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09 October 2015

TGIF!! And I have a long weekend, so no work Monday. Working for the state may not pay a lot, but I do get days like Columbus Day off. :) I already have plans that pack my Monday though, so it will be busy, but that's okay. There are things I need to get done and have been putting off. I'm in charge of our office Christmas Party so I'm going to go see the location we're having it at this year, get a haircut, do some homework, get some fall cleaning done inside and outside, maybe get the dog to the vet, and get some blood work done that I was supposed to have done a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight I'll be getting some of my cleaning done because my hubby's family is coming over tomorrow. Of course that will mean that there will be a lot of junk food around which is hard for me to resist. I'm going to see about getting a veggie tray or something a little more healthy though, then at least I won't be eating as much junk food. My hubby already said he wants to get pizza for everyone, and I just battled with frozen pizza the other day and now it will be take out pizza which is even harder. I guess I just have to try to do my best and get some movement in when I can too.

I've been getting my workouts in this week, but I may not get it done tonight. My son has to meet with his Boy Scout troop tonight to deliver bags for Scouting for Food. If I have to take him and go with a group of boys for that then I won't have a workout, but I may get a good walk in delivering bags. Tomorrow morning they pick bags up, and again I'm not sure if I'm just dropping him off or taking a group to pick up bags, so we'll see. I'm looking at it as an opportunity for some walking though if they need help taking kids around, and it's for a good cause.

Well, I need to get to work, so I can get this Friday done! I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!!

08 October 2015

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. Hopefully I'll get more peaceful sleep tonight. I had lots of crazy dreams last night that probably mean I didn't get good sleep.

I did get my workout in yesterday and I should get one in after work today too. My eating has been okay, but I keep going over my RDI. I have been eating more fruits and veggies and a lot less junk so I'm happy with that. It's mainly dinners that are the killer for me. Having a family of picky eaters makes it hard to cook anything healthy that they will eat. This week I gave my kids 2 nights of what they wanted and the other nights are going to be healthier foods and they seem a little more open to things when I'm not just pushing them into it cold turkey. Maybe I can slowly get them to eat more healthy dinners. I also need to find something else for myself to eat on pizza night or other junk food days, and tell myself it's okay if I don't eat what they're having. I know if I just don't get started eating the junk then I will have an easier time with moderation. Last night we had pizza and I stuck to the serving size I had already recorded and then ate a salad, but I really wanted more pizza, it was a struggle. But when everyone else was done, I put the leftovers away so the temptation was gone. If I wouldn't have eaten any pizza and just had a chicken salad or something I think the struggle wouldn't have been as bad. Next time we do pizza I'm going to experiment and try to eat something else and see how it goes.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!

07 October 2015

What is up with all these cookies??!! There are more cookies in the office today for someone's birthday and they are my favorite from this particular place, frosted sugar cookies. Ugh. It will be another test of my will power, but I'm going to do my best to resist them yet again. Is someone testing me? Is there a hidden camera somewhere and someone is going to pop out if I grab a cookie? I've looked at them and smelled them, but that's as far as it goes. I know I can allow myself treats once in a while, but I know this weekend we're going to see some family out of town so there will probably be some junk food and eating out, and I'd way rather treat myself a little then than eat a cookie now. I have to feel like I'm in control and not eating a cookie is how I'm going to do that today. :)

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!

06 October 2015

There are still cookies in the office, but they are almost gone and I resisted yesterday so I know I can resist today. I have my food all planned, so hopefully I can stick to the plan, which doesn't include cookies. We're already having an unhealthy dinner of pigs in a blanket tonight because we let the kids pick a couple of nights this week. They tend to not complain as much if we let them have a night or 2 of something they want. If I can plan it out and stick to moderation I'm sure I'll be okay.

Yesterday I was tired all day because I didn't sleep well, so no workout and I was wanting to nod off on the couch all night. I got some laundry folded after dinner, then just zoned out to the TV. I slept better last night, so hopefully I'll be ready for a workout after work, then finish up a paper for one of my classes after dinner. It would be great if I could fit a walk in too, but the paper has to come first and we'll see if I have time after that.

Not much else new today. Have a great Tuesday!!

05 October 2015

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