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My name is Karla Parsons and I have been on every diet on earth.
My average size when I was a teenager was an 8 or a 9, but it kind of kept creeping up after I got married at age 20.
I used to eat whatever and never cared to count calories, because I thought no matter what I would always be somewhat overweight.
My highest non-pregnant weight ever was 165.
That was the beginning of dieting for me when I realized my size 10 pants had rolls doubling over the side!
I have been on detox flings, Atkins, South Beach, GI diet, Suzanne Sommer's diet plan(food combining..did not work AT ALL!!I actually gained on that diet without cheating!),Slimfast, very low calorie diet(read: semi-starvation!), Potatoes not Prozac diet(no sugar other than fruit! ever! and very little of that),grapefruit diet and Special K diet.
Any very restrictive diet eventually backfired, sending me into the world of hardcore dieting-binging cycle.
Honestly, no diet has "cured" me of my compulsive eating, although I have lost 30 pounds.
I am still tracking what I am eating, but am trying a non-diet approach. It is going to be a long journey to get away from the dieting minset. I am now doing what is known as Intuitive Eating. It is superscary because I am so used to having hard and fast rules. But I want complete freedom form my bingey eating and deit insanity. I want to be a size two, but is it worth my whole life? I think not. That being said, I can't completely quit dieting cold turkey. I am still going to weight regularly nad track calories.
But I am working on being non-judgemental about my decisons about food. Food is not a moral issue. Food is Food. It is not inherently bad or good.
This is going to be a long process to recover from years of dieting, but I pray I will make it through on the other side and finally be free from both food and body anxieties. Any support is welcome and appreciated.

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Food Calendar Summary
Yep, just click on Enter Food, then under where calories are listed it says Food Preferences, you can change it there.
posted 12 Jul 2008, 08:57
Just For Fun
I found a blog on the Website Never Hungry Always Hungry about, Spaghetti Language, or the weird thing we say either in our sleep or when half awake. It was so hilarious, I wanted to see if anyone here had any good ones to share that either you have said or have heard someone else say.
Mine aren't great but I have a couple.
My friend Naomi having a night terror at a sleepover whjen we were kids,

My sister when woken up for school, "I'm too tired to be reeeeal..."
My husband often swears or laughs loudly in his sleep and it's common to hear bits and peices like "pull that truck over here," or "It's stuck in the mud!"
He's at work so much he dreams about it all the time!
Boring I know..
I'm sure ya'll have some funnier ones. I'm going to find that website and tell you some of those or post a link to it, they were so funny I was laughing my head off, and it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, especially at a tv or computer.
posted 10 Jul 2008, 12:59
Sniffosmelliocity: The state of craving foods because it's there and smells good, not out of hunger.
I made that up off the top of my head.
Aren't I brilliant? ok not so much.
Here's one my sister coined when she was two:
Deckon: anything distasteful or gross, sticky or messy.
posted 10 Jul 2008, 12:50
Word Association
posted 08 Jul 2008, 20:01
Remembering things that make you Happy
Playing in mud puddles and not caring
Dancing with my two year old
Kickboxing to the song Kung Fu Fighting
Relaxing with yoga
Sex on a regular basis!(hard when you have an overworked husband and a hyperactive toddler!)
A good hair day
New shoes
A clean house that smells good
A good movie, a cuddle and some popcorn to share
72 degrees and a gentle breeze
Slobbery two year old kisses
posted 04 Jul 2008, 19:21
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