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Turkey and Corn Bread Casserole
by member: Egibbs000
A hearty delicious casserole that will set your taste buds alive.
Per serve - Energy: 176kcal | Carb: 28.83g | Prot: 11.37g | Fat: 1.73g
Not yet rated.
Blackbean and Quinoa Salad
by member: AdaNad
A very flavorful dish that is simple to make, high in protein and very low in fat.
Per serve - Energy: 219kcal | Carb: 36.31g | Prot: 9.20g | Fat: 5.39g
Not yet rated.
Cranberry, Pineapple & Orange Sauce
by member: technut
A quick, simple, basic sauce that can be served as a side dish or used in place of jams or jellies.
Per serve - Energy: 10kcal | Carb: 2.22g | Prot: 0.04g | Fat: 0.01g
Not yet rated.
Pork & 15 Bean Soup
by member: technut
A hearty soup to enjoy on those cold winter nights that's very easy to make.
Per serve - Energy: 295kcal | Carb: 45.23g | Prot: 24.26g | Fat: 1.48g
Not yet rated.
Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcakes
by member: scerbo_is_my_idol
Berries and cream cheese provide the wow in simply delicious cupcakes.
Per serve - Energy: 132kcal | Carb: 19.35g | Prot: 2.13g | Fat: 5.50g
Not yet rated.
Red Beans & Rice
by member: Mato
Traditional red beans and rice recipe with bacon but with turkey breast instead of sausage.
Per serve - Energy: 342kcal | Carb: 47.80g | Prot: 23.61g | Fat: 6.57g
Not yet rated.
Fiesta Dip
by member: ladonnarosso
Delicious dip for tortilla chips that's great for parties.
Per serve - Energy: 90kcal | Carb: 8.73g | Prot: 4.11g | Fat: 5.19g
Not yet rated.
by member: SloopAnotor
A puff over Dutch pancake.
Per serve - Energy: 291kcal | Carb: 21.24g | Prot: 7.91g | Fat: 18.76g
Not yet rated.
Sunday Morning Pancakes
by member: Biz319
An oh so good simple pancake recipe.
Per serve - Energy: 127kcal | Carb: 19.95g | Prot: 3.76g | Fat: 3.55g
Not yet rated.
Low Carb Pumpkin Soup
by member: rdiesel
A savory pumpkin soup with a touch of heat turns this into a savory low carb treat packed with beta-carotene.
Per serve - Energy: 154kcal | Carb: 12.06g | Prot: 3.07g | Fat: 10.88g
Not yet rated.
Banana Nut Bread
by member: Stacy V
Delicious banana bread with optional nuts that's so versatile.
Per serve - Energy: 288kcal | Carb: 50.94g | Prot: 4.63g | Fat: 8.16g
Not yet rated.
Roasted Cauliflower Broccoli Soup
by member: Biz319
Pure comfort food on a cold wintery day.
Per serve - Energy: 125kcal | Carb: 17.16g | Prot: 5.54g | Fat: 3.90g
Not yet rated.
Chicken with Garlic & Parsley
by member: asherold
Skillet seasoned sautéed chicken pieces.
Per serve - Energy: 207kcal | Carb: 4.05g | Prot: 18.21g | Fat: 12.80g
Not yet rated.
Morning Smoothie
by member: igotfat
A great morning energizer.
Per serve - Energy: 216kcal | Carb: 30.69g | Prot: 16.33g | Fat: 4.72g
Not yet rated.
Vanilla Cupcakes
by member: scerbo_is_my_idol
Sensational cupcakes that are a perfect treat or snack.
Per serve - Energy: 136kcal | Carb: 14.94g | Prot: 1.86g | Fat: 7.83g
Not yet rated.
Bacon and Cheddar Corn Muffins
by member: Kkirby
A cheesy bacon breakfast muffin for those on the go.
Per serve - Energy: 158kcal | Carb: 16.92g | Prot: 5.00g | Fat: 7.67g
Not yet rated.
Mushrooms and Onions
by member: Larkydoo
A nice low-carb mix to add flavor to a variety of dishes.
Per serve - Energy: 58kcal | Carb: 3.88g | Prot: 1.96g | Fat: 4.38g
Not yet rated.
Parmesan Crusted Chicken Tenders
by member: jazzylittleone
Sensational low carb chicken dish.
Per serve - Energy: 169kcal | Carb: 0.82g | Prot: 26.68g | Fat: 5.77g
Not yet rated.
Tuscan Bean and Collard Soup
by member: khalson
An easy soup that's colorful, tasty and well balanced.
Per serve - Energy: 112kcal | Carb: 18.95g | Prot: 4.36g | Fat: 2.21g
Not yet rated.
Mixed Vegetable Curry
by member: lornawallace
A dry and spicy, mixed vegetable dish.
Per serve - Energy: 145kcal | Carb: 23.01g | Prot: 4.40g | Fat: 5.45g
Not yet rated.
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