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19 March 2015

I ended up not going for a walk yesterday because by the time I left work my head was pounding and I was dizzy. On top of that my mom was bringing her dog over because we are dog sitting while she visits my dad through the weekend. This morning I still have a headache, my ears feel like they could burst, I'm having bouts of dizziness, and I'm tired. I just can't win with this junk. I think I'm going to tell the doctor I want to try the steroid, hopefully it will help. I really wanted to avoid it if possible, but I think it's time to give in.

I guess right now all I can do is keep trying to eat better. When I don't feel good all I want to do is gorge myself on junk food. I don't know where I picked up this habit because I never did this as a child, but somewhere along the line being sick meant eating junk. If I want to get rid of some of this weight I have to start eating better and I know that, so I have to slap my hands when I reach for junk and avoid the drive thrus. Last night I was thinking that it would just be easier to pack the kids in the car and run through a drive thru for dinner because I just couldn't make myself cook, but we had left overs instead, so I won that battle. I know I can be strong, but it's hard to stay strong when you feel like crap.

I hope everyone is having a healthy week. Have a great day!

18 March 2015

I'm feeling a little better today, so hopefully I'm finally on the mend. I have a busy weekend ahead, so I need to get better. My dad is coming for a visit on Saturday and I'm going to visit some friends Saturday evening, so no time to be sick. :) Friday evening after work I'm going to pick up some produce from a co-op. One of the ladies at work has done it the last few weeks and she loves it, so I figured it would be a good chance to maybe try something new and get my fruits and veggies. It costs around $20, and you get 6 different fruits and 6 different veggies, so I figure it would cost me that much to go buy all of that at the store. We'll see, I'm kind of excited to go pick it up.

I'm going to try to go for a walk tonight. It's going to be cool out, but I think a short walk would be good, get some fresh air and get my body going. I don't think I can handle a run yet, but I need to do something.

Not much else going on in my world today. Have a great Wednesday!

17 March 2015

Happy St. Patrick's day! I don't really celebrate it, but I'm wearing green anyway. :)

I'm still sick. I tried to get a hold of the doctor yesterday, but still haven't heard back. I've been on antibiotics since Thursday and I'm still feeling horrible. It stinks because I haven't been able to enjoy the nice weather, it was in the 80's here the last couple of days and I didn't even want the sunlight in the house because I've had a headache. I need to get rid of this junk quickly! I'm sick of being sick.

Needless to say that with not feeling good I haven't been exercising and I haven't been eating well. My hubby bought us bikes the other day but I get tired and feverish just walking around the house so I'm holding off on any bike rides for now. I really want to get better so I can get back to running too. Okay I need to stop whining and just focus on doing what I can to get better. I've been taking OTC meds, a prescription nasal spray, and antibiotics and I'm not getting better, so I don't know what to do other than just wait it out.

I hope that everyone is doing well and feeling healthy today! :)

13 March 2015

Spring fever is not supposed to be literal. I stayed home from work and luckily already had a doctor appointment yesterday. I have sinus and ear infection, yuck. I still am not feeling great today but I'm going to work. I have things to do and at least my job isn't very strenuous and I can go home early if I need to. This has really put a damper on my running. My head feels like it could explode at any second and if I tried to run I'd probably get so dizzy I wouldn't make it home, or I'd start throwing up, and I just don't think that would be a good idea. I'm on meds so hopefully by tomorrow I can at least go out for a walk or something. I have to stop gaining weight and I know if I exercise that will at least put the brakes on the gain.

My kids went with my mom to visit my dad today. They'll be gone until Sunday, so I should have some good rest time. Tonight I'm going to watch a couple of movies that I can't watch when they're around (I love scary movies) and just spend some quality time with the dogs since my hubby will be working and try to clear out my sinuses. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

11 March 2015

I finished my first week of couch to 5K yesterday! Yay me! I did this program last year and it really helped me to get into running without hurting myself, so I'm going to stick with it again. I thought about not taking a day off from running since it's going to be super nice out again this evening, but I need to take a day between runs. Last night my legs really hurt and my joints were yelling at me while I was out, so I know that day off will help. Tonight I'm going to do some yoga to try to get stretched out, then hopefully a run tomorrow will happen.

I ate a little over my RDI yesterday, but I feel like I didn't do horrible with the foods I chose. I know I could have done worse, because I have in the past. I'm really trying to work on not eating junk in the evening. I have that craving monster that hits at midday and at about 8 p.m., and I have to learn to get past it without feeding it. I am mastering that midday craving, but the nighttime is hard.

I've got my day mostly planned out, so there shouldn't be too many surprises. I have a moster of a headache today though because I think I have a sinus infection (again), luckily I already had a doctor appointment set up for tomorrow, so hopefully if the headache turns migraine or there is an infection I can get some relief.

I hope everyone is having a great Hump Day!!

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