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30 May 2012

30 May 2012

Weigh-in: 146.0 lb lost so far: 3.0 lb still to go: 36.0 lb Diet followed reasonably well
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25 May 2012

24 May 2012

23 May 2012

Got really discouraged for some reason yesterday. Felt disgusting. But, this morning, I have managed to remotivate myself, so perhaps I can do some damage to my belly fat today! I think perhaps becoming discouraged happens when I get overwhelmed with stuff I need to take care of... which is almost always. Some of that is my fault for procrastinating and some of it is just life as I know it. Between kids, work, school, health, weight loss, home repair, pets, personal relationships, projects, and housework; it seems there's not enough of me to go around. So, for today, I've decided to focus on the most important thing I can do in each area for 15 minutes. I can do anything for 15 minutes. A couple of the categories get the remainder of the day's time and energy. I hope this works well enough to keep overwhelmedness at bay.


I'm not a fan of food rewards, since food isn't really a motivator for me. So, I made a list today of prizes for each weight goal. I'm very excited because the first one is one pound away! I get a new chandelier in the dining room in one pound! Not an expensive one, but anything is better than the fugly thing that's in there now!

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