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Updated, 08/17/16...hi everyone, my name is Susan and I live in a super small town in Pennsylvania with my main squeeze Will, our little twins Evie and Layne, our sweet hound Josephine and our 2 stinky cats. I have been a fatsecret member for years, since 2011, but fell away from it for various reasons. Since that time, my weight launched up to my highest after having the twins, and 2 back surgeries, to 207. It sucked, my underwear were cutting me. I really hate that. So, I signed up for Healthy Wage, put my money where my mouth is, and bet I could lose 50 pounds in 7 months. Holy crow, I actually DID. :-) I won a ton of money and lost a lot of weight. My target weight is 135, so I still have some to go. As for diet, I don't ride any bandwagon. I know the following is true about myself: I eat a lot of lean meat (chicken, steaks, fish, etc...) I combine these meats with a lot of basic salads. These make up the bulk of my meals. Fast food and pop are gone from my life, I actually tried to eat some when I lost weight as a small reward and was quickly reminded that my body won't tolerate it anymore, I became violently ill trying to eat 3 different things. Starch, enriched flour, carbs, all kept to a minimum. I'm not against these things, they simply slow down my progress, flat out stall it, and they "up" my cravings, it's like opening a floodgate. My body really digs fruit. The more I eat it, the more weight I drop. I have done some interesting things this past year and learned a lot about what the body can respond to and endure, like weight cutting. I've practiced it a few times, interesting stuff. I'm an odd blend of extreme sarcasm, empathy, kindness, encouragement, and asshole. :-) Add me as a friend, I'm good for what ails ya. Also! I'm huge into the 1980s...

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Pants Looser
Got a kick out of this post...right before I logged on tonight I was JUST going off to my boyfriend about how I'm done dealing with our scale every morning, it puts me in a foul mood for the rest of the day if I step on it and don't see the weight loss results I'm magically looking for. So ridiculous and I can't stand it anymore. I'm going to stick to getting weighed in monthly at my doctors office.
posted 15 Aug 2013, 21:41
Diet Pop...Your Opinion, Please!!!
Just wanted to check in and say "thanks" to everyone for all the feedback to my question, I appreciate it a lot!
posted 15 Jul 2013, 08:25
Diet Pop...Your Opinion, Please!!!
Hi everyone, I was wondering what your opinions are concerning diet pop. I understand how important it is to stay hydrated, but truth be told, I absolutely hate drinking water.
I've attempted to do lots of research about the truth behind diet pop, about how "they" say the artificial sweeteners in it will about half kill you (doesn't everything?) and I'm just wondering what you guys think. If it is truly a calorie-free item, why does it get such a bad rap? The closest scientific reason I can come by is that the artificial sweetener causes a reaction in the body and brain that makes a person crave sugar like crazy. Apparently the body gets a taste of the artificial, takes it as real sugar, and you end up over-compensating by overeating??? I's very confusing.
What's your thoughts? Do you guys drink it? If you're able to fight the urge to over-compensate by drinking and chowing down lots of sugary stuff (like I've luckily been able to), does it make it alright?
posted 11 Jul 2013, 21:09
Affording the food for a healthier
I totally agree with the two posting above me, it sounds like you are ultimately in charge of what your family is eating, and if you start to make changes, they will change along with you (like amandawl said, they're not gonna starve on account of you bought a head of lettuce instead of mac n' cheese) might take some time, but they WILL come around, set the example, they'll follow it. They won't really have a choice, it'll be you picking the stuff out (leave the kids at home while you shop so they're not nagging you for sugary snacks). The best advice I can give to you is this, it's really all about just being conscious and aware of what you're doing. That's it. I stop and think before I start tossing stuff into my cart. I truly believe that the notion of the healthier stuff being more expensive is just not true. I'm sure you've seen what those sugary boxes of cereal, gummy snacks, sugary drinks cost, they're definitely not cheap! I think the main problem with healthy food is that it's a pain, you know? You gotta do more preparation, in my opinion. I'll tell you the truth about what I do. First off, I don't kid myself. I love processed foods, the cheesier and saltier the better. That's just me. Everyone will tell you it's wrong to eat that way, I'm sure it is. The truth is that if I try to totally overload myself with super healthy food, I'm going to fall off my diet quicker than you can snap your fingers. I still enjoy my frozen pizzas and such, just in extreme moderation. When I eat pizza now, I have a slice, instead of the whole pizza. I also eat a salad with it. Sounds dumb, but that's light years ahead of how I used to eat. And my boyfriend caught on, and believe me, if there's a giant kid in the house, it's him, lol, but he adopted my eating habits because I set the example and I prepare the food. If you need a word of encouragement, feel free to message me. Smile
posted 26 Jun 2013, 20:56
trying to make a lifestyle change
First off, congratulations on quitting smoking, what a wonderful accomplishment and you should be super proud! Go easy on yourself, you quit smoking, you gained 25 pounds, it happens. Smile But I can understand about how being shorter, that weight seems to be so much more noticeable. I never heard of the 5:2 diet, I am out of the loop, so to speak, lol, fill me in on it? The 500 fast days, is that where you only take in 500 calories on those two days? I think it's great that you do charity work and fundraising, you sound like such a positive person. Anyways, I am always here to offer an encouraging word, feel free to drop me a line! And as far as that bikini, every woman deserves to wear a bikini, I don't care what size you are, dress the body you have now! Buy that bikini!!
posted 26 Jun 2013, 20:43
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