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24 October 2014

I wasn't able to get on here yesterday. I was on an interview panel all day yesterday, which was interesting because I've never done that before, but it was a long day. I learned a lot. But the better thing that happened yesterday was that I became an aunt again!! My new niece was born yesterday morning, so we went to see her last night. She's just adorable, of course. :) We'll probably go see them again when they go home because the kids couldn't go to the hospital and they want to meet her.

So yesterday was a bust for diet and exercise. Today I'm planning to do better with my eating and get some exercise in after work. We'll see how it goes, but that's the plan. Tomorrow my hubby and son are going to a college football game so my daughter and I are going shopping and doing a girls day. I told her she needs to give me ideas for Christmas. I have no clue this year for my kids. My son always says he wants Legos and plastic green army men, he has thousands of both, so we'll see what else we find. My daughter never really has much that she wants, just maybe craft stuff, so it will be like pulling teeth to get her to give me ideas, but I'm going to try. Christmas will be here before we know it.

I hope everyone has a great day and a great weekend!!
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22 October 2014

Day 2 of my plan didn't go as well as day one, but I didn't do horrible. I ended up not having to help with the fundraiser because there were already a couple of moms there and they told me I could go home. So, I went home and went for a 2 mile run/walk. Someone was looking out for me yesterday. :) I haven't gone for a run in a while and it felt good to be outside, pushing myself. I'm doing a running program and it was supposed to be walk a minute, run a minute, but the program doesn't tell you when it's been a minute, so I walked through a song and ran through a song since I was listening to Pandora and that worked well. I'll build my speed and distance back up eventually, but for now I just want to get back to things at an easy pace.

My eating yesterday wasn't horrible. I did eat a piece of coconut cake at work. One of the ladies made it homemade and she dished up pieces for everyone, so it was hard to resist when it was already sitting on my desk. So, I skipped my other snacks and ate that cake, but that's okay. I did resist eating any other bad things though. I wanted chocolate, but I didn't eat it, it was a hard battle but I won. :)

Today, we'll see how it goes. We have an appointment for my son with the eye doctor this afternoon. He's got a spot on his eye that he's had since he was probably 2 and our regular doctor has finally said to get it checked out to be sure it's nothing to worry about. Before she said it was fine, so it's a little nerve racking that she wants us to see someone for it, but I'm praying that it's nothing. I took the afternoon off work for the appointment, so if all goes well I'll be able to get a workout in after the appointment. Fingers crossed! :)

I hope everyone has a great day!!
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21 October 2014

Well I'm up and I knew I would be, I haven't weighed in for over a month because I've been scared. Now at least I have a starting point to get back on track. I think for me the best motivator right now is my pants being tight because I refuse to go buy new ones, well unless they were a smaller size.

Day one of my plan went well, I ate what I planned at work and got some exercise in. During my exercise I could feel how out of shape I've become and I felt pretty pathetic, but I felt good that I was doing something about it instead of just sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself. We'll see how day two goes. There are already temptations at the office, so I'm just going to try to stay strong and not give in to them. For me, even taking a small piece of cake or half a donut leads to then eating some candy, then going and picking up fast food for lunch, etc, etc, etc. So I will try to do well. Tonight I'm working with my daughter for a fundraiser for her DC trip with school. We have to wipe down tables at a fast food restaurant for an hour. Unfortunately that doesn't give me much time to exercise, but I'm going to try to do something after we get home.

Well, here goes nothing! Have a great Tuesday!!
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20 October 2014

I keep saying that I'm going to get back on track, and then I just don't. I need to figure out how to get going again. I bought myself some good foods for the week and I'm hoping I can stick with eating well and exercising, but it seems like I get busy, then push the exercise and eating well to the side. Just because I'm busy doesn't mean I need to eat a candy bar or cookies or go out for fast food. Stress doesn't have to make me lose control. I need to take the control back!

Here's the plan for the week: stick to eating what I bring to work, only eat one helping of dinner, no crazy night time snacking, and exercise at least 3 days a week for at least 30 mins. That plan isn't hard, I've done it before. My pants are all getting tight, so it's time to make a change because I refuse to have to buy bigger pants! I'm in a challenge that you are supposed to weigh every day, so I think I'll start doing that tomorrow. I'm so scared of what the scale will say, but I need the reality check.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying on track!!

08 October 2014

I did a 30 minute workout last night and it kicked my butt! Wow, I'm out of shape! I haven't done a workout in probably about a month and I can tell. That workout would have been nothing a few months ago when I was exercising at least 3 times per week, but now it hurt. I guess that means I really need to get back to it. Hopefully I'll have time to get a quick workout in tonight too.

Yesterday some evil person brought cookies into the office. Cookies! I had everything planned out, then the cookies showed up and I caved. I have no will power when it comes to sweets. Today, there are no cookies in sight, so hopefully I can stick to the plan. I need to just get back into the healthy eating routine and then it's easier to resist those devilish things that are brought into the office.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

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