DairyFarmersWife's Journal, 21 September 2018

There is pecan pie in the cafeteria. WHY is there pecan pie in the cafeteria?? It's not anywhere close to thanksgiving and I'm trying to eat low carbish, no sugarish, whole food, no carbage. I'm pretty sure pecan pie isn't any of those things. So why??? WHY??? Evil cafeteria people. Anyways... I'm resisting by eating cauliflower which in no way resembles pecan pie. I went to the gym too. If it weren't for yesterdays mini melt down I could be a life coach.

Yesterday didn't go so well. I had an appointment at 1 for a minor procedure. Totally normal. Millions of women have had this done. It didn't keep me from waking up a few dozen times after finally falling asleep at midnight then getting up at 5:30. I was exhausted. I was stressed. Afterwards I was sore, I had skipped lunch, and I went home to the place where my tiny demanding humans live. Tiny humans who don't seem to understand the phrases "I don't feel good." "Stop sitting on me." "Just go away." "No I'm not going to get you a glass of water you can get it yourself." I lasted a whole 3 hours of this, started making dinner, and caved. Not badly but I enjoyed some chocolate and some carbage and I said ok.. that's done lets move on.

Today I'm still tired. I still want carbage. My head is killing me. And there is freaking Pecan Pie in the cafeteria. WTF??? Seriously W T F

So onward and downward and all that. Because I am worth flipping off the pecan pie and going to the gym and meditating.. or um.. napping. It all depends on if you count snoring during meditating as actually meditating. Seriously.. how do people just sit there all calm and not fall asleep? My body and mind are totally like "Wait?? you want us to just sit here for 20 minutes??? Screw that babe I'm getting me some sleep." Also... not that normal people are proud of this but it turns out I can totally sleep sitting up! Where was this skill in college??

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You make me laugh. Life can suck, but laughter is a good way to say 'screw you' to the world at large. 
21 Sep 18 by member: LZenn
Too funny, 
21 Sep 18 by member: glen
I hate lack of sleep. Glad your humor survived! 
21 Sep 18 by member: TomLong
It gets better, it really does! We all have been there where your body throws a 2 y/o temper tantrum. But you have a great attitude! This too shall pass:) One of the (many) ways I discovered to cope in the early days is if I need to eat NOW I chose hi protein snacks: cheese, salami, nuts. It slows it down a bit, but not nearly as much as carbage does! 
21 Sep 18 by member: CaerinOReilly
I love you! I'm sitting here laughing--Thanks :) You are doing great! Sometimes you have the cheat days and when is the best time? When you're not feeling your best. You're back on it. Don't feel bad about the sleep. Isn't that the new fad--we all aren't getting enough? LOL. I used to be so proud to last on minimal sleep. Now I'm older I can't get enough and I'm going with the new fad that we need at least 8 hours! haha.  
21 Sep 18 by member: Jillzee00
Wanna hear something weird? I read...I think it was in Dan Harris 10% Happier.....that if you fall asleep trying to meditate that is a sign that you are constipated. I don't know how much truth there is to that but now I am super conscious of it and wonder..... 
21 Sep 18 by member: Officially39
Great post! I never try to mediate longer than 3 minutes. I get real benefits from short mediations. 
22 Sep 18 by member: adefwebserver
Yes, I agree with Jillzee00, loving your journal. And super well done for the Pecan pie (which is now in therapy)....... x  
23 Sep 18 by member: Rindaloo
I just tried a pecan pie Lara bar the other day for breakfast and it actually was pretty good for no sugar. Real pecan pie though, I couldn't do that right now or I'd eat way too much. Good for you for resisting. I hope you got some sleep over the weekend. 
24 Sep 18 by member: mars2kids


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