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Experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions

Learning to express our emotions in different ways & getting support will help control those times were we think comfort food is the only thing to make you feel better!


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wow thats sound diffecalt, I anderstend your obsetion I used to have it for Nottela chocholate :) want to tell you that wonce i clend my body from suger and Yeast i stated to feel like a normal person ...
by googibear on 27 May 15 08:06 AM
weekend - diet goes out the window
if you change you mind you can sit next to the best Napolion cake and wont take a bit. the first step understend that you need to work in 3 fronts: Behavior We are creatures of habits so we need to learn ...
by googibear on 27 May 15 07:46 AM
Beverly opp wrote: I'm Bev and I just started today. I am 56 and I have 168 lbs to lose. I have 2 Children and 1 grandchild still at home. I have a very long road ahead of me but i'm ready to ...
by googibear on 27 May 15 07:41 AM
My weak hours - 2:30 - 6 PM
Thanks millions. I'm so much better than I was at the end of January but still looking for substitutes. I'm going out to buy Laver TODAY :).
by Fun412 on 08 Apr 15 01:53 PM
Here i go again.
Sometimes when in a rush I just do a Fage non-fat yogurt (the kind with the fruit separate on the side) with a fiber cake from Trader Joe's. Pretty filling and low in calories but you get lots of ...
by zuzus.petals on 27 Jun 14 11:20 AM

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Some success now sliding back up.
by Eeriest Elk
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Yay, Now im 140 lbs!!!!!
by OmegaWolf95
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Me when I was 152 pounds... :(
by OmegaWolf95
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by Melissa_nr
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