DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 19 September 2018

Ok... I will start off with the positive things and then complain a lot. When I start complaining feel free to stop reading.

Great things are happening. I woke up before my alarm and I didn't try to go back to sleep! Usually I hit snooze 3 or 4 times then slowly trudge out to the barn to do morning chores. Today I got up on my own and stayed up and had enough energy to not regret burying my head into my pillow. Day 3 is off to a great start. Even better.. I accidently missed breakfast. I got so busy and I wasn't starving so when I looked up and noticed the café has closed an hour before I was ok with that. Plus it meant I got to eat my lunch for brunch. Which was delicious. Don't ask me why but I love hamburger cooked in soy sauce with cabbage or Brussel sprouts. It was last nights dinner and todays late breakfast. I will have a salad later after the gym for lunch instead.. when the café reopens for lunch.

I just feel better. 2 whole days with whole foods, no carbage, no sugar, making the decision to eat healthy and do what is best for my health and I can already feel small improvements. Today I am choosing to go to the gym again at lunchtime. I will skip tomorrow since I have a small surgery scheduled at 1 and I know exercise will probably be off the table for 1 to 2 days after that. But I know this and I will make the decision to give my body the time it needs to heal and not feel guilty about it.

Another great thing happened but I can't remember if I talked about it already. I signed up for a spin class on Monday. The instructor is also a co-worker and he spotted me coming from the gym yesterday so he stopped by my office and jokingly asked if I was ready for spin class yet. I think I shocked him when I said Sure! Sign me up. Why not? I'm deciding to live a little and try something new. Granted the instructor is trying to get his body fat under 8%, he wears toe shoes, and I think he drank kool-aide somewhere but it could still be something new that I enjoy doing even though he is known for giving people a hard time. I wonder if I can claim I'm taking the scenic route if he thinks I'm going too slow.

And now the complaining.. why do people with apparently zero nutritional knowledge decide to spread advice and start a motivational company full of well... crap. Do they not realize they are full of crap? Are they so ignorant that they are actually proud of the fact that they eat 12 apples a day. Just apples. All they eat is apples. They compared a grown women trying to lose weight to a growing child and the similar caloric recommendations and talked about how that just showed how ridiculous a 1200-1500 calorie recommendation was. Growing developing child vs.. grownass woman who sits all day trying to lose weight. Why compare those? Why? Then she ridiculed low carb, keto, and eating any dominate food group as a diet. Ok I'm done venting. It's just horrible seeing someone try to spread a love yourself, be healthy, and see healthy as beautiful message. Then talk about eating nothing but apples all day long to stay in a calorie allowance. That was me going insane driving home last night. I think I screamed WHY?? WHY??? STOOOOOOOP! a few dozen times. The guy stuck in traffic next to me seemed entertained though so that's one thing. I did make someone smile even while being loudly horrified stuck on the highway.

Today I am now making the choice to educate myself more so I don't turn into a daft moron who is proud of eating nothing but apples and in the next breath talks about the importance of getting all the nutrients your body needs.

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Stupid person - 12 apples a day - not good. 
19 Sep 18 by member: minitata
I'm glad you're feeling good. Are you doing keto? I'm doing Whole30 with my daughter, no dairy, grains, or sugar for 30 days. I'm hoping after the 30 days to incorporate some dairy and grains back in, but to keep the processed sugary stuff out. I don't know how you could even eat 12 apples a day, I'd never eat apples again. Educating yourself is better, I don't think you'd ever be like the apple lady anyway. 
20 Sep 18 by member: mars2kids
Oh sheesh! Talk about crazy! In some small defense though I calculated my cloric requirements compared to my children's so that I could cook enough but not too much food - I needed 1200 a day, and each child at 50 pounds each needed about 1000 just due to relative activity levels. Sounds like healthy self-care is doing you some good! 
21 Sep 18 by member: abbadabba


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