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Thermodynamics? Not really...
reddarin wrote:

Roblaw2b wrote:

Reddarrin. "mainstreamer"? What next, bombs set in Cheerios factories?

Sheesh.. insecure much?

Rob, a few days ago I got a galley copy of a non-fiction book (non-diet non-political) written by a degreed expert that is well regarded in their field and do you know what was written in the first few pages? You guessed it! The word 'mainstream'.

I only mention it because I find your lame ad hominem to be an exceptionally poopy example of this tactic.

Hmm.. I question categorizing people into neat categories.. let's call it, "stereotyping" for want of a better word.. and suggest that creating "them" and "us" in the context of diet discussion to be, well, not particularly helpful. I didn't, if you're even remotely honest and able to follow an argument without foaming at the mouth, criticize the use of the word "mainstream" - I criticized the categorization of people implicit in the word "mainstreamer".

Then you go on to suggest I engaged in an "ad hominem" attack.. and then reference my comment as a, and I quote, "poopy" example of same.

Firstly, I don't think you really understand the concept of "ad hominem". That would suggest that I made some attack on you as a person to undermine the efficacy of your argument or opinion. Actually, I didn't. I don't know you as a person (other than by your lovely avatar). I didn't call you dull, or stupid, or obtuse, or narrow-minded - I did just the opposite. I suggested that calling other people denigrating names does not, in any sense, add to your point or your argument - you might as well call anyone who disagrees with you an apostate or a "flat-earther".

Even when I more or less agree with you that letting people find their own way should be encouraged, LC, CICO, whatever.. you can't let it go, and you troll around picking pointless fights and arguments with whoever dares to suggest that eating primarily animal protein and fat is the ONLY sensible way to eat.

Maybe you're right. Maybe you're not. Point is - let people figure it out for themselves. Or do you have the security of your convictions to let people do that? To suggest, like I have, that they Google "Atkins" or "Low-Carb Diet" and learn for themselves.. somehow, that suggestion, apparently, frightens you.

Hence the comment "insecure much"?

Ironically, however, as if to affirm my point, you exclaim and parade your grotesque insecurity, over and over again, for all to see by wailing and mewling about how wrong everyone else is except for those who follow the low-carb diet approach.

You might as well walk around in public with a sign on your back and a loud-speaker, exclaiming, "Low-Carb is a Fraud!" - because, imho, as with any tenuous religious belief, the effort to attack those who disagree with you is, pure and simple, the grossest expression of insecurity. Because if your cause was so super-fantastical, you could simply say, "Google Atkins, take it or leave it. Whatever."


And BTW.

The website that you keep encouraging everyone to take as manna from heaven, "Livin La Vida LowCarb" (after you actually suggested reading scientific, peer reviewed studies is questionable) contains THIS very telling disclaimer:


Who do I reference? Hmm.. the Journal of the American Medical Association most recently who suggested, quite correctly, that the effort being made to define the "best" diet is misplaced, and that the real point is to find something for YOU based upon your own body, and then to stick with it.


There.Razz Rolling Eyes
posted 30 Aug 2013, 16:40
Thermodynamics? Not really...

Some reason to the debate - editorial by Dr. Sherry Pagoto in the Journal of the American Medical Association - reviewing some of the meta-analyses regarding diet, suggests, *shock* that there is no definitive evidence that any diet approach is necessarily better than another for losing weight and maintaining weight loss. She suggests that it's time to stop arguing between approaches, and time to suggest that ALL APPROACHES have their place depending on the individual, and that the ongoing debate likely results in people moving from one diet to another, and failing, therefor to adhere to any specific diet.

So. Bottom line. LC, CICO, Atkins, etc., all can work and continue to work - best course of action, read up, find what resonates for YOU, and then stick with it.

Some good advice seems to me..

posted 29 Aug 2013, 09:53
What my Digital food scale taught me.
This is an excellent post, sad it isn't getting more "buzz". A New England Journal of Medicine article reported on a study that, essentially states, the more that we are overweight, the more likely we are to under-report our food intake, and over-report our activity.. by as much as 50% each way.

So - for those who struggle to see results, probably the biggest culprit is self-deception - and the quickest answer to removing self-deception is removing the ability to "eyeball" quantities.. ie) food scale, measuring cups, etc.

I know that I have struggled (and still do) but when I am religious in my attention to accuracy, somehow, magically, I start losing weight again!

Go figure.

Good post and great topic for discussion.
posted 29 Aug 2013, 09:34


Self-reported food intake is known to be an unreliable measure of energy intake in the overweight. A 1992 study in the New England Journal of Medicine illustrated this problem. The study looked at subjects that repeatedly failed to lose weight on self-reported caloric intakes of less than 1200 calories. Total energy expenditure (TEE) and resting metabolic rate (RMR) of the subjects were measured and found to be within five percent of predicted values, which was dramatically higher than the reported intake values. Additionally, no significant differences in thermic effects of food (TEF) or exercise energy expenditure between the weight loss resistant or normal obese were observed. Low energy expenditure was, therefore, excluded as a reason for self-reported diet resistance.

Why were these subjects resistant to weight loss? The researchers recorded an underreporting of actual food intake by 47 percent (+/- 16), and an over reporting of physical activity by ~50 percent. Based on this and other available data, a trend emerges: the higher one’s BMI and weight, the greater the degree of underreporting of caloric intake. If a comparison is made between data of reported caloric intakes and actual energy expenditure as measured by the doubly labeled water method (the most accurate available), an interesting picture emerges

Not criticising, just saying.. you MAY be cheating yourself. In fact, you probably are.. which doesn't hurt me or anyone else, but it inhibits your ability to be the person you would like to.

Sort of like the Emperor and his New Clothes.

I have no axe to grind, and believe in giving my honest thoughts. If you are like the subjects referenced in the New England Journal of Medicine, I would do you no favor by saying, "Don't worry, keep it up, you'll be fine."

I have never heard of anyone consuming 1000 calories per day who is a man over 200 lbs and gaining weight. I might be wrong - but absent a serious medical issue, the only other possible conclusion is that you're under-reporting your food consumption.

Now - if you're honestly measuring, precisely, the good you're eating, and you're still gaining weight - then you need to see a doctor.
posted 28 Aug 2013, 18:23
"If you are being sincere, I apologize, but in such case, I strongly suggest you see a doctor, first, and secondly, you start measuring, with precision, everything that goes into your mouth."

Sorry, but again, there is no way you're gaining weight at 1,000 calories per day. You aren't doing it, unless you have a serious health problem. The only other alternative is that you're not recording your true calories.

Granted.. at less than 1,000 calories per day, you've probably slowed your basal metabolic rate to a crawl.. but you should still be losing rate, just not as steadily as you would on, say, 1,500 to 1,750 per day.. in addition, the absence of carbs and calories generally has probably left you less active as well, which again, reduces weight loss.

So - sorry, not trying to offend, but either you are ill and need medical assistance because you've got thyroid issues or Cushings syndrome, or you're not being honest with yourself about what and how much you're eating.

Good luck.
posted 28 Aug 2013, 09:04
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