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05 January 2018

By the end of yesterday I was feeling much better mentally, and I feel like the day was good with exercise and eating. Today, we'll see. I woke up with a terrible headache, one that makes me dizzy and nauseated, so no workout. I'm going to try to keep my eating under control, feeling nauseated doesn't help, I always want carb-y foods, not veggies when I feel like this. I packed healthy snacks and lunch for today, but we're supposed to have a coffee & cake party for a person who was promoted, so I'm going to try to resist, or eat a sliver of cake. It's hard because there aren't many of us, so they always push the cake at me and notice if I didn't eat it, oh peer pressure. The other thing that could hinder me today is that I'm supposed to go out to dinner with some friends that I haven't seen in forever. We'll see how the headache is after work though. If I do go out I'm going to scan the menu beforehand for something healthy so I'm prepared. Tomorrow is a late office Christmas party, so we're going to that for dinner. I should be okay to choose some healthier options, I just have to limit the dessert or not have any. If I can get my workout done tomorrow that will help too.

Here's hoping that this annoying headache goes away quickly and with some over-the-counter meds. I hope everyone has a great Friday!!

04 January 2018

I am feeling blah today. I woke up and did my workout and even upped my weight for most of the moves to the 8 lbs from 5, so I'm happy for that, but after my workout I got a text from my mom that my dad had fallen out of bed. This happens about every other week and is nothing serious, it's just because of his stroke. I always feel bad because my husband is the one who ends up going to help because he's strong enough to help my dad up. We're the only family in town, so we're the ones who help. It doesn't bother me or my husband to help my dad, I just hate that these falls happen so often. My dad kind of stopped caring about trying to gain strength, and only sits at his computer or in his chair all day. When he first had his stroke he was really focused on trying to walk through the house assisted with his cane, and someone would have to be nearby, and he used to get out and want to do things. Now he's just waiting for the day that another stroke comes to take him away. It just frustrates me and makes me sad for him. My mom doesn't know what to do. She tried to keep getting him out or having him do exercises at home, but he just won't and yells at her if she pushes him to do something. Again, just frustrated and sad about the situation. I can see his perspective, and my dad has never been a positive person, I just wish he'd want to get stronger.

Anyway, this has all made me think about what I want for my future. I have a higher chance of having a stroke myself someday because of all of the family history, but that doesn't mean I'm going to dwell on that. My focus is going to be on getting healthy so that if I do have something happen someday I can recover the best I can because I'll already be strong, mentally and physically. I can get stronger so that I can help my dad up, and show him that if I can work on myself, he can too. My kids will grow up with positivity and I will never give up.

03 January 2018

I tried to come up with every excuse this morning not to workout. I'm tired, my throat hurts a little, my legs are sore, blah, blah, blah... But, I made myself get up and get dressed, and even then I was still trying to convince myself to go back to bed. Before I listened to that voice I did my workout. I knew if I didn't do it this morning, I wouldn't do it at all. I am stronger than that little devil on my shoulder. And after a couple of days of eating healthier and having exercised, I did better in my workout this morning and though I'm still a bit sleepy, I feel good that I accomplished something.

Do I want to cheat on my eating plan, do I want to sleep in and not workout? Right now, yes, but with persistence, commitment, and positivity I will change my thinking. I will want to eat healthy and be okay to occasionally have things not on my plan, and I will wake up because I'm ready to take on my workout.

I hope everyone else has had at least one win today too!

02 January 2018

Happy New Year! I hope the new year is starting well for everyone. I'm going into 2018 with a positive attitude and hope for good health this year. I've decided that instead of weight only goals, I'm going to do some milestone goals for my strength. I want to be able to do 20 push-ups in a row, I want to be able to use my 10 lb weights for a whole workout, and I want to be able to run a full mile without getting winded. Those are not amazingly hard goals, and some people can already do all of that, but I've lost a lot of my mental and physical strength over the last couple of years. Once I can achieve those goals, I'm going to set other goals. I figure if I keep working out and eating right, those things will help me lose weight anyway, or at least be comfortable in my own skin, so the number on the scale doesn't matter that much.

I'm going to give myself a couple of months for the above goals, except for the running, I may have to wait until it warms up a bit to try that one out. If I don't achieve them I will keep working until I do. So far 2018 is off to a healthy start for me, hopefully I can keep that going.

01 January 2018

Weigh-in: 148.8 lb lost so far: 0 lb still to go: 13.8 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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