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24 November 2015

23 November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I love Thanksgiving, just the time with family to relax and enjoy the food and company is great. There always ends up being some tension somewhere along the line, but usually not too bad. It's a short week this week for me, so I'm definitely thankful for that. :)

I had a great weekend and it really geared me up for the week. I spent time with a great friend, watched one of our favorite movies, went to a craft fair with my daughter, shopped a bit with both my kids, got the few outdoor Christmas decorations put up, and finished a test in one of my classes. I didn't eat the best or get exercise in over the weekend, which is the only bad thing about it, but I did try to keep my snacking to a minimum and walked around quite a bit. I'm hoping that with the long weekend coming up I may find some motivation to exercise, but this cold weather always puts me in a funk where I just want to snuggle under a blanket and not move until spring. I know if I get up and going I'll enjoy it, I just have to find the want to do it again.

I also need to get back to a good eating routine. I need to stop eating junk and second helpings and mindfully eat my food. Thanksgiving is usually a bad time for that, but I don't typically eat too much then amazingly. But, if we take any leftover pie home that's where I'll do poorly. I am thinking I will try to drop off any leftover pie at work for the weekend shift before we even get home. We're doing a dinner on Thanksgiving, then one on Saturday, so I'll have my fill of yummy foods and desserts and I don't need leftovers.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!!

20 November 2015

TGIF!! I hope everyone is feeling as happy as I am that it's Friday! I've been busy at work and it's felt like a week full of Monday's and I'm busy at home too, so I'm ready for the weekend to get here. Not that I won't be busy then too, but at least I'll get to have some fun. :)

Tomorrow my daughter and I were going to babysit our nieces with my SIL, but then we found out the in-laws were only bringing 1 of the 3 and they are taking her with them to the craft show they're doing. So, instead of traveling all the way to the craft show (an extra hour on top of the hour to babysit already), we're just going to wait and see them at Christmas. They're people who try to make it difficult to see them and then try to make you feel bad about it, but I'm over it. I can't rearrange my life at the last minute to see them. So instead of doing that my daughter and I are going to a local craft fair, which has become tradition for us, and then shopping for Christmas concert outfits for both kids. Then later that night I'm going to a movie with a friend that I only see a couple of times per year, so I'm really looking forward to that. Sunday will just be my grocery, laundry, homework, and general catch up day. Maybe I'll even manage to get some exercise in this weekend too. I need it, and haven't been doing it, so if I would at least get something done on the weekend it's better than nothing.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving next week and I'm not stressing about the food too much. I have a stomach condition and if I overeat I'll be completely miserable, so luckily when I'm with family away from home I don't tend to overdo it. If I'm at home that's a completely different story unfortunately and I've been overeating a lot lately and my stomach has been hurting. You'd think my stomach feeling terrible would be enough for me to quit doing it, but I haven't changed my ways yet. My goal through the holidays though is to keep recording as much as I can and hopefully that will help keep me in check.

Well, I've rambled on enough. That's what happens when you don't journal for a week. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

13 November 2015

I'm so glad it's Friday, but it's going to be a loooonnnngggg day. I'm the only office person working today. There will be some other people in and out, but it will mainly just be me in the office. Hopefully I'll be able to get some things done that I normally wouldn't with the interruptions of the office and the day will end up going by quickly.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. My hubby and I are going Christmas shopping out of town and then having a night out. We're just going to go out for dinner then lose a little money at a casino, nothing too crazy, but it will just be fun to have a night away. Hopefully we'll get some good shopping done too so we'll be almost finished. When your kids get older it seems harder and harder to shop for them. My daughter wants "fun" things, but when we ask her what she wants it's shoes and clothes, then on Christmas she always says she's bored. My son is a Star Wars nut (so am I), so he's easy to shop for this year, that stuff is everywhere!

On the eating front, I did a little better yesterday, but I had a couple of slip ups. Today I have all of my food and I can't leave the office, so I wouldn't be able to grab fast food or anything, but there is a lot of chocolate here, so hopefully I keep myself so busy that I don't want to eat it.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!!

12 November 2015

This week has been stressful and emotional so far, I'm glad it's almost the weekend. The funeral for my supervisor who passed away was on Tuesday and that was hard. I'm so glad all my co-workers went too and we were able to share a good cry together. I usually hold back my tears, but I didn't at the funeral and I'm glad I let it out. It was a very sad day, but it has just brought up so many good things about him that have put a smile on people's faces, we're all better for having known him.

Work has been hectic with helping plan some things for the funeral and then just busy on top of that. I did get Christmas party invites sent out, so that is another thing marked off my to-do list. Now, work is slowing down toward the end of the week, but tomorrow after noon (possibly all day) I'll be the only one in the office, so that will be boring but will hopefully keep me busy and make the day fly by.

I have been eating terribly and not exercising. I have been using about every spare minute to work on my classes, so I'm not too mad at myself for not exercising, but I would like to make time for it and get my mind to want to do it again. I have no excuse for not eating well though. I tell myself I'm going to eat well, then I overeat or skip my fruits and veggies and go for chocolate or chips. It's just been bad. I know that a lot of my issue now is my stressed brain telling me too eat the junk and I'm giving in. This weekend my hubby and I are going out of town and even though we'll be doing a lot of walking, we'll also be eating out, so I'm going to try to make reasonable choices and not go overboard. I will get back on track, I just hope I don't gain 10 lbs before that happens.

I hope everyone has had a great week so far!

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