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28 April 2014

Good morning!

It has been an INCREDIBLE weekend!

First of all, there was the health convention here in town. This was the first real public display of my TABDIG company, and it was a BLAST!

I was busy ALL day.

This convention was NOT about selling. It was about making my name known. In fact, selling is not even allowed there!

This is a rule that is put in place to avoid the "quick-and-easy-money"-people there. Most of the people there are from organizations, like the Diabetes Association, physio therapists, etc.

I was the only weight loss company represented.

This is how it looked ALL day!

One interesting thing I noticed at the convention. Credibility is ALL!

Many people were a little leary talking about overweight and weight loss. We all know that it is a sensitive topic. We don't like to be reminded that we need to lose weight.

However, once people realized that the obese dude in the poster behind me was ME, they completely opened up and we would have a very good talk. They would get little pointers, we'd discuss specific issues, etc.

I was talking to people constantly, letting them know of my ideas and philosophies, and gave everyone a gift card that they could use if they wanted to use my services later on.

I was in play constantly. When ever I was talking about my concept to someone, somebody else would come up and listen, and attract more customers.

In fact, it was so busy that my planned 11 am lunch break - this is when Wife brought me lunch - didn't happen until almost 2 pm. Wow.

Still, it was a blast. Being busy at work has never before been this much fun.

Now I just hope that I will get some clients out of it too.


Sunday was equally fun. I was rehearsing with the band, and we did GREAT! We actually wrote a new song, got it arranged, and did a very rough recording of it, so we can remember it! :)


On MY weight loss side of things, things are great!

Compared to Monday last week, I am 7 lbs lighter today! My bodyfat is down by 2%, with almost no loss in muscle mass. It's great!

This just proves to me - again - that what I'm doing works. The moment I apply it, it works - and it's easy. I love that.


Today is a busy day. I have so many little project.

First of all, I need to go do my workouts. I'll probably do them later today, just because it'll fit my plans better.

I think my schedule will look like this:

Time right now is 7:40 am.

8:00 call doctor for Wife. She's home sick.
8:00 - 10:00 Work on English translation of my website. I'll let you guys know when it's done!
10:00 - 11:00 A nice, long walk.
11:00 - 11:30 Lunch
11:30 - 12:45 Work on website again.
13:00 - 14:00 Meeting with a client.
14:00 - 14:45 Workout and wind-down.
15:00 - 16:15 Home to work some more, put my feet up and eat dinner.
16:30 - 19:15 Teach weight loss classes.
19:15 - Finally done for the day!

Busy busy busy. But I like it. :)


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- Weight loss!
- Morning coffee!
- A good night's sleep.
- The band!
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26 April 2014

Good morning!

Just a short entry today - today is a BUSY day, but I wanted to check in.

Today is the day of the health convention here in town.

All kinds of health related companies and institutions are gonna be represented, and for the very first time SO AM I!!!

I am really excited about this!

I have everything packed and I'm good to go.


I did great yesterday. I burned a whopping 3800 calories from walking, workout and just generally being active through the day. It was nice!

The intake was in just the right spot, at 2600 calories. This is as large a deficit as my body can handle.

I managed to have a very nice lunch with wife, had a large ice cream in the sun, had cottage cheese and a few other goodies. Not too shabby.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- The convention!
- Wife!
- A fun, fun weekend!

Have a good one, everyone! Life is good!

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25 April 2014

Good morning!

It's Friday again?!?

Where does the time go? It seems to me that we just came out of Easter..!

It's been a great week. I've stayed on track every day, and I feel very different. It's amazing how the little choices make us feel different, isn't it?

I've been sticking to 2000 calories the last few days. This is the lowest I can go without risking my muscle mass. It's not tough to do at all, as long as I put my mind to it.

That's really where it all happens, isn't it? The mind!

I see it very clearly, both for me and my clients. When the mind is determined, results happen.

Right now, I'm determined. Results happen. :)


The last few days have been fun, and very productive.

I've talked to LOTS of potential clients, getting the word out about the weight loss company. I've gotten a lot of nice response, and I know I will get more.

I have also talked to the local newspaper about advertising. I should have my very first ad in the paper this coming week, and then 4 weeks on.

Let's see if we get any clients from it, or if it's just a waste of money.

I know that I can help. I know that my methods work. I just hope that people read that into my website and advertising.


Today is a fun day, and a day where I'll be out all day.

I'll be working out at the remote gym. I'm getting close to having enough clients to start up classes there, so this is very exciting!

I will also be picking up Wife afterwards for a VERY light lunch.

The reason it's light is that we have dinner plans.


I have invited the owner of the gyms out for dinner. We're meeting him and his wife and kid at the running sushi house tonight.

They're super sweet people, and I know this will be a fun evening. It's something we've all been wanting to do for a while, and the day is finally here.

I just wanted to show some appreciation for all that he does for me.

Of course, I have to prep myself for a temporary gain tomorrow. Sushi equals soy sauce equals salt equals massive water retention! :)

I'm ok with it. It's all part of the game.

I have everything planned out, and have made PLENTY of room for PLENTY of sushi. This is the reason that lunch will be light, and that I won't have anything else to eat until dinner.

I will use BCAA's to help my muscle growth post-workout as I always do. There are a lot of different opinions on this - about whether it actually makes a difference or not - but I fell different when I work out in fasted state having the BCAAs/electrolytes in my system.

To me, it works.

It also gives the muscles the aminos that we get from protein post-workout without actually feeding it calories.

...which is another thing I have read many discussions about.


Does BCAA contain calories?

It's interesting, really. The Branch Cut Amino Acids are basically what our bodies get from consuming protein, only it's already "cut" for us, so our bodies don't really need to work to break it down.

This gives it the effect of "regular" protein, but with zero calories.

Should we count it as zero? Probably not. To me, it doesn't make sense that a product can be zero calories AND add aminos.

On the other hand, if we don't need to use ANY energy on consuming it, but it is already at absorbation level breakdown, then I suppose it's fair.

I dunno. My head is spinning already. :)

Still, I feel a difference when I work out using it, and it makes a real difference. Also, it hydrates and has an amazing watermelon flavor. What's there not to like?


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Weekend!
- Workout!
- Morning Coffee!
- Sushi tonight with good friends!
- Wife!

Have an awesome weekend! Life is good!
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23 April 2014

Good morning!

It looks like the plan is working, to NOBODY's surprise! Cut down the calories, make some better choices, and excess fluid and fat will come off you nice and easy.

Who knew? Right? Oh... WE did! :)


I feel GREAT this morning. I had a decent night's sleep, and I am ready to take on the world today.

I have everything lined up for a pretty busy and active day:

- Walking my usual 5K
- Workout at the gym
- Bits and bobs through the day
- Working at the gym tonight.

It's gonna be a good day.


All meals are pre-planned, and I know exactly what I'll be consuming through the day. I have planned to have room for a few snacks if I need them, and made sure all my macros are met.


Yesterday was a fun day. I had a great talk with a couple of clients, and they are moving forward just as expecting.

One hit the 10 kilo mark after just a handful of weeks! This is simply amazing. The best thing is that she doesn't even feel like she's dieting. Every time I see her, she just looks happier and happier. I love doing this to people. :)


We're getting the last few things lined up for the health convention this coming Saturday.

I'm so curious to see how many people actually go there. I have absolutely no clue how it's gonna be. I have a feeling that it won't be all that many - it's "only" about health, after all, and won't compare to a commercial convention - but I could easily be wrong.


I'm hoping that I get to start up new classes at the remote gym soon. I just need 2 or 3 more signups, then we're off! Hopefully we'll get those people when we do open house there in a couple of weeks.


I lowered my own RDI a little yesterday, and I'm gonna stick to it for a little while. It's not hard to do, it's just a matter of manning up.

Mostly, it's about knowing your demons, I think.

All my demons are carb related.

The way IIFYM - my diet approach - works, there are set numbers for my protein and fat intake, and an upper limit to calories. The rest will simply be carbs.

If I decide to lower my calorie intake, it can ONLY be lowered in carbs. The protein/fat requirements still have to be met. This is essential for muscle building and general body maintenance.

So, by lowering my RDI, I am lowering my carb intake ONLY. This makes it harder for me to get in too deep, as I can't really allow myself a "little something" when I don't really need it.

This is the tough part of having an all-or-nothing mentality.

I see that I will probably ALWAYS be like this. I will ALWAYS either be relaxing too much on my diet, and thus gain weight, or I will have to be strict to get back to where I want to be.

I can live with that. I know what to do when it gets too much, and I know what damage I do when I lean back too far.


It's such a nice feeling to STILL feel my grip getting better on everything around me. Life, work, diet, weight, strength - EVERYTHING!

All I need now are MORE clients. :) They'll come.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- The feeling of being on track.
- Positive attitude.
- Morning coffee!
- Gym and more gym today.
- Wife! Too bad I don't get to see her too much today.

Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone! Life is good!
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22 April 2014

Good morning!

Almost zero change in weight, but plenty of change in all the other numbers.

I did a fasting day yesterday. Well, mostly. I did my "hunger calibration", not eating for 24 hours straight.

It wasn't hard, not at all. Actually, I'm always surprised how easy it is to do. The "downfall", if we can call it that, was the fact that Wife cooked meatloaf with mashed potatoes. :)

I was PLENTY within RDI, and wasn't gonna meet my macro nutrients anyways, but I ended up consuming 1200 calories instead of 600 yesterday. Meh, it's all good. I'm still at a 1500 calorie deficit for the day.


I feel that I still had a great start on a new week.

I'm focused on my mission(s), and it's gonna be a great and fun week. I have a feeling that more clients are gonna pop up over the course of the week, and I am ready for them.

Lost of people need a helping had after easter, and I am sure some will ask me. :)


Today, I am meeting with the gym owner to get the finer details in place for Saturday. We're going to a local health convention, representing my company and the gym. It's always fun to do, and I am dying to go with MY company.


Over the course of easter, I've been getting on my stationary bike a few times. I gotta say, I suck at it. Actually, I'm kind of shocked at how poorly I feel that I perform on the stationary bike. I used to be able to do mile after mile after mile, but that's a thing of the past.

I don't feel that I'm in bad shape or anything, but my focus has changed from endless cardio to strenth training and general conditioning. What makes me fall behind is the fact that my legs feel tired a few moments into it, and I probably give up or get bored before I get past that.

This weeks task is to get back into biking. It'd be nice to be able to take bike rides over the course of summer, and it is a great calorie burner for when I want that extra, "easy" burn. It'll do me good.

I probably have to accept that I will start at a pretty low pace and with not all that much weight on it, just like with everything else. Of course, I have LOTS of strenth in my legs, but the movement is what kills me. That is what I need to get used to a little more.

This will be a nice little venture. I'm not so sure it'll be a fun one. I tend to get very bored doing cardio exercise. Let's see.


I have all my food planned out for the day. It's nice and simple.

I still have a handful of kilos that I'd like to drop, so I need focus on that mission, but also on my macros. I'd like to go as low as I can without it being counter-productive. It shouldn't be too hard.

I can handle a 1200 calorie hit, so I will be allowing myself a 2000 calorie RDI, 215g of protein, 68g of fat, 42-51g of fiber and the rest just carbs, up to 130g.

This should be a walk in the park.

Of course, the key word is always "should". :) Then again, I'm a big boy and I can handle this. Doing the 1200 calories wasn't even remotely hard - I actually ate more than planned, and 2000 is WAY easier.

Planning is everything.


I'm actually very happy that Easter is over. I'm not good at change when it comes to my daily habits. There has been too many days with inactivity (well, to some extend - I have been out and moving, done my workouts, etc.), and it makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. Looking at my numbers, I don't see any real damage, I'm still more than active. It just doesn't feel like it.

I'm sure you guys know that feeling.

This is one of the downfalls from being very active. It kind of makes you want to push for more, constantly.

Being a food lover, I see a clear advantage in being very active. It's simple. Move more, eat more. However, I also see that I push myself to doing things I don't really like doing. The stationary bike is a good example. I want to do it, but I really don't want to get "addicted" to more exercise, just to burn off carbs that I eat just because I like them.

What's the point of spending half an hour on a bike just to eat a chocolate bar? Isn't it easier to simply not eat the bar? You'd think that - but that's not always how our minds work, is it? :)

I allow myself the fun stuff, if I can see that it fits my plan. Hell, I have been bad at allowing myself the fun stuff even with it doesn't.

Getting a better grip on maintenance, it's important for me (and everyone else) to keep those "walks off the beaten path" in a short leash. I see it clearly for me.

When I do well, I do really well. When I decide to get "just a little" at the candy store, then I get a LOT more than I intended. And, obviously, it wouldn't be fair to anyone if I didn't eat it all, right? :D

For me, the solution is actually ridiculously simple - but often hard to do. Do NOT go to the candy store.

This is my one and only downfall.

I can hit my macros any day of the week. I have zero problems doing this. I can hit my RDI any day of the week. Absolutely no trouble doing this.

I can, however, not control myself when I buy candy. LOL. Who knew this would be tough, huh? It's so weird.

Still, I am sure I can man up and just do it.

For quite a while, I could put stress as an excuse. I could put holidays as an excuse. I could put self pity from trouble at work, or from not being able to do anything while recovering from surgery.

There really aren't any excuses right now. This is what will make me do better and focus on the mission. No excuses.


For me, I think the focus is usally what gets me into deep waters. I know what I'm doing. I know my mission. I have everything planned.

Then I get sidetracked. Then I feel like a little something-something. This is that moment where I make the wrong decisions. It's not really THAT hard to push back on track. It's simply a matter of deciding that I want this, and make it a priority.

I'm sure MANY of you guys can relate.


So, today is fun. I have the meeting with the gym owner. I have two weight loss coaching sessions. I have the Stationary Bike Mission (I wonder if I can handle more than five minutes? I'm honestly not sure!). I will go for my 5k walk.

There is PLENTY to do. Today will be a busy and active day.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A good night's sleep.
- Focus.
- Getting to actually write a proper journal entry here on FS.
- Wife!
- Morning coffee. I don't know what I'd do without it. :)

Have a great week! Life is good!
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