HerStrawberri's Journal, 23 September 2011

Home sick today. I have a terrible cold. I WAS going to go to school but my GF put her foot down and so here I am. I totally think I could of made it through, but she thinks I'm getting worse and that I need rest. I have a huge week next week with my dad coming and a bunch of school crap so I guess I'm resting today. BUT I'm going to do stuff around the house. I feel bad just laying around when i could be doing stuff so....that's what I'm going to do. I hate being sick. =( I knew it was going to happen too, this stupid girl was hacking all over me a week ago...I kept trying to move away from her but it seemed like she was moving with me. Coughing and sneezing ALL OVER ME. I was totally grossed out AND thinking I'm SO getting sick. AND here it is. Stupid coughing girl.

I'm still at 304. I was bascially force fed soup last night. My Gf got really mad at me because I didn't want the soup. I eventually gave in and even had some bread with it. Didn't do anything to me AND it was good. AND it made her happy so it was a win all around. I guess this won't be the week for the big 299. LOL. I swear it's taking me a month to lose 6 freaking lbs! I would prob be at like 290 if you figure in all the extra lbs I have gained and lost. Oh well. I will get there! I'm not upset about it. I think it's funny actually. These are like the 6 lbs that won't ever go away.

We dropped off our little baby last night. I cried on the way to the vet. My little baby junior kitty was so scared. he kept looking at me with these big eyes. i felt so horrible. I know it has to get done, but I still felt like the worst mom. I'm calling today at 2 to see how he is doing. Our other cat had a bad night cuz his brother wasn't here. he was meowing and knocking at our door. THAT made me feel bad too. LOL. I'm gonna be a mess if we are ever blessed with a REAL child.

I'm totally loving this weather. Nice crisp cool days. YAY for FALL!!

I'm TOTALLY addicted to words with friends. I'm not very good at it, YET, as I can't spell worth a crap...but I figure this will help me, BUT I LOVE TO PLAY!! Ok well, that's all for now. I'm on cold meds so I'm a bit chatty. LOL


I'm so sorry you're sick! I'm the say way you are...I hate being idle. There's always something to be done! I LOVE Words with Friends. What's your screename? Mine is the same here, melmi20...let's play! :D 
23 Sep 11 by member: melmi20
I just sent you a request in words with friends. =)  
23 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I had that cold last week, and I also missed a day of school. In the end, it's very much worth it. You do need as much rest as possible. I did the same thing when I had dropped my cat off for the vet when he was a kitten. But I guess I was lucky, because he vet also happened to be my anatomy teacher, so when I got in for class the next day she told me all about him (and how she wanted to steal him from me). I'm sure if you call them later this afternoon that will help your get your mind at ease. I actually just re-downloaded Words with Friends a few days ago. If you're feeling spunky enough to fail with someone, I'm JPsFunkyMojo. I'm TERRIBLE at words games, but it's still fun. Get some rest today, dear. You'll be feeling perfect in a few days time! xxoo 
23 Sep 11 by member: Jpsfunkymojo
Thanks JPS! I'm sure he will be fine. He better be or I just might have to blow up the vets office. LOL. I sent you a game request in words. I totally suck too. =) My cold meds are making me feel pretty ok right now. LOL.  
23 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I have to take my baby in to be fixed and I hate the idea... even though my really good friend is a Vet tech at the clinic and she has promised to give her all kinds of special attention lol so I totally get how you are feeling. What is this words with friends stuff I keep hearing about?? 
23 Sep 11 by member: pixidaisy
Awww! It will be hard, I'm just warning you now. I'm counting down the hours till i can call and make sure he is ok AND the hours until i can pick him up on SAT. The worst part i think was seeing his little eyes so scared. I just kept telling him I loved him, but he can't understand what I'm saying. I know he thinks we left him. LOL. poor baby. Anyway, words with friends is scrabble you play on your phone with your friends who have the game too. You can also play through FB.  
23 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
It's like scrabble, but on your smartphone you can play with anyone. They also have a new game that just came out on Android recently, Hanging with Friends, and it's hangman. Which I find much more interesting...lol 
23 Sep 11 by member: Jpsfunkymojo
I didn't know about hangman!! I will totally DL that! 
23 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I have a crackberry I can't get the app... stupid crackberry... actually stupid RIM because when I got my first phone they guy didn't tell me I was signing a 3 year contract with RIM so I am stuck with Blackberry for another year - and can't update my contract for 2 so... unless BB goes out and my phone company recalls all my phone and gives me a new one... now I am sad. 
23 Sep 11 by member: pixidaisy
hangman!! sweet- I am totally gonna dl that too!! I'm tntmom87 in words with friends if you don't have enough games going already haha Even though you don't want to, try to rest up as much as you can! So you can feel better faster :) Pixi- that sucks! I almost got a BB, I'm kinda glad now that I didn't... 
23 Sep 11 by member: tntmom87
Aww..hope you feel better!  
23 Sep 11 by member: XPrettyXFaceX
Keep eating. Seriously. And maybe just ignore the scale for a couple of weeks if you can. I'll be happy when your kitty is back home with you, too! I'm sure it was a tough decision. At least you did your research. It's done now, don't second guess yourself or your decision and just love, love, love your kitty. Have a great weekend and I hope you feel better FAST. Chicken soup... LOTS of fluid, Emergent C or Airborne, extra zinc for a couple of days... old movies in bed (hahahaha)  
23 Sep 11 by member: redwinelover
I'll take the old movies in bed any day. I'm sick too (too much working I think). No rest for the wicked! lol I play HWF but I'm terrible and only reply once or twice a day if you want to play.  
23 Sep 11 by member: SuperDuper
hi sweetie! hope you're feeling better - i've got a cold as well - sucks! been thinking about you... :) 
24 Sep 11 by member: sophie99
Thank you everyone! Bad sinus infection. =( Feel like total crap. Eating like crap because I don't have the energy to fight with my GF. =) She is giving me juice and all kinds of crap. I guess getting better is more important then hitting 299. LOL. I'm J/king y'all! Getting better IS more important. =) I have a fever, very stuffed up. YUCKY! 
25 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
Feel better soon 
25 Sep 11 by member: Helewis


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