leaves without a word and says he's going on short term disabilty leave. What he didn't realize is that if you are having performance problems and you do that, the company doesn't pay you while you're on leave. This guy thought he'd leave work for 12 weeks and search for another job while collecting a paycheck. My husband's job was to report that he is not eligible for pay and now the guy is all irate and threatening lawyers, blah blah blah. It's Microsoft so I'm sure he think's he's entitled to a piece of the pie. I absolutely cannot stand low-integrity people. I'm trying to hope for him that whatever bitterness in his life makes him spread around ugliness and want something for nothing dissipates. He's causing so much extra work for my husband with all this nonsense that he's been late home every night this week.

I wish right now we could just have the "Donald" step in and say YOU'RE FIRED. Asshole.

Sorry, usually try not to swear but this was an exceptional moment where it was warranted.

What does this have to do with dieting? Nothing except that it is on my mind and I figured I'd burn off the negative energy by writing about it instead of finding something to gnaw on. Today was ok. I followed 100%, except I skipped a fat serving/dessert so that I could have a couple cups of popcorn during my movie. Exercise was 1 hour of hot yoga.

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Sheesh, sounds scary. Is your husband home with you at night? It would be nerve-wracking to be home alone with those kind of circumstances. Do you really think the guy would target your husband? It's a good thing you have home security. We don't even lock our doors, and my mother -in-law just loves to tell us stories about axe-weilding mad hitch-hikers looking for people to chop up. Lovely. No wonder all her kids are basket cases, LOL. Just kidding. Well, I hope these circumstances are resolved soon so you and your husband can relax. I know how stress of one partner's work can affect everything else. Good luck with dealing, I know it can be hard not to turn to food for comfort, but you've come too far to give up now. I know you will come out of this ok. You seem like a strong person. My fingers are crossed for this guy to totally get kicked off the island! Take care.  
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