HerStrawberri's Journal, 21 September 2011

**first part is NOT diet related** RAYOR (ReadATYourOwnRisk)=)

Happy Wednesday! At least I hope it's happy for all of you. It's not really a happy one for me, but I'm trying really hard to stay positive.

Stress is rearing it's ugly head once again. We have exactly 7 days to finish getting my dads room ready and moving around furniture to accomodate his stuff, I have a huge 8 chapter test I have to study for within those 7 days, I also have an english and math test, AND my little baby junior kitty is going in to get fixed and front declaw tomorrow. =( =(

Now, I don't believe in getting cats declawed. I have seen many documentaries on what happens to the kitties paws and I just never wanted to do that to my cat. Fast fwd to my dad coming. My dad is a cranky old man who bitches about everything. Some of the furniture he needs to have in our apartment is leather. I don't want my little baby to put nail holes in his stuff or scratch his stuff. He doesn't really do it to our stuff, but he IS a cat and well i don't want to listen to my dad bitch. my GF thinks it's time anyway. My baby DID scratch up this old couch we used to have and I got an earfull because I didn't want him to get declawed. SOOooo anyway, he is getting delcawed and I got out voted. The place we are going uses a laser and promised me that his littel paws will be ok. ( yess i called and asked many questions) ( yes, I do realize this is a CAT, but he is my BABY)

Anyway, that is what is going on with me. I'm upset because every cat I have taken in for a surgery has almost died. SOOoo, I'm a little stressed.

I'm still at 304. Hopefully tomorrow I will see a drop. Tryng to eat more. Stress makes me not wanna eat at all.

BIO is going to be the death of me. if I make it through this 8 chapter test and PASS I will be shocked. I'm just NOT retaining and I don't know why. =(

Ok, class is starting soon. Will prob add more later.

Ok, I'm back. I need to write because I'm upset and stressed out. This is my outlet so if you don't wanna read about my stress then stop now.

My math class totally sucked. I just can't focus. I just wanna go home and go to bed. My head hurts so freaking bad. being all stressed out isn't helping. I'm trying so hard to NOT be stressed, but I think that's making it worse.

To top it off, I look horribly fat today. YES, I know I AM fat, but I was feeling better about myself and the dreaded mirror. Today I could barely look into it. I even made myself look cute today. Didn't help. I just want to put my hair up in a pony, put on my yoga pants and a big sweatshirt and go to sleep. with my little baby junior kitty. =(

I am so freaking bi-polar. =( One day I'm all happy and I love the world and the next day I hate everything. I'm trying so HARD to stay positive today. I have 5 more hours of school. 4 of those in the dreaded BIO. YAY ME.

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Have you heard of Soft Paws? They're little nail covers that you glue to the kitty's claws. It would be a monthly thing but then you wouldn't have to get them declawed. One of my friend's uses them on both of her cats and has no problems with them. 
21 Sep 11 by member: kziemianski
Thats if the cat leaves the soft paws on. I have a friend whos cat will literally sit and chew them off just hours after they are on. I do not agree with de-claw for the reasons Dawn has stated BUT that being said I do think it is better than being forced to give up the baby! 
21 Sep 11 by member: pixidaisy
Dawn, I used to work for a veterinarian, and I have assisted in a lot of declaw procedures. I used to be vehemently against declawing of any kind, but after learning a bit more and perhaps growing a little older I think it is ok under certain conditions. The first one is the cat HAS to be young, under a year old. The claws are very soft then and the procedure, done properly, allows them to heal quickly and comfortably. My two kittens were ready to play the next day. My other cat is not declawed but she was trained to use a scratching post and she only goes there to scratch. If you have time to train, go for this option. The second criteria is that it must be FRONT ONLY done by a competent veterinarian, in many states the declaws are done by Certified Vet Techs under the supervision of a vet. The view I hold overall is that if a cat will get a loving forever home if it is front declawed, then I am for it. I have volunteered at animal shelters and so many cats need homes, it really is an option to consider. Hope this helps ease your mind a little. PM me if you want more info. Now GO STUDY GIRL!!!  
21 Sep 11 by member: AuntieJan
Didn't I read somewhere that there something you can spray on the furniture that discourages them from clawing it?  
21 Sep 11 by member: BuffyBear
Well now i feel WORSE because my baby is not under a year old! I'm totally going to cry like a baby when he goes in tomorrow. i think that is what is stressing me out the most right now. When we got him, he was horribly abused. His whiskers were burned and he was under weight and it was horrible. We bonded right away. I really think he thinks I'm his literal mama. I taught him how to eat and drink out of a bowl and held him ALl the time. maybe I shouldn't have help him as much as i did, but he was so scared and his little whiskers were burned FREAKIN OFF!!!!!!!!! He is also very small for his age. He curls up on my chest like a baby and if i don't hold him at least once a day he screams. He also does this little crying thing now, because I'm gone at school. i will come home and get on the computer and he will come by me and do his littl ecry noises and it breaks my heart. I KNOW he is only a cat, but he is so special to me. With me being such a sensitive freak, it's killing me that he is going to go through more pain. I just know he is going to hate me when he comes home. ::sigh:: I'm just NOT happy about this. Anyway, thank you all for the suggestions and info. We have tried the anti scratch spary and it doesn't work. Those nail cover things don't work either. At least for him. I guess I'm just gonna have to put on my big girl britches and suck it up. YUCK. I just got out of my Algebra class and ...yeah.....I'm totally lost. luckily my GF is a wiz at math and will help me. I think I'm not able to focus real well today. My migraine is still here and it's sucking the life out of me.  
21 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I'm sorry to hear about your kitty :( In the end I'm sure he'll be ok though! Hope your head ache goes away too! 
21 Sep 11 by member: tntmom87
I'm sorry you are having a rough day.  
21 Sep 11 by member: MrsTofu
Lots of love, sweetheart. I totally understand how your little baby junior kitty is your angel... my old lady is 15, now, and the orneriest cat EVER. The other night she tried to fake my suicide by scratching a line across my wrist! But she's my more precious treasure, and I love her. I'm not a huge fan of declawing, or dog de-barking, as a rule, but I understand you're in a sh1tty situation, and I'm sure Junior will be A-OK. xx 
21 Sep 11 by member: ferlengheti
Maybe your lack of retention has something to do with the fact that you aren't eating properly. It's a thought. I am sending all my good vibes to your kitty in hopes that everything will go fine. 
22 Sep 11 by member: XPrettyXFaceX


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