CalorieKiller's Journal, 06 December 2007

Damn. Damn. Damn. I don't know WHAT just happened but I just ate 2 pieces of leftover pizza that were in the fridge from my husband's dinner the other night. When I started this diet I was so focused and intense that I didn't get tempted even when there was bad stuff around. That's definitely changed. I'm finding myslef more and more wanting to nibble, pick, and today I slipped completely. Now I have to skip dinner and a fat serving and I'm still way over for calories for the day. And, if I felt like slacking off my workout now I'm going to have to do it just to break even. That's it. I've got to sweep the house for temptations because obviously my iron will is starting to bend a bit. I just hope that this little indiscretion doesn't show up on the scale. The worst thing is that now I just feel all gassy and heart-burney and gross. The pizza wasn't even that good. Damn the pizza industry and all things that include cheese. Damn delicious yeasty bread. I renounce you! I figure that sounds like some good old-fashioned Catholic banishment.

Now if I could just get an exorcism on my fridge...
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At least you are thinking in terms of countering the damage, rather than continuing. I think that's important. If you go over a little here, subtract a little there or do a little more exercise. Maybe it won't show up on the scale, who knows. Two pieces isn't that much.. Sounds like a good plan to me. Sorry you don't feel good! Dang pizza..;) 
06 Dec 07 by member: Lotus
Did you heat the pizza up? Ok ok...that's probably not a helpful question, huh? I love polish hot dogs and that's one urge I've been resisting in full strength... until yesterday!!! Oh well! THAT was yesterday!! today i'm suffering from amnesia and haven't the slightest clue as to why I feel a little blaoted and swollen! LOL  
07 Dec 07 by member: BadAndee
Don't beat yourself up - two slices of pizza isn't the end of the world, and at least you've had a good reminder of how bad you feel when you eat unhealthy food! I think a bad day every now and again actually helps - something to do with giving your metabolism a boost. Clearly I don't have any scientific evidence to back this up, but it certainly makes me feel better!! ;) Now, step away for the fridge... 
07 Dec 07 by member: Lucybell33
No, I didn't heat the pizza up. I ate it cold like some sort of desperate food criminal. Yes, it was a low moment but I don't think it's going to kill me for the week. The only good thing about weighing this much is you absorb extra calories better. That, and requiring less water to fill my bath. 
08 Dec 07 by member: CalorieKiller
LOL I love cold pizza! Especially for breakfast! 
08 Dec 07 by member: Lotus
hey there ..i have an idea I acually got from my mom on ways to alter cravings or picking .. it was that if you see that pizza or that candy bar or what ever you weakness may be picture ants or your least favorite type of bug on it ..and then you wont be hungry anymore or want it --it worked for us i hope it would work for you too [[just an idea]]!!! good luck hun !! your doing great so far !! 
09 Dec 07 by member: crazzyrok


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