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My name's James, and I am a diabetic.

But does that mean I can't enjoy the same treats as everyone else? Does that mean than I can't enjoy chocolate like any normal person? Does that really mean that I can't have cookies?

Well, yes actually, it does. but c'est le vie, we adapt and we overcome.

This is my journal, this is my weight history, this is my struggle, and this, this is my life.

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Curried Hummus
Chickpeas and curry powder make for a healthy, tasty hummus dip.
cals: 185kcal | fat: 6.56g | carbs: 4.53g | prot: 25.77g
Pork Chops with Chili Rub
A not so spicy great rub for pork chops.
cals: 228kcal | fat: 21.96g | carbs: 3.29g | prot: 4.83g
A low carb sugar free cheesecake.
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U.S. Health Care
debbra wrote:
James, if you say that I can't speak about Universal Healthcare because I haven't experienced it, then your argument stops there.

Well Debbra, I didn't say you can't speak about Universal Healthcare, I said
jamesdotlane wrote:
You can't speak to Universal healthcare, because you haven't experienced it.

I cannot tell you what you can talk about.

What I'm saying is you have no support to your argument.

I have theories about the possibility (or not) of alien life on Mars. I may choose to share those opinions with a forum of people.

However, if someone said to me
An astronaut wrote:
I have been to Mars, let me assure you, there are no aliens

I would reply with
An elightened James wrote:
Well, gee Mr(s) Astronaut, thanks so much for telling me what it's really like on Mars, that has really set my mind at ease

debbra wrote:
One can have an informed opinion based on other than first hand experience. Go into a court of law, and witness a trial.

Yes, Debbra; I have already invited you to "witness" for yourself. By all means, get yourself a ticket, you can even stay here. Come, experience the NHS, a Government run healthcare system; then let's talk about how you feel.

debbra wrote:
Also, from that position you should not respect the other Americans on here who have the opposite point of view from me.

I respect everyone here, Debbra. I respect your right to hold a different opinion. But when you try and 'educate' others, you need to actually do a bit more research than you have.

debbra wrote:
To say that I'm repeating propoganda is to disrespect any opposing point of view.

I didn't say that you were repeating propaganda, I said
jamesdotlane wrote:
You just recited the same argument without sufficient research.

So, it's your choice to label your argument as "propaganda", not mine.

debbra wrote:
And we can argue respectfully without becoming angry.

Well I'm sorry if you're becoming angry, Debbra; I can only suggest you find an alternative topic if this one is distressing you so much.
debbra wrote:
And again, you are welcome to not sign the petition.

Thank you, I appreciate that; I think I'd probably misunderstood the intention of your repeated posting of the link; thank you for the clarification.
posted 16 Aug 2009, 17:30
U.S. Health Care
debbra wrote:
My basic point is, as always, when the government intercedes, prices go up!

That's actually a very good point, and in the interest of disclosure I really should be honest and upfront, and admit; prescription charges in England did go up 10p to £7.20 this year. I am sincerely sorry for withholding this information as I now see that it shines a whole new light on your argument and of course, you're so right.

^ I can't find the bulletin board tags for sarcasm, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

debbra wrote:
James, I think I addressed your point in my response to LaShuan.

No Debbra, not really. You just recited the same argument without sufficient research. You see, that's really the issue, isn't it, Debbra.

You can't speak to Universal healthcare, because you haven't experienced it. You can't speak to single payer, because you haven't paid into it. You actually don't know whether it would be any good for America, but you've already made up your mind that you don't want it.

Why? Who knows? Maybe you accept Republican propaganda at face value? Maybe you watch just a little too much Fox 'News'? I don't know why you believe what you do; and I'm becoming increasingly convinced that neither do you.

I will never, ever, ever, ever (are we clear?) sign your petition.

Because I have lived in a private sector healthcare service and believe it is wrong, corrupt and one of the worst ways to run a health care service that anyone could have thought up.


Because I have lived in a public sector healthcare service and believe it is right, run for the best possible reason, for the benefit of its recipients, and one of the best ways to run a health care service anyone could have thought up.
posted 16 Aug 2009, 11:39
U.S. Health Care
debbra wrote:
Private companies have to answer to people, have to stay competitive.

And there you have it, Debbra. That's the exact moment where you lost all credibility and your argument failed catastrophically.

In the NHS, the treatment is funded by the receiver. In the US, the insurance companies profit from the receiver.

Healthcare should not be a business, it should be a right.

The point is, free at the point of care. Taking away the pressure and worry of "can I afford to have my rotting teeth removed?".
posted 16 Aug 2009, 07:09
U.S. Health Care
I've just received this article via Twitter.

I found it very interesting.

Guy Adams in "The brutal truth about America’s healthcare" wrote:
In the week that Britain's National Health Service was held aloft by Republicans as an "evil and Orwellian" example of everything that is wrong with free healthcare, these extraordinary scenes in Inglewood, California yesterday provided a sobering reminder of exactly why President Barack Obama is trying to reform the US system.

posted 15 Aug 2009, 14:45
U.S. Health Care
The Wall Street Journal in "Obama's Senior Moment" wrote:
Allow us to referee

Interestingly, they then spend the article criticising the plan. Hardly refereeing.

A seemingly biased article based on guess work "inevitable" results.

debbra wrote:
I know that many of you do not read the articles I post. But I urge you to read this...

I know assume that you haven't experienced the National Health Service in the UK. So, I urge you to do so before citing such 'sources' in support of your argument.
posted 14 Aug 2009, 16:08
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18 November 2012

Ok, for a whole host of reasons, not least of all my stomach, I find myself well and truly back on the wagon. Despite doing what I thought was 'ok', my ...

18 November 2012

Ok, for a whole host of reasons, not least of all my stomach, I find myself well and truly back on the wagon. Despite doing what I thought was 'ok', my ...

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