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19 March 2014

Good morning!

Not a whole lot of change in my numbers today. I'm down a wee bit in weight, 200g, and everything else is the same within 1%. Nothing much to mention.

Yesterday went really well. I used most of my calorie allowance, and I think it makes a difference for me.

I didn't go all the way to what I am allowed according to my spreadsheet, because I didn't move quite as much as my averages had predicted. So instead I lowered my intake with a couple of hundred calories, ending up with a 500 calorie deficit, and still meeting my protein and fat minimum requirements.


I have to say, I truly enjoy this way of eating, this IIFYM lifestyle. It's SO easy. Of course, I am still getting my footing on it, but it IS so easy. The only numbers I need to tweak and adjust are calorie intake and calorie burn. I'm getting there. No rush.

I've been considering just changing the way I record my calorie burn again, to see some results soon. I'm a little tired of nothing happening. Of course, I also know that a large part of the fault lies with me. Going to the candy store repeatedly the last few months weren't exactly part of the plan, was it now? :)

Because of that, and because I can't say I have truly followed plan, I won't change anything. I will just be honest and diligent recording my intake and going with the numbers. Everything WILL adjust. It's just so damn tempting to change things around.

The art of not changing anything is HARD. Probably the hardest part of my diet these days. It's HARD to see how numbers don't act right and the urge to fiddle with it is strong.

Still, I see that when I do good, results show.

I think for me, it's just a matter of getting better at reading the signs my body gives me. It's a matter of listening, and giving my body what it is craving, within the parameters of IIFYM.

I know I'm never craving protein and fat. I can have all I want of it. What I tend to crave are carbs. So, why is that?

I think of two reasons.

One - I love carbs. Carbs, carbs, carbs. Everything sugar and bad foods with carbs are lovely. :)

Two - Consuming a LOT of protein and fat, I might simply be too low on energy due to shortage of carbs.

Shortage of carbs - and thus shortage of energy - was the reason I never succeeded doing Atkins. I tried it once, and quit fast. I absolutely hated it. I thought is was a great sounding approach to weight loss, being able to eat all the foods I liked, meats and all, but boy was I wrong.

Today I see why.

I much prefer IIFYM. I can set up my day to eat pretty much exactly what I feel like on any give day, as long as a few requirements are met. It's SO EASY.

I'm confident that today will be a non-issue day again. I'm feeling good and it should be no problem doing right.


Today is gym day. I'm gonna go work out in about 90 minutes. I won't do my long walk - my step counter pretty much tells me that I get my "cardio" in regardless.

I know. It's not "real" cardio. It's just walking, which is low impact. I have no urge to spend hours on the treadmill any more. I honestly don't see it necessary. What IS necessary is the strength training that I do diligently three times per week as I'm supposed to. I love it.

Cardio just gives me more calories burned, to give me more calories to consume. It's a lot easier and comfortable to just consume a few hundred calories less.

This is probably the most important part of the "coming back to a normal life style" of the weight loss journey for me. Getting back to an exercise/food intake level where I don't spend hour after hour struggling to burn calories just to eat them back in.

Moderation both on burn and consuming is key here.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- Going to the gym!
- Morning coffee!

Have a great day! Life is good!

Weigh-in: 200.2 lb lost so far: 141.5 lb still to go: 12.8 lb Diet followed 100%

18 March 2014

Good morning!

It's ANOTHER fluctuation from Hell!

I'm up two full kilos.

Have to say, I'm getting slightly tired of these crazy fluctuations. These days, it's like nothing is predictable.

I was stressing badly yesterday, and I am sure that is where the biggest factor lies.

I didn't over-eat, though. I stayed in control, but probably didn't make the best choices of foods. I had too much fat, and too much salt, as I was snacking on a bag of pork rinds. I haven't had those in AGES, and I figured it'd be better than sugar (even if fat is twice as calorie dense).

It's ok though. At least my body fat percentage looks GREAT today. lol.

I slept great. I stayed in bed and got a couple of extra hours. I think I needed them.

Today, I feel WAY better. I feel like I'm ready to take on the day again, and good to go. I have my meals planned, and my schedule for the day is good.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A "pretty" body fat precentage. Thank you, fluid fluctuation! ;)
- A good night's sleep.
- Morning coffee.
- Kitty cat insisting on sitting with me as I type.
- Wife!

Life is good!
Weigh-in: 200.6 lb lost so far: 141.1 lb still to go: 13.2 lb Diet followed reasonably well

17 March 2014

Good morning!

Photos from yesterday's rehearsal are in!

Since we (for now) is downgraded to a power trio with no singer, we asked a photographer friend to stop by and shoot a few pictures of us, for Facebook etc.

The results are pretty damn good. Check it out:

(All photos by Thomas Buchberg)
Should you be in doubt, I'm in the last picture. :)

It's amazing what a great eye and stellar cameras and lenses can do. We're so jused to seeing smartphone pictures these days, and it's just mind blowing how much better this is.

Rehearsal was great. Thomas brought his wife and her sister+boyfriend, and they were lovin' it. We had a great time.

When I came home, Wife had made General Tso's Chicken from scratch! Wow.

This is one of those things. Having moved from the US to Denmark, there is a LOT of foods that we just can't buy, and if we do find them they just don't taste the same.

So Wife has simply learned to make a lot of it from scratch.

This was a first for her, and it came out perfect. We all loved it, and I am sure it will be a regular around here.

Now, if only it didn't have so many calories. LOL. I spend about 1200 calories on dinner yesterday.

It's a good thing that I didn't spend calories on much else, other than SKYR to up my protein intake.

I ended the day at 2100 calories, 900 under my allowance. They'll go in the stack of "extra calories" for when I want a fun day. This, mind you, is after subtracting 500 calories for weight loss. :)

My spreadsheet is being VERY generous to me in regards to calorie allowances these days. This is because of my very active days over the last month or so. I did a LOT more steps and a lot more movement than I normally do.

It'll even out over time. Right now I'm just enjoying that I can be a little more free.

Of course, this doesn't change the fact that I need to be in a calorie deficit TODAY if I want to lose some fat. I am sure I am in a deficit at 2100 calories, though. That's pretty obvious.

Since I am in no rush, I just follow my spreadsheet's calculations. This is the best way to make adjustments regardless, to ensure that the spreadsheet is correct too. This is still my biggest concern in all this.

Actually, I'm not concerned with the spreadsheet. I'm concerned about whether my fitbit is too generous handing me calories burned, and thus allowing me to eat too much. I'm still not sure about this.

It's definitely a ball park okay number I get. I just need to find out if it is more beneficial for me to take a slightly lower number, like maybe 95% of it, instead of it all.

I need this to be relatively accurate, at least over time. There will be a time where I want to GAIN weight in order to gain muscle. At this point it is also essential that I don't read the calorie burn too low.

I need it to be as close to the real world as possible.


I'm 400g down in weight today.

Overall, though, I'm still slowly gaining weight. And I'm still slowly gaining fat. This is what my 28 days averages tell me. I think I am turning it around though. The reason it tells me that there is still trouble and bad news is because of the many days I have lost control over the last month. My average intake is several hundred calories higher then my average calorie burn. Of course I have gained weight.

Still, I'm turning it around, and I am sure results will show soon.

Today, I - again - have one of those "low fluid" days. It's weird. I have never before had a day where my fluid percentage was less than 60%, and this is the 3rd day in a row. Ever.

I don't really care about that number (other than that it pushes my metabolic age up, which really hurts my pride!), but of course lowering my fluid percentage will up my body fat percentage, as these are relative numbers.

I know that these numbers can fluctuate wildly, but they ARE indicators of thing changing.

Let's see what happens. I am certain that I am on the right track on my calorie intake and macros. It's just a matter of my body adjusting to my changes, and me staying off the high calorie candies. :) Damn candies.


I'm proud that I made it through the weekend without stupid snacks. Even Saturday, which was a very quite and passive day. This is typically one of those days where I would binge on sugar. I didn't, and I'm proud of that.

I think it helps me that I stay very satisfied on my foods. I eat what I am allowed, or at the very least the minimum that my body requires.

Another thing is that I try to remember to eat a little more and better on training days. I try to get a little extra carbs in for energy, as I know that the training burns quite a bit extra. Not only while doing it, but also as an after burn. I think it's pretty important to stay energized, and the energy comes from the carbs.

I'm trying to not be scared of having carbs in general. As long as I burn them off, there is no danger in carbs. The worst I can see happening is them holding on to fluid, and I don't care about that. Hell, the worst that could happen would be the fluid hydrating me and my metabolic age going back to 29! :) I wouldn't mind that!


So, today is training day. I'm gonna go walk a little bit, then hit the gym.

Again, I'm not gonna walk excessively, but I will take a detour walking to the gym, giving me an extra mile going there, and an extra mile going back.

Then, I'll be active in general though the day. Let's see if that doesn't give me 10,000 steps or more.

If it doesn't, that's fine. I don't want to be obligated to do 10,000 steps, but it's a nice goal. I have so many days where I am much higher, so days with less are just fine.

It's all a matter of finding the level of food intake vs. comfort level that I am comfortable with.


At some point I decided that 3,000 calories as a daily allowance was a nice place to be, for maintenance. I think I will still end up there on most days. That's what I see.

The days where I walk a LOT more, I tend to just burn a few hundred calories more, and they are nice to have to up the allowance in general. However, they are also tedious and hard work to earn.

Are they really necessary? Not really? All they do is give me a slightly higher carb allowance, that I would most likely spend on junk eventually.

Walking about 3-4 miles earns me 250 calories. That's a Snickers, regular size, pretty much. Is ONE SNICKERS really worth walking a full hour? I don't think so.

In that case, I'd rather just be a little more laid back and comfortable, and eat good food.

I'm generally active, whether I do the extra walks or not, so I am in no way concerned with not doing extra cardio. In fact, I often fail to see the point to it.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- A wonderful weekend!
- The band! So much fun yesterday!
- Wife for being awesome AND an amazing cook!
- Morning coffee!
- Gym day!

Have a great week! Life is good!
Weigh-in: 196.2 lb lost so far: 145.5 lb still to go: 8.8 lb Diet followed 100%

16 March 2014

Good morning!

Well, not to any surprise, I'm up a bit in weight.

Two reasons:
1. SUPER low in fluid yesterday.
2. I ate at maintenance level and a little more yesterday.

It wasn't bad at all. I went 120 calories over my maintenance level. It's just like the Indulgence Days. Give it a few days, and the fluid will run off.

My metabolic age is down to 29 again - the lowest it can go on my scale.
I'm happy about that.


If we look at me averages from the last week, I see that I haven't done all that well. The few days when I went WAY over has fully cancelled out the days where I did good, along with all the exercise. Boo.

I do feel that I have a much better grip now. Yesterday's higher calorie intake was just to have a relaxing day with no real exercise, and foods that I wanted and liked. There was no candy, no unneccessary sugars or anything really stupid. It was pretty much all just good food, but a little too much of it. I'm ok with that.


Today, it's band rehearsal day.

We're looking for a new singer, as the old one quit. Hopefully we'll find a new one soon. It's tedious to play without a singer - I feel like we can never really do what we're intended to do. Still, better than not playing at all.

Trouble is, of course, singers are hard to find.


Today will be a short journal, just a quick check-in and weigh-in.

Today, I'm thankful for:
- A good night's sleep. Better than most nights.
- Morning coffee.
- The feeling to no stress when it comes to my diet. I'm confident that things are gonna be fine.
- All food planned out for the day. With a nice, large deficit. :)
- Wife!
- Genral Tso's chicken for dinner tonight! Can't wait!

Have a great Sunday! Life is good!
Weigh-in: 197.1 lb lost so far: 144.6 lb still to go: 9.7 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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15 March 2014

Good morning!

Today I did a very strange weigh-in.

I'm down a nice chunk - 2.2 kilos - since yesterday, and it's seemingly all fluid. That's quite a drop. My fluid percentage is 58%, lower than it has ever been while using the TANITA scale.

It's neither a good or a bad thing. It's within normal range, as is it every day.

The only downside to it - and I really don't like that one - is that it moved my metabolic age from 29 (the lowest possible on my scal in comparison to my age) to 31. Boo.

It'll be back in no time, I'm sure. I'm not worried about it, but it always sucks when a stellar number suddenly goes awry.


Yesterday was a great day though. I did my workout at the newly opened gym, and even talked to a couple of potiential clients for when I am able to work again. It seems that the staff at the gym has been telling people about it, and people were eager to meet it. It was weird, but a great feeling.


After the gym I went for lunch with Wife and Daughter. We had Shish Kebabs, with pita bread, salads and hummus. Yum! I enjoyed it thoroughly.


After lunch, Wife and I walked around a bit, settled in for a cup of coffee at a small café, and basically just hung out waiting for the time of my hospital appointment.


It was GREAT to see the surgeons. They were deeply impressed with my "new" look, with more muscles.

I didn't really realize this, but seeing the pictures the took of me the day before surgery, I can actually see quite a difference. Of course, some of the gained fat also make me look bigger and more muscular, as I take up a little more space, but I could actually see a difference.

They were impressed. Very impressed.

They told me that I am leagues ahead of most of their clients when it comes to settling in to a new life after surgery. Many people struggle.

They told me that they really love my thoughts and approaches when it comes to teaching my clients, and that they really applaud me for it.

Then I left, I felt several feet taller. :D It was just nice to get the compliments.


So, this means I am done with the hospital. No more. I'm more than welcome to write to my surgeon if I have any issues, but I don't have any new appointmens, I don't have anything more going on with them.


I guess you can say I am now truly in maintenance more. Whatever that really is.

It's something I often ponder upon.

Maintenance Mode. Do we ever actually get there?

I don't see that there is any way that I will ever be in actual maintenance mode. I home that my alternative to maintenance will be to keep bettering myself. Get stronger, healthier, better looking.

This will be an ongoing thing.

I will gain weight in order to build muscle. I will then be dieting to trim down. Rinse and repeat.

I will have times where I'm thinking I'm maintaining, but slowly gaining, and then will have to trim down.

I don't see that I will ever get to a balance where I simply consume what I burn. Even with my spreadsheets and calculations that tell me what I can do on any given day.

Besides, where's the fun in that? If I don't push forward, I won't better myself. And it would be nice to always better myself. Right?

So is there an actual maintenance mode? I'm not sure.

It WILL be easier now.

I have no goal to reach a certain weight at a certain time. I have no goal to reach ANYTHING at a certain time.

My only goal onwards is to NOT gain massive amounts of fat, and to get stronger and better looking. Not muscle man/body builder levels, but just bettering myself nice and slowly.

It's definitely accomplishable.

I can do it with lots of energy, I can do it efficiently, and I can do it with little to no stress.

Also, I can start experimenting a little more with finding out just how accurate my spreadsheet is.

Eating closer to my calories burned, with just a small deficit, will make it easier to see whether I am reading my numbers right.

Lately I have had too large or too small numbers on both intake and burn. It makes it hard to read the results.

The last few days I have seen huge drops in weight, but I have also had 1000 calorie deficits. This sheds fluid, and burns fat. I am, however, also riding the limit to what kind of deficit my body can handle.

So it would definitely be smarter to not go as extreme.

This is not as easy to do as it sounds. I really don't want to eat junk to get there. I want to be able to relax a little, sure, but I don't want to get into the junk. Once I start eating junk I tend to lose control, and end up WAY past my goal. It's so not worth it.

Instead, I need to look at more little things to incorporate in my meals in order to stay satisfied, and just do good. It's not really all that hard. I know what I'm supposed to do. When I focus on it, I have no issues implementing it.


Today is Saturday.

Wife and I are going to the little buffet, and it's a nice quiet day.

I probably won't be moving a whole lot, just the walking to and from the supermarket where we're also gonna go eat. If anything else, maybe a short walk for errainds later.

It's ok.

I've had nice calorie burns the last few days - unintended - so it's all good. Besides, it will all even out using my spreadsheet.

I no longer "chase" the high calorie burn activities. I ensure that I get enough exercise for my heart, and I do my weight training, but I really want that to be it. I will obviously go for a walk when I feel like it, but I don't want to feel obligated to doing things if I don't feel like it on a particular day. Except strength training. This is essential.

My goal has been to burn 2800-3000 calories per day. Even on the days where I didn't try, I still ended up at 2800+ calories. Hell, yesterday was almost 3400! It's all good. Just generally staying active will get me to my goal.

It seems to be that I am slowly reaching my ultimate goal:

I want to be able to comfortably eat good foods with a little fun here and there, and be able to just generally stay active and to my training three times weekly.

I will adjust the minor details on my calorie intake. It's a lot easier to commit to consuming 200 calories under maintenance than it is to commit to walking another 30 minutes on a day where you were already very active. It's easy as pie.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife!
- Weekend!
- Done with the hospital!
- Sleeping late (and sleeping well!)
- Morning coffee!
- Intermittent Fasting!

Have a great weekend! Life is good!
Weigh-in: 195.3 lb lost so far: 146.4 lb still to go: 7.9 lb Diet followed 100%

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