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A group for people in their 50's to support each other as we try and lose between 10-25 pounds. Through healthy eating and exercise lets encourage each other to achieve our goal weight.


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New to fatsecret
Hi, I'm new to fat secret. Like all of us over 50, lossing weight has been the hardest thing I have had to do. I never had a problem when I was younger. Any tips? I have done low carb diets before ...
by Nancy Brown on 08 Oct 15 04:51 AM
Leptin Diet
Has anyone had any luck with the Leptin Diet? I've been reading about it and I'm curious.
by joannief on 23 Sep 15 09:21 AM
Low carb snacks, whats your go to snack?
Quest bar cookie dough flavor or a handful of macadamia nuts.
by OpheliaSterling on 16 Sep 15 08:43 PM
I'm smiling today
I started my diet on 5 August. As of today, 10 September, I have lost a total of 12 lbs. It's so hot in Bermuda that I haven't started exercising but I am eating extremely healthy...and drinking ...
by Bermuda1962 on 10 Sep 15 10:42 AM
High Protein Smoothies with whey
I also started a high protein diet and have not seen a change hmmm i hope someone can post a reply to help us ! I am also 50 + Going to stop it for a few days and see what happens !
by Jojo44444 on 03 Aug 15 08:43 AM

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type: Common Interest
age range: 50-59
to lose: 10-25lb
category: Dieting
members: 2107
created: 27 July 2008

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The "before" pic, what a shock it gave me!
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