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27 March 2014

Good morning!

So the Fat Loss Evil Demons decided to have me gain a kilo today. Sure, why not?

I did good, though. I was at an 1100 calorie deficit yesterday, with all macros requirements met, so I'm not sure what that's all about?

Maybe it's the ridiculous amount of meat I had for dinner? I don't know.

It doesn't really matter, though. I know that I did good. Everything is under control, and it's just a matter of moving forward. Which I am.


Yesterday was great.

I woke up late, slept a few extra hours on purpose, and when I got up, I decided to go work out at the other gym, about 80 minutes bus ride away. I only had a few minutes to get going, so it was all kinda rushed.

I made it on time, though, and I had a great workout there, talked to the owner, talked to some of the people there and got to do a little advertising for my new company and hopefully got to spread the word about my classes a little bit.

While working out, a text came in from Wife. "Mind if I take you out for dinner tonight?". Why, no, of course I don't. As long as I know where we're going so I can prepare. Fortunately this was still in the morning and I hadn't had any food, so I could easily adjust my plans and make it all work out.

As I said, all weightloss/calorie/macro criteria were met at the end of the day.

Dinner ended up being a ridiculous amount of VERY deliscious BBQ ribs, and one tiny potato. Meat, meat, meat.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE eating like this? :)


Things are REALLY clearing up in regards to my leaving my old job.

The details on everything are cranked out, and I will go sign papers today. I have some nice pay checks coming the next coming months.

This month (payout Monday, the March payout) will be a regular one. Then, end of April will see an almost double pay because of vacation compensation being paid out. Since I have been on long term sick leave, I haven't been able to take my vacation time, and this is paid out. I have 4-5 weeks sitting there waiting, to be paid out.

Then the May payout will be a normal one, and the June one - the final one - will also see the compensation for tort. This will be somewhere between double and triple pay. Not bad.

The very best thing is that I can no FINALLY start teaching, and FINALLY start working on my own thing. I can do what I want.


Today, I will go talk to the gym owner again. We're prepping an "open house" thing at the new gym - the one further away. I want to be in on the advertising there, hoping to get some clients to join so I can start up my weight loss classes there.

I will also call a lot of people from my waiting list for the local classes. I want to get everything started up ASAP. It's been idle for WAY too long.

Today is GO!


I will probably spend a little of the day building a small, temporary website. I have asked Daughter (since she is a graphics/web designer) to do a proper one, but I also know she's a busy lady. I will make a temporary one, just for the time being.

Also, I'm gonna talk to a good friend who has a printing business about getting some t-shirts printed with my website and slogan. I'm gonna be my own poster 24/7. I don't think there is a much better way to advertise.

I've been thinking long and hard about slogans, and I really like the one I have come up with.

"When is it gonna be the last time that you're gonna lose weight?".

I'm hoping it will make people think. I'm hoping that it will make people realize that by going with me and my system, they will be equipped to make it the final weight loss journey.

What do you think?


So, today I have plenty to do.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A good night's sleep, though I'm up early with Wife. I don't want to get into the habit of sleeping later than her. I like our mornings, it's when we get to see more of each other these days.
- Coffee!
- Freedom! I can finally start up my business!

Have a great Thursday! Life is good!
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26 March 2014

Weigh-in: 200.4 lb lost so far: 141.3 lb still to go: 13.0 lb Diet followed 100%

25 March 2014

Good morning!

I slept great - and a little longer than usual!

I was up at 6:30 - three hours later than usual. I usually get up and send Wife off to work. That requires us to wake up at 3:30.

So, I feel pretty good this morning.

The weight is UP, but it isn't a biggie. I'm up one pound, and this is most likely due to a heavy dinner. I only had 1900 calories yesterday, and burned 3200, so there is a fat loss whether it shows on the scale today or not. It doesn't matter. I'll even have a nice, large bar of chocolate with nuts! It's all in there.

Actually, the chocolate helps me get my fat intake up, along with me not being too low in calories. This is what I love about IIFYM and weight loss.

I know I haven't seen GREAT results with it yet, but that is simply due to me not doing it right. I know EXACTLY where the problem lies, and it's being fixed.

The problem has been the candies. Just like so many other here, I am DEFINITELY having a hard time keeping my hands out of the candy jar.

I like that I can incorporate some, or just leave it alone, eating this way.

I get to eat "normal food" and don't have to avoid all the good stuff.


Today, I'm having a nice, large whole wheat pita with ham for lunch. I'm having SKYR to bump up my protein intake for afternoon snacks, chicken breast in tomato sauce with basmati rice for dinner.


I feel that I am doing much better in general. I can tell that I still drop down in a hole, mentally, now and then, but it's all getting better. I'm sure it will all settle once I am fully done with my former job. We're still working out papers on my release from the, this is negotiated with the union, who wants me to get the best deal possible. It takes a little while, and I have to be patient. It's hard, though.

It's nice to know that there are people looking out for me there.


So, today I have no real plans.

I'm gonna do a long walk, I think. It looks like the weather is gonna be amazing, and I feel like I could use some fresh air and some time to just clear my mind.

I'm very confident that I am heading in the right direction now, though, and it's all gonna get better and better day by day.


I had a great workout yesterday. I actually LOWERED the weight on most machines, to try something out. I wanted to make sure that I used proper form on ALL the machines, and I could tell a difference.

I read a little line somewhere in a blog, and it struck a chord with me.

"Don't lift with your ego".

Basically, make sure you lift as heavy as you absolutely can WITH GOOD FORM, but don't push so hard on the weights that you can't do things properly.

It's very tempting to lift TOO heavy, simply because it's fun! I know I am guilty of that sometime. I like pushing myself, and this is something that I can see that I could do without noticing.

So, I took a step back, and what do you know - I did a few extra reps on all the machines and it was equally hard, but with much better form. I feel just as "used" and exhausted afterwards and it's all good.

I'm certain that I will soon be able to up the weight again, but with good form, and see actual progress.

I haven't seen progress since surgery, so this will be very welcome. Mind you, the surgery and recovery is OBVIOUSLY progress, just not on the weight lifted.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Feeling better.
- Sleeping better.
- Morning Coffee.
- Wife.

Have a great day! Life is good!
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24 March 2014

Hello there!

Sorry I'm late.

I took the weekend off, away from FatSecret, away from calorie counting, away from everything except the family. No band, nothing.

It was great.

I came out of it alive, having gained a mere 100g, and this is fine.


I feel that I am rejuvinated. I feel energized and ready to go.

I know I haven't met my macros over the weekend, but I'm pretty certain that I didn't go over my allowed calories. The weigh-in is fine - particularily for a Monday. :)


Today, I slept late. I didn't get much sleep through the night, or if I did it wasn't quality sleep. I woke up tired, and turned around and slept a couple of hours extra.

Wife told me that I had "jitters" or "trembles" in my legs throughout the night, and that I have had that for a couple of days. I'm not sure what that's all about?!

I haven't noticed it myself, so I suppose I am sleeping when it happens. I don't know. I'll have to look that up and see what's going on.


I'm on track on the diet.

Everything is planned out today. A kilo of SKYR, some whole grain müsly as a topping. Fruits. Whole wheat lasagna for dinner, and a large protein bar as an evening snack. I'm hitting all the macros perfectly. I couldn't be happier.

This should give me the energy to make it though the day, and the building blocks for my body to work properly after the workout this morning.

Speaking of calories and macros. I came across
this article. Intersting reading, and something to remember for those who do NOT track calories or macros.

I can completely relate to the guy who wrote the article.


Today is a short journal. I'm writing late, and time flies and I gotta go pick up Wife at the train station.

Just wanted to touch base. I'll probably write more and better tomorrow.

Life is good! :)

Weigh-in: 201.9 lb lost so far: 139.8 lb still to go: 14.6 lb Diet followed reasonably well

21 March 2014

Good morning!

Wow. It's a completely different head space I am in this morning, compared to the last several months. MONTHS.

I didn't sleep much last night, if any. Fitbit says I slept less than three hours, but I don't mind. It was a different kind of "being awake". I spent the most of the night smiling. :)


Before I start telling about it all, I'd like to send this little greeting to my old boss:

The meeting about my departure from my day job was yesterday. I was there with a representative from the union, and the representative that takes care of my interests from work.

We mutually agreed that I did NOT need to be in the meeting, as those things tend to get ugly and there will be a lot of mud slinging, that I don't need to be a part of.

But we did have a pre-meeting, to get the last details right, and for me and the negotiator to get to know each other a little better.

Damn. He is FIERCE, and he knows his stuff.

So, they go to the meeting, and it takes a LONG time. A LOOOONG time. We're talking 2½ hours! I can't help but be more and more nervous, as time goes by. It's a good thing that there is no candy store in that office building because I would have completely raided it! :)

Anyways, they finally come back, and sit down with me.

They tell me, that the meeting was intense. There were no less than three leaders and a lawyer there to bring me down. What a joke.

My fault in all of this was that I was trying to get back to work after sick leave, and was harrassed by my leader to the point where I broke down, gave up and went out sick. This was in January, and technically I've been on sick leave since.

They were telling me that there was a LOT of heated discussion, and that it was clear that they wanted me out. This was given already, as I have already been notified that I am fired. Thankfully, I have four months notice.

What WE needed was to get all the details settled. HOW do I leave, and by which rules? Oh, and what about the harrassment?

I was told after the meeting that the seat got REALLY hot under my boss. His face was red like a tomato and he did NOT enjoy the spotlight that he was in.

This was basically a feud between him and I, and with me not showing up at the meeting, there is only one person to be in the hot seat. Him. :)

While he was explaining himself and how he was things, trying to justify his actions, he suddenly stopped mid sentence. "My people" told me that they could actually pinpoint the moment where he realized that his story wasn't water proof. He just stopped talking mid sentence, and left it at that.

He had made so many clerical errors, so many errors that were just bad manners, but also a few ones actually breaking the law. That was our claim.

Human Resources claim was that they had done nothing of the sort.

Anyways, long story short:

I am still fired, and I am happy with it. I will get FULL PAY for another three months, where I can do what I want. I am not supposed to show up at work nor do I have ANY commitment with them.

And here is the kicker:
They claim that they did nothing wrong. They claim that they followed ALL (repeat: ALL) procedures and that there was nothing else.

Yet, they still decided to pay out an extra month and a half to me for tort. We're talking about 8,000 US dollars here.

If that is not admitting that they WERE in the wrong, I don't know what is.


Bottom line: I am MORE than satisfied.

This job would eventually have become too much for me. There are new laws coming that makes the job a LOT harder to perform.

It will be way more rules. It will be cruel to the people I have to work with. It will be way less time to do more work.

Had this not happened now, I am sure a much heavier breakdown would have been coming within the next year.

This was a blessing in disguise.


So, what now?

Well, today I start my new business! I am free as a bird, and I am flying!

My plan is to have EVERYTHING ready within the next week or two, depending when my money compensation is in. I am ready to fire on all cannons.

I really want my weight loss business up and running. I really want to, and I really need to.


What is it I do again?

Well, there are gonna be three parts to it. One is already implemented, one has just started and one is in the works.

I'm gonna build my weight loss classes bigger. I'm gonna have more of them, in several locations. That one is obvious. I see reasonable results from pretty much everyone participating. The ones that don't get results are the ones that don't follow my system.

Along with this, I am working on a "spoken word show". I can't think of the word for it in English. Basically, come to gatherings and tell my story, share some experiences, and line out what needs to be done to efficiently lose weight.

And the third, and probably most interesting one:
Individual weight loss coaching and support.

I'm gonna take in as many clients as I can and need, and do individual weight loss journeys. I will get them started, and see them to the end, or as far as they feel that they need me.

I can do this face to face for people in the local area, but I can also do it using Skype.

I love the fact that I can use Skype. I am no longer restricted to Denmark. I can basically take clients world wide. As you probably know by now, my English is impeccable, and I would have absolutely no problems coaching in English.

So, here we go. Obviously, if you're reading this and you know someone, or you yourself would be interested in hearing more about the programs, then let me know in my inbox. I take clients starting today. :)

Today, we're COMPLETELY turning the page.


It's amazing how different I feel today. I just can't believe it. So much load and so many monkeys are off my back.

I had no trouble keeping to my food plan for yesterday. I will have no trouble today. I feel energized, even with no sleep, and I am ready for this.

I have my food plan set for the day. All macros are met. It's perfect.

This is one of the things that I want to teach people. How to make proper plans for their food intake, to remain in control all day.


I'm gonna go workout here at my local gym today. I'm also gonna go put up flyers for my classes and services.

Then, I'm gonna get on the next bus to go to the OTHER gym, and hang out with the boss down there. We need to work out details on starting more classes. Go go go!


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Work situation resolved to MY advantage. Take that, b**tches!
- Morning coffee after a sleepless night.
- Wife, for being such a support.

Have a great Friday - and weekend! I'm not sure how much I'm gonna be here to write or read - so have a good one!

Life is good, and today is better than most days!
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