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I second the Brain Over Binge book because it avoids a lot of the diet craziness out there and you won't get caught up in years of being too focused on eating and weight. Actually, if you aren't purposely restricting your foods, your weight is fine, and your health is good, you're probably just making up for unconscious undereating. But if it concerns you, it's worth looking into it. Just don't assume you're damaged.

BTW, do you mean you eat an EXTRA 3,800- 7,700 calories in a day? Like 5000-10,000 calories in a day? Because that's how much you'd have to eat to gain .5 to 1 kg overnight. Otherwise, it's mostly water retention. And people can sustain a low weight eating that way periodically. Or vice versa. It actually takes 3 years of eating 100 calories less than your body needs to sustain a ten pound weight loss. The body adjusts.
posted 28 Jul 2012, 12:27
I've lost about 30 lbs. (16% of my weight) over the last few years. I didn't cut out fast food. However, I keep raw and cooked frozen veggies and fruit around and I just had half the serving of fast food (half a burrito or half a hamburger and half the fries, or eventually a whole burger but no fries) and half a plate of freggies on many occasions. I put it all on my plate before I start eating and stop eating when the food is gone, or sometimes sooner when I get too full. I put the other food away before I eat so I am not looking at it. Other people's food is theirs, not mine.

I highly encourage you to stop talking about dieting or wanting to lose weight or whether food is healthy or not around your boyfriend. Enjoy every bite of the meals you do eat and find other things to talk about and do with your time. Put food in its place and expand your life! It's what all successful weight loss maintainers end up doing. You can, too, whether your boyfriend is bolstering you or not. In fact, he'll more likely follow after he sees how much more content and vibrant you become.
posted 28 Jul 2012, 12:16
decreasing carb intake
There is a difference between what you might do to lose weight and what you might control if you have an actual health condition. The Italians and French have the lowest average BMI's in Europe and they eat plenty of carbs and not even whole grain. The French eat more dairy than the other Mediterranean countries but have the lowest heart disease rates.

Someone losing weight for a few weeks or months is not a true measure of an eating program's success. It needs 2-5 years before relapse is not likely. And diets cutting out any food group have failed notoriously IN THE LONG RUN. They give a false sense of freedom and set people up for a strong binge cycle.

Learn to eat moderately of the non-sweet foods you enjoy the most at meals a few times a day. Save sweets for special occasions a few times a week or month. It's a great life. (nosdiet.com- free and not my site)
posted 28 Jul 2012, 12:01
Cant keep weight off!!!
I recommend against weighing at all, but I know you won't follow that advice.

Weigh every day and average once a week, or use a site like physics.com that will average your weight every day. Overall trends are much more important that daily fluctuations.

It doesn't take all day to plan some good meals and get in some exercise. Do that and get your attention into the rest of your life and off the scale. If you eat good meals, quit snacking and exercise moderately and consistently, you'll reach the weight right for you with less pain, especially if you concentrate on expanding your life beyond food and weight. Now go get 'em!
posted 25 Mar 2012, 10:04
Weight Gain and working out
I weigh only 4 weeks a year at the beginning of each season. I weigh for one week and find the average. If you must use the scale, weigh every day and average once a week. Your weight is a moving target anyway, so this is actually more accurate.

I've also read that, though I don't know if this is true, fat cells that have had the fat burned out of them can fill with water and retain it for periods of time. When the water finally flushes out, the person can have a weight drop, though it's not fat.

Whatever you do, do only what it seems like you could do forever. It's better to adopt the lifestyle that you're going to keep than be too strict, let it go, and regain. It's less important what you weigh three months from now than two years from now.
posted 25 Mar 2012, 09:58
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26 August 2012

I'm just going to leave my weight as is. I only weigh officially every three months. I've been fairly good about my plan, better in the last few days. ...
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24 March 2012

Yeah, baby! got into my normal BMI range this month, as of the first day of spring. Won't weigh in again until the first day of summer.
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